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The most important band among all those born in Canterbury. The band emerged in 1967 as the quartet of Robert WYATT (drums, vocals), Mike RATLEDGE (keyboards), Kevin AYERS (bass, vocals) and Daevid ALLEN (guitar, vocals). For the next few years, through a number of personel changes, consequently their sound has changed constantly over the years of their existence. This band would assist in the emergence of the Canterbury Sound (CARAVAN, MATCHING MOLE, EGG, HATFIELD & THE NORTH, and many more). Many careers began with SOFT MACHINE: Robert WYATT (MATCHING MOLE band and solo artist), Kevin AYERS (later his own WHOLE WORLD band and solo artist), and Daevid ALLEN (later GONG and solo artist). For their lines brilliant instrumentalists like Hugh HOPPER, Mike RATLEDGE, Elton DEAN, Allan HOLDSWORTH, Andy SUMMERS, Roy BABBINGTON, John MARSHALL and Karl JENKINS happened, and through their career they left us a series of albums. The Soft Machine, as reissue also titled "Volume One", is the debut album by Soft Machine. The band, founded in 1966, recorded and released this studio album during their 1968 tour of the USA. Volume Two is an LP first released in 1969. Its music introduces a jazz influence to the sort of humour, dadaism and psychedelia present on "Volume one"

01 - Hope For Happiness
02 - Joy Of A Toy
03 - Hope For Happiness (reprise)
04 - Why Am I So Short
05 - So Boot If At All
06 - A Certain Kind
07 - Save Yourself
08 - Priscilla
09 - Lullabye Letter
10 - We Did It Again
11 - Plus Belle Qu'une Poubelle
12 - Why Are We Sleeping
13 - Box 25,4 Lid
14 - Pataphysical Introduction - PT I
15 - A Concise British Alphabet - PT I
16 - Hibou, Anemone And Bear
17 - A Concise British Alphabet - PT II
18 - Hulloder
19 - Dada Was Here
20 - Thank You Pierrot Lunaire
21 - Have You Ever Bean Green
22 - Pataphysical Introduction - PT II
23 - Out Of Tunes
24 - As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still
25 - Dedicated To You But You Weren't Listening
26 - Fire Engine Passing With Bells Clanging
27 - Pig
28 - Orange Skin Food
29 - A Door Opens And Closes
30 - 10-30 Returns To The Bedroom

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Spirit was an American jazz/hard rock/progressive rock/psychedelic band founded in 1967, based in Los Angeles, California. The original lineup of the group evolved from an earlier Los Angeles band, The Red Roosters, which included Randy California (guitars, vocals), Mark Andes (bass) and Jay Ferguson (vocals, percussion). With the addition of Ed Cassidy (drums) and keyboard player John Locke the new band was originally named the Spirits Rebellious (after a book by Khalil Gibran) but was soon shortened simply to Spirit. Randy California had also played with Jimi Hendrix (then known as Jimmy James) in Jimmy James and the Blue Flames in 1966. Clear was the third Spirit album, written largely in the wake of their work on the soundtrack to the 1968 film Model Shop. Several of the band members have said that they felt there wasn't enough time for developing the album after releasing two albums in 1968, recording a soundtrack and constantly touring, but a growing number of fans feel that it is one of their finest, if not the finest, album the group would ever make.

01 - Dark Eyed Man
02 - Apple Orchard
03 - So Little Time To Fly
04 - Ground Hog
05 - Cold Wind
06 - Policeman's Ball
07 - Ice
08 - Give A Life, Take A Life
09 - I'm Truckin'
10 - Clear
11 - Caught
12 - New Dope In Town
13 - 1984 (Bonus Track)
14 - Sweet Stella Baby (Bonus Track)
15 - Fuller Brush Man (Bonus Track)
16 - Coral (Bonus Track)

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Comprised of members Carl Barnwell (guitar, vocals), Ray Duffy (drums), Mark Griffiths (guitar),  Gordon Huntley (pedal steel guitar), and Andy Leigh (bass, vocals), country rockers Southern Comfort formed in 1970 and issued several releases during the early part of the decade. The group's debut, Frog City, was issued in 1971, which was followed up by both a sophomore self-titled release and Stir Don't Shake in 1972, before the quintet split up. Afterwards, Carl Barnwell went on to form his own group, Ray Duffy played with the pop duo Gallagher & Lyle, while the rest of the members went on to session work. This compilation, Distilled, was released in 1976.

01 - Stir Don't Shake
02 - I Wanna Be Your Mama Again
03 - Dreadful Ballad Of Willie Hurricane
04 - Yankee Lady
05 - Something Said
06 - River Woman
07 - Lilly Brown
08 - I Need Help
09 - There Is Love (Wedding Song)
10 - Roses
11 - April Lady
12 - I Sure Like Your Smile
13 - Belle

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Slade are an English rock  band. The British Hit Singles & Albums stated they were the top UK group of the 1970s. They were the first act to have three singles enter at #1, and all six of the Wolverhampton band's chart-toppers were penned  by Noddy Holder and Jim Lea. Total UK sales were 6,520,171, and their best selling single, "Merry Xmas Everybody", sold more than 1 million copies worldwide. Beginnings was the first album by Slade (under the name Ambrose Slade). It was released May 9, 1969 but failed to enter the charts. It was also released as Ballzy in the U.S.

01 - Genesis
02 - Everybody's Next One
03 - Knocking Nails Into My House
04 - Roach Daddy
05 - Ain't Got No Heart
06 - Pity The Mother
07 - Mad Dog Cole
08 - Fly Me High
09 - If This World Were Mine
10 - Martha My Dear
11 - Born To Be Wild
12 - Journey To The Centre Of Your Mind
13 - The Shape Of Things To Come

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Shocking Blue was a Dutch  rock  band from The Hague, the Netherlands, formed in 1967. Their biggest hit, "Venus," went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in February 1970, and the band had sold 13.5 million discs by 1973, but the group disbanded in 1974. This album, also released as Beat With Us in some countries, is the debut studio album by the band, released in 1968.

01 - Love Is In The Air
02 - Ooh Wee There's Music In Me
03 - What You Gonna Do
04 - Whisky Don't Wash My Brains
05 - Little Maggie
06 - Jail My Second Home
07 - What's Wrong Bertha
08 - League Of Angels
09 - Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu
10 - That's Allright
11 - Crazy Drunken Man Dreams
12 - Beggarman
13 - Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me
14 - Where My Baby's Gone
15 - Lucy Brown Is Black In Town (Bonus Track, Single A-Side)
16 - Fix Your Hair Darling (Bonus Track, Single B-Side)

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Gregory Lenoir Allman, known as Gregg Allman, is a rock  and blues  singer, keyboardist, guitarist  and songwriter, best known as a founding member of The Allman Brothers Band. He was inducted with the band into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995, and personally received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2006. His distinctive Southern-accented voice placed him in 70th place in Rolling Stone Magazines list of the "100 Greatest Singers of All Time".

01. Melissa                         The Allman Brothers Band
02. Midnight Rider             Gregg Allman   
03. Queen Of Hearts         Gregg Allman   
04. These Days                  Gregg Allman   
05. Multi Colored Lady      Gregg Allman   
06. Please Call Home        Gregg Allman   
07. Dreams (live)              Gregg Allman   
08. Come And Go Blues    The Gregg Allman Band   
09. Bring It On Back         The Gregg Allman Band   
10. One More Try              The Gregg Allman Band

Views: 1529 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-06-04

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