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Beat music, British beat, Mersey sound or Merseybeat (for bands from Liverpool beside the River Mersey), is a rock music genre that developed in the United Kingdom in the early 1960s. Beat music is a fusion of rock and roll, doo wop, skiffle, R&B and soul. The beat movement provided most of the bands responsible for the British invasion of the American pop charts in the period after 1964, and provided the model for many important developments in pop and rock music. Beat groups characteristically had simple guitar-dominated line-ups, with vocal harmonies and catchy tunes. The most common instrumentation of beat groups featured lead, rhythm and bass guitars plus drums, as popularized by The Beatles, The Searchers, Gerry & The Pacemakers and others. Beat groups—even those with a separate lead singer—often sang both verses and choruses in close harmony, resembling doo wop, with nonsense syllables in the backing vocals. The most distinctive characteristic of the music was the strong beat, using the backbeat common to rock and roll and rhythm and blues, but often with a driving emphasis on all the beats of 4/4 bar. By 1966 beat music was beginning to sound out of date, particularly compared with "harder edged" blues rock and was beginning to emerge. Most of the groups that had not already disbanded moved, like The Beatles, into different forms of rock music and pop music, including psychedelic rock and eventually progressive rock.

Vol. 1

01 - The Cheetans - Mecca
02 - The Cheetans - That Goodnight Kiss
03 - The Cheetans - Soldier Boy
04 - The Cheetans - Johnny
05 - The Cheetans - Whole Lotta Love
06 - The Cheetans - The Party
07 - The Cheetans - Russian Boat Song
08 - The Cheetans - The Gambler
09 - The Cherokees - Seven Daffodils
10 - The Cherokees - Are You Back In My World Now
11 - The Cherokees - Dig A Little Deeper
12 - The Cherokees - I Will Never Turn My Back On You
13 - The Cherokees - Land Of 1000 Dances
14 - The Cherokees - Everybody's Needs
15 - The Cherokees - Rejected
16 - The Applejacks - Bye, Bye Girl
17 - The Applejacks - It's Not A Game Anymore
18 - The Applejacks - We Gotta Get Together
19 - The Applejacks - I'm Through
20 - The Applejacks - Baby's In Black
21 - The Chucks - Loo-Be-Loo
22 - The Chucks - Any Time Is The Right Time
23 - The Chucks - The Hitch Hiker
24 - The Chucks - Humpity-Dumpity
25 - The Cougars - Saturday Nite At The Duckpond
26 - The Cougars - See You In Dreamland
27 - The Cougars - Red Square
28 - The Cougars - Fly By Nite

Vol. 2

01 - The Togerry Five - Bye Bye Bird
02 - The Togerry Five - I'm Gonna Jump
03 - The Others - Oh Yeah!
04 - The Others - I'm Taking Her Home
05 - Goldie & The Gingerbreads - Please, Please
06 - Goldie & The Gingerbreads - Sailor Boy
07 - Goldie & The Gingerbreads - That's Why I Love You
08 - Goldie & The Gingerbreads - The Skip
09 - Force Five - Don't Make My Baby Blue
10 - Force Five - Shaking Postman
11 - Force Five - Yeah I'm Waiting
12 - Force Five - Don't Want To See You You Again
13 - Force Five - Baby Don't Care
14 - Force Five - Come Down To Earth
15 - Force Five - I Want You Baby
16 - Force Five - Gee To Tiger
17 - The In Crowd - I Don't Mind
18 - The In Crowd - That's How Strong My Love Is
19 - The In Crowd - Things She Says
20 - The In Crowd - Stop Wait A Minute
21 - The Syndicats - On The Horizon
22 - The Viscounts - Who Put The Bomp
23 - Sound Incorporated - William Tell
24 - Pete Macline & The Clan - Yes I Do
25 - The Peddlers - Let The Sunshine In
26 - The Persuasions - Big Brother
27 - The Persuasions - Deep Down Love
28 - Duffy Power - Farwell Baby
29 - Duffy Power - I Saw Her Standing There
30 - Duffy Power - I Don't Care
31 - The Bunch Of Fives - At The Station

