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On the 17th of October 2005 the first in a legendary series of podcasts compiled by DinsdaleP was broadcast. Every week or so , a new edition followed. They continued for 114  episodes until December the 11th 2007, an astonishing amount of material in such a short space of time and very hard work for the author who shared these with us. At the time they were unique in both their content and fact they still are... and although many have tried to emulate them none have succeeded. Dinsdale has very kindly made the original lossless tapes available to Nowhere Man Records, who are privileged to present them in their entirety, along with one or two surprises.

DinsdaleP Podcast 040


- Beatles Will Be Beatles ("The Beatles Story", 1964)
- "Newsweek" interview (9-17-80)
- Nobody Told Me (rough mix, 8-80)
- I've Got A Feeling (rehearsal, 1-27-69)
- storming the stage (Boston, 8-18-66)
- I Owe It All To You ("Up Close", 12-10-92)
- Club Dakota rap (Lennon home tape, ca. 1980)
- Beatle Rap (The Quorymen)
- Youngblood ("Pop Go The Beatles", 6-1-63)
- "Movie-Go-Round" (3-20-64)
- Long Tall Sally ("Anthology" DVD stereo mix)
DinsdaleP Podcast 041   


- Mellotron MKII demo (1964)
- Stranger In My Arms (demo, ca. 11-66)
- All Things Must Pass (rehearsal, 1-3-69)
- Down In Cuba (Kenwood tape)
- New Zealand interview (Wellington, 6-21-64)
- Come On Down To Abbey Road ("Chaos And Creation At Abbey Road", 7-27-05)
- Strawberry Fields Forever (RM3, 11-29-66)
- Can't Buy Me Love (NME Pollwinners' Concert, 4-26-64)
- Fastest Growing Heartache In The West (demo, 6-70)
- The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill (mono mix)
- Paul plugs records (Vancouver, 8-22-64)
- Step Inside Love (demo w/Cilla Black, 11-21-67)
- Brian Epstein Blues (7-19-68)
DinsdaleP Podcast 042


- Derek Taylor interview (Bel Air, 8-24-64)
- Going Down On Love (rehearsal, 7-13-74)
- Eleanor Rigby (Max Hammer stereo remix)
- "David Frost At The Phonograph" (8-1-66)
- Love Me Do ("Saturday Club", 1-26-63)
- George w/Howard Smith (4-30-70)
- Isn't It A Pity (rehearsal, 1-26-69)
- Bernice Lumb interview (4-1-64)
- All My Loving (Melbourne, 6-17-64)
- Derek Taylor WKYC-TV interview (Cleveland, 9-15-64)
- "Loud" (John & Sean, 1979)
- Call Me Back Again (Wings over Los Angeles, 6-23-76)

Category: Oldies | Views: 1310 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-12-09

Plastic Penny was a UK 1960s pop band, formed in November 1967. Their existence was notable only for their one hit single, early in 1968, with the song "Everything I Am". It reached a high of number six in the UK Singles Chart. The song, enhanced with a string arrangement, was a slow ballad. It was a cover of a song originally recorded by the Box Tops. The track, which first appeared as the b-side to the Box Top's 1967 minor hit single, "Neon Rainbow", was written by Spooner Oldham and Dan Penn. Brian Keith - Vocalist, Paul Raymond - Keyboardist / Guitarist, Mick Graham - Guitarist, Nigel Olsson - Drummer and Tony Murray - Bassist. Most of their material was psychedelic pop, with leanings towards a prog rock sound on some of their album tracks. The majority of their material was written by three of the band members, Brian Keith, Paul Raymond and Tony Murray. Keith later left the band leaving it a quartet, and Raymond took over vocal duties. Plastic Penny's outrput was released on the Page One Records label. The band's swansong was appearing at the first Isle of Wight Festival, held on 31 August 1968. Although Plastic Penny were not remarkable in themselves, several of their members went on to greater fame. Mick Grabham (then billed as Mick Graham) moved on to play with Cochise, and then Procol Harum. Keith later became the lead vocalist with Congregation, who oddly and coincidentally, share the unwanted one-hit wonder tag with Plastic Penny. Raymond later played several spells with the long-lived rock band, UFO. Nigel Olsson became an in-demand session musician, most notably drumming on much of Elton John's early work. He has also worked with the Spencer Davis Group, Uriah Heep, Kiki Dee, Neil Sedaka, Rod Stewart and Leo Sayer.

