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Dion and the Belmonts was a leading American vocal group of the late 1950s. The group formed when Dion DiMucci, lead singer, joined The Belmonts - Carlo Mastrangelo, baritone, Freddie Milano, second tenor, and Angelo D'Aleo, first tenor, in late 1957. In October 1960, Dion decided to quit for a solo career. The Belmonts also continued to release records, but with less success. Dion and the Belmonts reunited in 1966 for the unsuccessful album Together Again on ABC Records, and again in 1972 for a one-off show at Madison Square Garden, recorded and released as a live album.

01 - I Wonder Why
02 - A Teenager In Love
03 - The Wanderer
04 - No One Knows
05 - Ruby Baby
06 - Drip Drop
07 - That's My Desire
08 - Where Or When
09 - Runaround Sue
10 - Little Diane

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McLuhan was a US prog rock/jazz fussion band of the east coast. McLuhan was a concept and a mixed-media group where no particular musical venue or style would necessarily prevail. The creator of the idea was David Wright who composed most of the music and wrote the lyrics on their only album. The idea was to try different things in performances including special sound effects such as baby's crying, various weird instruments, background sounds, playing old movies during their performance ("Monster Bride" was actually Bride of Frankenstein and in live performance they would turn on the movie at the point where the 20th Century Fox theme is played). The medium was the message, not the content. Labels didn't matter. The Wise-Fools Pub on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago hired McLuhan to perform every Monday night and they developed a small local following. Their performance got really tight, and eventually led to a record contract. McLuhan only was together for about 1 to 1 ½ years, and they never had a live performance promoting their album... since the very last thing they did was produce Anomaly. It got some obscure radio play but was "dead" as far as the band knew. Anomaly's concept and ideas sound advanced for its time of release (1970). Uniquely American art-rock in a brassy and groovy kind of way. Over the years its become cult album. David Wright - Trumpet/Vocals, Paul Cohn - Flute/Clarinet/Sax, Neal Rosner - Bass/Vocals, John Mahoney - Drums/Vocals, Micahael Linn - Drums, Dennis Stoney Philips - Guitar/Vocals and Tom (Tojza) Laney - Organ/Piano. Bobby Christian-Timpani, xylophone and chimes on Bride and Brief Message 

01 - The Monster Bride
02 - Spiders (In Neil's Basement)
03 - Witches Theme And Dance
04 - A Brief Message From Your Local Media
      I) The Garden
     II) The Assembly Line
    III) Electric Man
    IV) Question

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Little info about this British heavy folk rock band. Kevin Fogarty, guitar, Brent Forbes, bass, Conrad Isadore, drums, Norman Leppard, woodwind, Alan Marshall, guitar, vocals, harmonica and Bobby Sass, guitar, vocals. A little known album whose participants were better known for session work. Brent Forbes, who was in Locust in the mid-seventies, also worked for Bob Pegg and The Surprise Sisters; Norman Leppard played with Aynsley Dunbar and Alan Marshall, who was in Zebra in the mid-seventies, played for Pete Bardens. Conrad Isadore was most prolific of all, cropping up on several other artists albums.

01 - Don't Listen To Me
02 - Cautiously
03 - Stop Pulling And Pushing Me
04 - Near The Bone
05 - Run, Shaker Life

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Gravy Train were a progressive rock group from Lancashire, England, formed by vocalist and guitarist Norman Barratt in 1970. Together with J.D. Hughes (keyboards, vocals, wind), Lester Williams (bass, vocals) and Barry Davenport (drums) they recorded four studio albums. The first two were released on the Vertigo label, and the latter two by Dawn Records. The band was dissolved in 1974. Little is known what happened with its members except for Barratt, who appeared in Mandalaband for their second and final album in 1978. He went on to found the Barratt Band, which recorded albums in the early 1980s. Gravy Train from 1970 is the debut album of the band.

01 - The New One
02 - Dedication To Sid
03 - Coast Road
04 - Enterprise
05 - Think Of Life
06 - Earl Of Pocket Nook

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After their 1971 debut album failed to register a blip in the marketplace, Chicago sextet String Cheese promptly faded away. Their failure is woeful, because with proper backing and encouragement, they could have been the next It's A Beautiful Day. Like that San Francisco band, String Cheese's sound was steeped in sparkling hippie subject matter, strongly delivered by chanteuse Sally Smaller and aided by the electric violin of Gregory Bloch. Unfortunately, their debut album was also their last. John Maggi / Drums, Gregory Bloch / Electric Violin, Louis Constantino / Bass, William Dalton / Organ, Piano, Celeste, Guitar, Harpsichord, Keyboards, Sitar, Orator, Sally Smaller / Vocals and Larry Wendelken / 12-String Guitar, Vocals.

01 - For Now
02 - Crystal
03 - We Share
04 - Here Am I
05 - Empty Streets
06 - Forage
07 - Soul Of Man
08 - Certain Kind Of Day
09 - Woke Up This Morning-Coming

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Little info about this psych rock band from New york, and their only release, produced by Rick Shorter, (500 copies). COLLEEN PETERSON lead vocal, STEVEN GREEN drums, STEVEN HODGETTS tenor sax, PATRICK KARWAN lead & rhythm guitar , lead vocal & vibes, GARY KING alto sax, STEVEN KORAB bass, KEVIN LAGER trumpet,conga & screams, STEVEN MORTKOWITZ piano,harpsichord & vocal and FRANK YANNI JR organ, sticks & screams

01 - Today's Promises
02 - Bluesday Morning
03 - He Can't Bring You
04 - First Grade Reader
05 - Feelin' It
06 - How Can I
07 - Magic

Category: Oldies | Views: 1589 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-12-14

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