Vol. 3

01 - The Big Three - Cavern Stomp
02 - The Pete Best Four - Why Did I Fall In Love With You
03 - King Size Taylor & The Dominos - I'm Late
04 - Beryl Marsden - I Know (You Don't Love Me No More)
05 - Freddie Starr & The Midnighters - Baby Blue
06 - Lee Curtis - Skinny Minnie
07 - Mark & John - Walk Right Back
08 - The Dennisons - Be My Girl
09 - The Mojos - Don't Do It Anymore
10 - Brian Poole & The Tremeloes - Twist And Shout
11 - The Big Three - By The Way
12 - Chick Graham & The Coasters - A Little You
13 - Lee Curtis & The All Stars - I've Got My Eyes On You
14 - The Checkmates - Sticks And Stones
15 - The Mojos - Give Your Lovin' To Me
16 - The Cryin' Shames - You
17 - The Big Three - I'm With You
18 - Beryl Marsden - I Only Care About You
19 - The Pete Best Four - I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door
20 - Beryl Marsden - Everybody Loves A Lover
21 - The Checkmates - I've Got To Know Now
22 - King Size Taylor & The Dominos - I've Been Watching You
23 - Brian Poole & The Tremeloes - We Know
24 - Freddie Starr & The Midnighters - Who Told You
25 - The Mark Four - Hurt Me If You Will
26 - The Mojos - Forever
27 - The Big Three - Don't Start Running Away
28 - Brian Poole & The Tremeloes - Do You Love Me
29 - Chick Graham & The Coasters - Dance, Baby, Dance
30 - The Mojos - They Say
31 - Beryl Marsden - Love Is Going To Happen To Me
32 - Freddie Starr & The Midnighters - Peter Gunn Locomotion
33 - The Checkmates - Around
34 - Lee Curtis & The Allstars - Let's Stomp
35 - The Dennisons - Devoted To You
36 - The Big Three - Reelin' And Rockin'

Vol. 4

01 - The Mockingbirds - That's How (It's Gonna Stay)
02 - The Mockingbirds - I Never Should've Kissed You
03 - The Mockingbirds - I Can Feel We're Parting
04 - The Mockingbirds - The Flight Of The Mockingbird
05 - The Mockingbirds - One By One
06 - The Mockingbirds - Lovingly Yours
07 - The Mockingbirds - You've Stole My Love
08 - The Mockingbirds - Skit Skat
09 - The Persuasions - Big Brothers
10 - The Persuasions - Deep Down Love
11 - Pinkerton's Assorted Colours - Mirror Mirror
12 - Pinkerton's Assorted Colours - She Don't Care
13 - Pinkerton's Assorted Colours - Magic Rocking Horse
14 - Pinkerton's Assorted Colours - It Ain't Right
15 - Pinkerton's Assorted Colours - Don't Stop Loving Me Baby
16 - Pinkerton's Assorted Colours - Will Ya
17 - Pinkerton's Assorted Colours - Mum And Dad
18 - Pinkerton's Assorted Colours - On A Street Car
19 - Pinkerton's Assorted Colours - There's Nobody I'd Sooner Love
20 - Pinkerton's Assorted Colours - Duke's Party
21 - The Bunch Of Fives - Go Home Baby
22 - The Bunch Of Fives - At The Station
23 - Trend-Setters Limited - Lollipops And Roses
24 - Trend-Setters Limited - Go Away
25 - The Zephyrs - I Can Tell
26 - The Zephyrs - Sweet Little Baby
27 - The Zephyrs - She's Lost You
28 - The Zephyrs - Let Me Love You Baby
29 - The Zephyrs - I Just Can't Take It
30 - The Zephyrs - She Laughed
31 - The Zephyrs - Wonder What I'm Gonna Do
32 - The Zephyrs - Let Me Love You Baby (Alternate Version)

LINK Part 1    LINK Part 2    LINK Part 3
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Sandy Denny and the Strawbs is a compilation album of songs by Sandy Denny and Strawbs. The album is a reworking of tapes recorded by the band in Copenhagen in the July 1967. Tracks from those recordings were first released on the Pickwick budget label in 1973 under the name All Our Own Work. The track listing on this album is slightly different and some of the songs have the original string arrangements that also were recorded in 1967. Sandy Denny – lead vocals, backing vocals, guitar, Dave Cousins – lead vocals, backing vocals, guitar, banjo, Tony Hooper – lead vocals, backing vocals, guitar, Ron Chesterman – double bass, Ken Gudmand – drums and Cy Nicklin – sitar.