01 - Your Way To Tell Me Go
02 - Hound Dog
03 - Currency
04 - Caledonian Mission
05 - Mcarthur Park
06 - Turn To Me
07 - Baby You're Not To Blame
08 - Give Me Money
09 - Sour Suite
10 - She Does
11 - Celebrity Ball

Category: Oldies | Views: 1626 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-12-09

A sixties Hollywood outfit whose album is one of those strange late sixties barrier-breaking experimental efforts trying to fuse different musical genres. Orient Express, Autosalvage and John Berberian are other similar projects which spring to mind. This particular one is an attempt to fuse jazz with folk, rock and acid. After collaborating with Gabor Szabo on such superb efforts as More Sorcery and Dreams, bassist Louis Kabok and drummer Hal Gordon further embraced jazz-rock fusion under the Advancement aegis, issuing their sole LP in 1969. The opening "Juliet" establishes a dark, moody atmosphere immediately bolstered by the intriguing "Painful Struggle," with its eerie vibes and Kabok's extended bass bridge. "Moorish Mode" is Gordon's star turn, highlighted by an impressively restrained drum break. But it's the most overtly rock-influenced cuts that make Advancement worth seeking out, in particular "Fall Out," an impressively heady mTlange of jazz, hard rock, and psychedelia.(AMG)

01 - Juliet
02 - Painful Struggle
03 - Stone Folk
04 - Grass Mass
05 - Sunflower
06 - She
07 - Moorish Mode
08 - Hobo Express
09 - Child At Play
10 - Fall Out

Category: Oldies | Views: 2131 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-12-09

McKendree Spring was a folk-rock band. The band consisted of Fran McKendree (vocals & guitar), Fred Holman (bass), Dr. Michael Dreyfuss (electric violin, viola, Moog, Arp), Martin Slutsky (electric guitar). Christopher Bishop replaced Holman on bass as of the 1973 release Spring Suite. "Here we have a lovely little album that falls into the prog category... Stylistically, it sounds like the band moves through the seasons; just as they serve as inspiration for the thematic concept. Nice touches of funk in the beginning, then some psych influenced jammy tracks, and finally it goes into country mode with a bit of twang and some sweet near-balladry. Excellent violin throughout, as well as flourishes of Arp and Moog synthesizers here and there."(N-A)

01 - Equinox
02 - Winter
03 - I Was Born
04 - The Madman
05 - The Girl
06 - Today's The Day
07 - The Storm
08 - Growing
09 - Spring

Category: Oldies | Views: 1263 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-12-09

Hustler were a UK hard rock band active from the late 70's to early 80's kicking out some punchy sounds. A heavy rock outfit with a good reputation. High Street is very much in Free/Bad Company mould. Tracks like Just Leave A Good Man and Jack The Lad are hard rocking songs with strong melodies and good vocals and guitar work. There are some mellower moments on Let The Wind Blow and Miranda, whilst The Hustler is reasonably orchestrated. Get Outa Me 'Ouse, the only track where Micky Llewelyn sings, is in a more pub-rock direction and Piranhas has a long instrumental break with keyboard progressive overtones in a Deep Purple direction. A good example of this genre

01 - Just Leave A Good Man
02 - Piranhas
03 - Let The Wind Blow
04 - Uptight Tonight
05 - Get Outa Me 'ouse
06 - Jack The Lad
07 - Midnight Seducer
08 - Miranda
09 - The Hustler

Category: Oldies | Views: 1701 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-12-09

Seatrain was an American roots fusion band based initially in Marin County, California, and later in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Seatrain was formed after the breakup of the Blues Project in 1969. The group, which recorded four albums, disbanded in 1973. Andy Kulberg - bass/flute, Richard Greene - violin, Peter Rowan - guitar/vocals, Lloyd Baskin - keyboards/vocals and Larry Atamanuik - drums. The Marblehead Messenger is a third album the band Seatrain, recorded in 1971. As the previous album, it was produced by George Martin.

01 - Gramercy
02 - State Of Georgia's Mind
03 - Protestant Preacher
04 - Lonely's Not The Only Way To G
05 - How Sweet Thy Song
06 - Marblehead Messenger
07 - London Song
08 - Mississippi Moon
09 - Losing All The Years
10 - Despair Tire

Category: Oldies | Views: 1327 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-12-09

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