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The Free Spirits were an American band who have been credited for being the first ever jazz-rock group. The band also incorporated elements of psychedelic rock, pop, and garage rock. The band formed in New York as a jazz outfit and each member of the band (excluding rhythm guitar player Columbus "Chip" Baker) had a background in the music. According to the band's drummer, Bob Moses, it was the band's lead guitar player, Larry Coryell, who helped turn the group on to more rock  oriented music. The band played several times in a New York club called the Scene, but the band made very little money from the shows, getting paid only ten dollars as a group per night. The band also got to perform shows with such acts as Mitch Ryder and The Rascals.

01 - Don't Look Now
02 - I'm Gonna Be Free
03 - LBOD
04 - Sunday Telephone
05 - Blue Water Mother
06 - Girl Of The Mountain
07 - Cosmic Daddy Dancer
08 - Bad News Cat
09 - Storm
10 - Early Mornin Fear
11 - Angles Can't Be True
12 - Tattoo Man
13 - I Feel A Song

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This is the Stone Circus' one and only album and it consists of all original songs that are mainly psych-pop with acid rock influence. According to the sticker on the CD it was "recorded by a bunch of musicians from Canada who'd fetched up in New York." These Montreal based musicians (save one), known as The Funky Farm, decided to change their name for the release of the album. Ronny Paige (vocals), Sonny Haines (guitar), Dave Keeler (bass), Mike Burns (drums), Jonathan Caine (keyboards).

01 - What Went Wrong
02 - Adam's Lament
03 - Mr. Grey
04 - Blue Funk
05 - Carnival Of Love
06 - Sara Wells
07 - Inside-Out Man
08 - Camino Real
09 - People I Once Knew

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A distinctly lower-echelon Merseybeat band, the Escorts' commercial impact was slight indeed. Only one of their six singles made the British Top 50, and at number 49 at that. They covered "Dizzy Miss Lizzie" before the Beatles, and the single made some noise in Texas, but besides that they were unheard beyond their Liverpool hometown. Their 45s were pleasant, moderately catchy, and featured close harmonies, but were basically unmemorable. The Escorts lacked a distinctive sound and wrote virtually none of their own material (many of their A-sides were tame covers of U.S. rock and R&B hits; many of their B-sides were shallow Merseybeat numbers written by their manager). After a lineup change in 1966, the group recorded their sixth single with Paul McCartney on tambourine, showing a much more pronounced soul feel. Guitarist Terry Sylvester left the Escorts near the end of their recording career to join the Swinging Blue Jeans, and eventually replaced Graham Nash in the Hollies in the late '60s. (Richie Unterberger)

01 - Dizzy Miss Lizzy
02 - All I Want Is You
03 - The One To Cry
04 - Tell Me Baby
05 - I Don't Want To Go On Without You
06 - Don't Forget To Write
07 - C'mon Home Baby
08 - You'll Get No Lovin' That Way
09 - Let It Be Me
10 - Mad Mad World
11 - From Head To Toe
12 - Night Time

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Stone the Crows were a blues band formed in Glasgow in late 1969. The band were formed after Maggie Bell was introduced to Les Harvey by his elder brother, Alex Harvey. After playing together in the Kinning Park Ramblers, they rejoined in a band Power, later renamed Stone the Crows (after a British/Australian English exclamation of surprise or shock) by Led Zeppelin's manager, Peter Grant. Maggie Bell, vocals, Les Harvey, guitar, Colin Allen, drums, James Dewar, bass, John McGinnis, keyboards

01 - The Touch Of Your Loving Hand
02 - Raining In Your Heart
03 - Blind Man
04 - Fool On The Hill
05 - I Saw America

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Nashville Rebel is Waylon Jennings' third album for RCA Victor, released in 1966. It is the soundtrack to the Jay Sheridan film of the same name. It includes a cover of The Beatles' "Norwegian Wood" from Rubber Soul (1965). This song was not featured in the movie.

01 - Silver Ribbons
02 - Nashville Bum
03 - Green River
04 - Nashville Rebel
05 - I'm A Long Way From Home
06 - Tennessee
07 - Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
08 - Hoodlum
09 - Spanish Penthouse
10 - Lang's Theme
11 - Rush Street Blues
12 - Lang's Mansion

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Willie Hugh Nelson is an American  country singer-songwriter, author, poet, actor and activist. He reached his greatest fame during the outlaw country movement of the 1970s, and remains iconic, especially in American popular culture. Now in his 70s, Willie Nelson continues to tour and has performed in concerts and fundraisers with other major musicians, including Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Dave Matthews. He also continues to record albums prolifically in new genres that embrace reggae, blues, jazz, folk, and popular music. And Then I Wrote is the debut album by Willie Nelson, recorded in 1962.

01 - Touch Me
02 - Wake Me When It's Over
03 - Hello Walls
04 - Funny How Times Slips Away
05 - Crazy
06 - The Part Where I Cry
07 - Mr Record Man
08 - Three Days
09 - One Step Beyond
10 - Undo The Right
11 - Darkness On The Face Of The Earth
12 - Where My House Lives

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