01 - On My Way
02 - Who Knows Where The Time Goes
03 - Tell Me What You See In Me
04 - Always On My Mind
05 - Stay Awhile
06 - Wild Strawberries
07 - All I Need Is You
08 - How Everyone But Sam Was A Hypocrite
09 - Sail Away To The Sea
10 - Sweetling
11 - Nothing Else Will Do
12 - And You Need Me
13 - Poor Jimmy Wilson
14 - I've Been My Own Worst Friend
15 - Two Weeks Last Summer
16 - Who Knows Where The Time Goes (With Strings)

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It is not hard to figure out why record labels wouldn't touch Big Lost Rainbow and why it stood no chance of gaining a widespread audience at the time of its 1973 release date. The album runs completely counter to the pompous hard rock that was plastered all over the airwaves at the time and is far too subtle and mature for mass consumption. Although their initial gig was played before a crowd of 10,000, Big Lost Rainbow were not cut out for the arena. Their music requires a much more intimate setting and response, and their sole album is a surprising musical delight constructed out of elements of folk, jazz, and classical music, all of which expose gorgeous, supple melodies, mostly composed by lead vocalist and guitarist Ridley Pearson. The album brings to mind the best aspects of soft early '70s folk-pop, but unlike much of that genre, there is a genuine sorrow (as opposed to anger) threaded throughout the music; a sorrow, perhaps, brought about by the changing times but one that is not the least bit cynical. It is, instead, a sort of celebratory sentimentality. The songs are all exceedingly strong. Big Lost Rainbow infuse the music with an uncanny emotional resonance whether they are expressing joyous or melancholy sentiments. The opening cut, "Sail" (written by Otis Read), is powered by harmonies nearly equal to those of Crosby, Stills & Nash, while "Oh! Idaho" is a lilting, upbeat tune that soars with scatty harmonies a la Seals & Crofts. Even the upbeat songs, though, are not exactly bouncy. The album is entirely drum-less, so acoustic guitar, piano, bass, and cello are all up front with Pearson's vocals, which sound like a gentler, more somnolent Jonathan Edwards or James Taylor. When the mood is slowed down, the songs are incredibly touching. "Slow Rider" has a hint of the Bee Gees in their most heartbreakingly fragile and evocative melodic moments. And the gorgeous "Allegiance of Apathy," the one song included from the group's 1992 reunion, offers not only evidence that the members still have the magic but also a perfect, poignant closing for the album. Overall there is a tender, communal hippie vibe to the album, very sunny and optimistic without descending into silliness and entirely avoiding jadedness. There is a sense of lost innocence and the process of growing wiser, as if the band is singing a lullaby to the wistfulness of youth. From beginning to end, Big Lost Rainbow is romantic and lovely.(AMG)

01 - Sail
02 - I Go Alone
03 - Lady Love
04 - Brothers Of The Future
05 - Ocean
06 - Oh! Idaho
07 - It's Over Now
08 - Morning Sunshine
09 - Lady Of Music
10 - Slow Rider
11 - Patricia Jane Moon
12 - Allegiance Of Apathy

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Stonehouse Creek 1971 is a GREAT Heavy Rock record. Oftentimes wrongfully lumped into the hard progressive sub category, this is just plain old killer articulate early 70s Heavy Rock. The music and vocal stylings bear a slight resemblance to their fellow UK musicians in Free or very early Bad Company. The thing that definitely sets Stonehouse apart from other commonplace hard rock groups is their musicianship. Instead of arranging their material around the guitar, all the musicians use the acoustic piano as a rhythmic springboard allowing them all a more melodious approach to their individual contributions. The Piano is in no way dominant throughout the album, nor are the arrangements too angular. Unfortunately this was the groups only offering and details on the members & their activities are as rare as the RCA record itself. Peter Spearing (guitar, vocals), James Smith (vocals), Ian Snow (drums) and Terry Parker (bass). Excellent early 70's British Metal. Comparable to Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

01 - Stonehouse Creek - Part 1
02 - Hobo
03 - Cheater
04 - Nightmare
05 - Crazy White Folk
06 - Down Down
07 - Ain't No Game
08 - Don't Push Me
09 - Topaz
10 - Four Letter Word
11 - Stonehouse Creek - Part 2

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Bangor Flying Circus was a progressive rock trio from Chicago, USA, formed in mid-1967 and breaking up in 1969. It is notable for being formed by members of the Shadows of Knight and H.P. Lovecraft and for being a predecessor band to Madura. Bangor Flying Circus consisted of David "Hawk" Wolinski (bass, keyboards, vocals), Alan DeCarlo (guitar, vocals), and Tom Schiffour (drums), who was replaced in late 1968 by former H.P. Lovecraft member Michael Tegza (drums, percussion). Wolinski and Schiffour had previously been in the Shadows of Knight. They put out one self-titled album in 1969, which peaked at No. 190 on The Billboard 200.After they broke up, Wolinski and DeCarlo formed Madura, while Tegza participated in two reconfigurations of Lovecraft, a successor band to H.P. Lovecraft.

01 - Violent Man
02 - Come On People
03 - Ode To Sadness
04 - Concerto For Clouds
05 - A Change In Our Lives
06 - Someday I'll Find
07 - Mama Don't Know (That Your Daughter's Acting Mighty Strange)
08 - In The Woods
09 - Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

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Middle of the Road are a Scottish pop group who enjoyed success across Europe and Latin America in the early 1970s. Three of their singles sold over one million copies each, and received a gold disc. The tracks were "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" (which went on to sell over 10 million), "Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum" and "Soley Soley". By early 1972 alone the group had sold over five million records. Lead singer Sally Carr, drummer Ken Andrew, guitarist Ian McCredie and his bassist brother Eric McCredie, founded the band on 1 April 1970. They already played together under the name Part Four since 1967 and later in Latin American style under the name Los Caracas. They moved to Italy in 1970 because they had not found success in the United Kingdom. There they met the Italian music producer Giacomo Tosti, who gave the band their distinctive sound and gave them their international break. Sally Carr, Ken Andrew, Ian McCredie, Eric McCredie and Neil Henderson. The fourth and last album from the band, Music Music, was released on Ariola Records.

Acceleration & Drive On (1971)

01 - Sacramento
02 - On This Land
03 - Queen Bee
04 - Love Sweet Love
05 - Then You'll Know What Love Is
06 - Soley, Soley
07 - The Talk Of All The U.S.A.
08 - Louise (My Little Ship)
09 - Samson And Delilah
10 - Try A Little Understanding
11 - Medicine Woman
12 - Yellow Boomerang
13 - Universal Man
14 - See The Sky
15 - Wheel Of The Season
16 - Blind Detonation
17 - Union Silver
18 - Honey No
19 - Eve
20 - On A Westbound Train
21 - Bottoms Up
22 - Nothing Can Go Wrong
23 - Kailakee Kailako

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep (1973)

01 - Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
02 - Lingering Sounds
03 - Fate Strange Fate
04 - I Can't Tell The Bottom From The Top
05 - To Remind Me
06 - The Sun In Your Skin
07 - Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum
08 - Give In Time
09 - Rainin' n Painin'
10 - Yellow River
11 - The Way Of Life
12 - We Are The Founders Of All That's Around Us
13 - El Condor Pasa
14 - Do Not Cry
15 - Happier Than I
16 - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
17 - Places
18 - Superstar

LINK Part 1    LINK Part 2
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Rare Earth is an American rock band affiliated with Motown's Rare Earth record label (which was named after the band), who prospered in 1970-1972. Although not the first white band signed to Motown, Rare Earth was the first big hit-making act signed by Motown that consisted only of white members. (The Rustix were signed before them and were an all white act, but did not have any hits). One World is the fourth studio album by Rare Earth and was released in June 1971. Rare Earth was on an incredible hot streak from 1970 - 72. Once again, "I Just Want to Celebrate" became a Top 10 Gold certified hit. "One World", the album would become the 3rd and final Gold album from the ensemble. Those hits over the first 3 years of the decade insured that the band can still tour today, albeit on the oldies circuit. But Rare Earth made their mark.

01 - What'd I Say
02 - If I Die
03 - The Seed
04 - I Just Want To Celebrate
05 - Someone To Love
06 - Any Man Can Be A Fool
07 - The Road
08 - Under God's Light
09 - Child Of Fortune One World
10 - Hey Big Brother
11 - King Of A Rainy Country

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Extremely rare Southern California 1967 privately pressed psych / pop girlgroup album, that is highly sought after. The original L.P. was limited to only 500 copies. This album includes 12 tracks and the girls play all their own instruments, guitars, bass, drums, organ, the occassional fuzztone and sometimes horns and flute. Two of the members, Rosemary (as Rosemary Butler) and Shel Le (as Shele Pinizzotto) later went into the all female hard rock trio "Birtha" who released two albums in 1972 and '73. Rosemary Lane (vocals, guitar, bass guitar), Shel Le (vocals, rhythm and lead guitar), Dee Dee Lea (vocals, flute, harmonica, percussion) and Camille (vocals, piano, organ).

01 - I'll Come Runnin'
02 - All Because Of Him
03 - Zzotto
04 - Run Spot Run
05 - Unhappy For Me
06 - Got To Get You In My Arms
07 - Superfluous Daisy
08 - Love Them All
09 - We'll Meet Again
10 - Love To Share
11 - I'll Say Goodbye
12 - Final Hour

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Named after the 19th Century mariner and novelist, this Glaswegian band made just one privately-pressed LP. Its back cover announces that ‘Captain Marryat is a Scottish band, and have been playing together for just under a year. They already have a sizeable following in the pubs n’ clubs circuit and this, their first LP, is a sample of the music that brought them success’. The line-up was Tommy Hendry (vocals, acoustic guitar), Ian McEleny (lead guitar, acoustic guitar), Allan Bryce (organ, vocals), Hugh Finnegan (bass, vocals) and Jimmy Rorrison (sic) (drums, vocals). They were originally intending to record a single, but the engineer at the Glasgow studio they’d booked told them that there was time enough to make a whole album. They therefore taped five tracks they’d already written (‘Blindness’, ‘It Happened To Me’, ‘A Friend’, ‘Songwriter’s Lament’ and ‘Changes’) and finished the LP with an improvised jam (‘Dance Of Thor’). The result came in a drab flipback sleeve, and according to one dealer is ‘a progressive rock rarity with psych flourishes – doom-laden organ plus acid guitar riffs and strong male vocals’. The 250 copies pressed were sold at gigs, and two that surfaced on eBay in late 2008 went for around £3000 each. (RMJ)

01 - Blindness
02 - It Happened to Me
03 - A Friend
04 - Songwriter's Lament
05 - Changes
06 - Dance of Thor

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Dr Marigold’s Prescription started in 1968 as a backing group for Billy Fury, after the Blue Flames, (which included Georgie Fame) and The Plainsmen. Alan French (keyboards), Bill French (bass), Dave Morris (drums), Fred Radley (guitar, vocals). In the early days Dr Marigold did back several artists to include: Bruce Channel (USA), John Walker (Walker brothers) USA, The Flirtations, Madeline Bell, Dominic Grant was not a member of the band, although Dr. Marigold backed him for a while on a promotional tour.  They produced two albums. "Pictures Of Life” is their debut from 1969. The second album ‘’Hello Girl’’ did very well. ‘’Hit Songs From London’’ – that was an American bootleg version of Pictures Of Life album.(LFM)

01 - Sweet Cherry Wine
02 - My Future Is Past
03 - Land Of Fusan
04 - Visions Of A Hobo
05 - Can't You See I'm Right
06 - You've Got To Build Your Love On A Solid Foundation
07 - I Threw It All Away
08 - A Mother's Love
09 - Picture Of Life
10 - Tie Me Down

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In February 1972 former Rhinoceros members John Finley, Michael Fonfara, Danny Weis, Larry Leishman and Peter Hodgson reunited as a new act calling themselves The Blackstone Rangers. The line-up is completed with new drummer, Richard Steinberg, and ex-McKenna Mendelsohn Mainline member Frank 'Zeke' Sheppard. Not long after, the band soon has to shorten its name to Blackstone after being threatened by the local Black Panthers' motorcycle escort who have the same moniker. Within the year former Rhinoceros' producer/creator Paul Rothchild travels to Toronto and records the group's debut (and only) album "On The Line". With the album getting poor reviews and sales, by March 1973, the group's membership begins jumping ship. Fonfara and Weis carry on briefly with new singer Mike Stull and ex-Bush bassist Prakash John and drummer Penti 'Whitey' Glan, but the band crashes and burns in Los Angeles. John and Glan would go on to join Lou Reed's touring band (and eventually Alice Cooper) while Fonfara and Weis become top session musicians. John Finley (vocals) Michael Fonfara (piano, organ) Danny Weis (guitar) Larry Leishman (lead guitar) Peter Hodgson (bass) Richard Steinberg (drums) Frank 'Zeke' Sheppard Mike Stull (vocals; replaced Finley; 1973) Prakash John (bass; replaced Hodgson) Penti 'Whitey' Glan (drums; replaced Steinberg; 1973)

01 - Qualified
02 - Mountain
03 - Change Is Gonna' Come
04 - Back Door Man
05 - Aint Gonna' Let It Go
06 - Oopoopadoo
07 - Ain't Nobodys Business
08 - Likakowpi
09 - Sunday's Song
10 - Gonna Getcha

Category: Oldies | Views: 2195 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-12-20

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