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Lennon and Paul McCartney participated in an impromptu jam session on 28 March 1974 during the recording sessions for Harry Nilsson's Pussy Cats album (which Lennon was producing). While the session was taped, it has yet to see official release. In addition to Lennon, McCartney, and Nilsson on vocals, the recording features Stevie Wonder (keyboards), Linda McCartney (organ), Jesse Ed Davis (guitar), Ed Freeman (production and bass), and Bobby Keys (saxophone). Longtime Beatles assistant Mal Evans was also present at the session. Recorded at John's home.

01 - Studio Play
02 - Blues Jam
03 - Talk Part
04 - Lucille
05 - Nightmares
06 - Stand By Me
07 - Stand By Me
08 - Stand By Me
09 - Medley - Cupid - Chaing Chang - Take This Hammer

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Martin Cockerham (vocals/guitar) and Mark Francis originally formed Spirogyra as a duo in Bolton, Lancashire in the summer of 1967, not to be confused with a similarly-named 1980s American jazz group. When Martin went to the University of Kent at Canterbury in 1969 he expanded the band to include fellow students Barbara Gaskin (vocals), Steve Borrill (bass guitar), and Julian Cusack (violin). They were soon spotted by student union entertainments officer Max Hole, who offered to manage them and got them a recording contract with B&C Records. Their debut album, St. Radigunds, was named after the street that their student house was on. It established them as a cult act on the underground club circuit, and sold respectably. Its follow-up, 1972's Old Boot Wine, appeared on Peg Records and showcased a harder-edged sound than their predominantly acoustic debut. After the release of Old Boot Wine, the band was pared back to the duo of Cockerham and Gaskin, who were by now romantically involved. Their final album, Bells, Boots and Shambles, appeared on Polydor in April 1973 and sold poorly.

01 - The Furthest Point
02 - Old Boot Wine
03 - Parallel Lines Never Separate
04 - Spiggly
05 - An Everyday Consumption Song
06 - The Sergeant Says
07 - In The Western World

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Linn County formed around 1967 in Linn County, Iowa, USA as the Linn County Blues Band. In 1968, the band signed with Mercury Records, moved to San Francisco, California, and changed its name to Linn County. They released their first album Proud Flesh Soothseer in 1968 and toured, performing with bands and people such as: Albert King, Led Zeppelin, Sly & the Family Stone, Eric Burdon & the Animals and Ten Years After. They never became too well known. The band broke up after Clark Pierson left with Janis Joplin. Linn County released three albums from 1968 to 1970. Stephen Miller, organ, vocals, Larry Easter, saxophone, flute, Dino Long, bass, Fred Walk, guitar, sitar, Jerry 'Snake' McAndrew, drums and Clark Pierson, drums.  Fever Shot is the second album of the band.

01 - Girl Can't Help It
02 - Elevator Woman
03 - Too Far Gone
04 - Suspended
05 - Fever Shopt
06 - Lonely Avenue
07 - Ground Hog Blues

Category: Oldies | Views: 1471 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-12-16

Ramases was the creation and alter-ego of Martin Raphael (sometimes known as Barrington Frost), born in Sheffield, UK. Formerly an army PT instructor, whilst involved in a central heating business in Scotland, was inspired to assume the mantle of the Egyptian Pharaoh of whom he believed himself a reincarnation, and take up a musical career. Early singles (recorded with his wife, Dorthy Frost aka Selket) failed to make any impact, Space Hymns was recorded at Strawberry Studios in Stockport with soon-to-be members of 10cc. Glass Top Coffin was recorded following relocation to Felixstowe, and Ramases retired from the music business soon afterwards. He died in 1978 but his death was not widely reported in musical circles until the early 1990s.

01 - Golden Landing
02 - Long Long Time
03 - Now Mona Lisa
04 - God Voice
05 - Mind Island
06 - Only The Loneliest Feeling
07 - Sweet Reason
08 - Stepping Stones
09 - Saler Man
10 - Children Of The Green Earth
11 - Glass Top Coffin
12 - Golden Landing (Part II)

Category: Oldies | Views: 1163 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-12-16

The band started out life covering Beatles songs in San Jose, California. Their first single, a cover of the Beatles’ If I Needed Someone was released in 1966. It was a respectable cover of the Beatle’s classic though the flip was better, being a moody folk-rock original. The single tanked, prompting the band to quickly release the self-penned My Buddy Sin later on that year. My Buddy Sin was an excellent folk rock song with wailing harmonica, soaring harmonies, sharp lyrics and an acid tinged production. This single failed to attract attention despite it’s quality, forcing the band to record a brill building classic for their next 45. In the 1960’s, artists and rock bands depended on the success of the single to grant them artistic and creative control/freedom (making albums). We Got A Long Way To Go was a huge local hit, well executed, pleasant enough and professional, though betraying the band’s roots and creative aspirations. A few other decent though commercially unsuccessful singles followed in the psychedelic pop vein. Eventually the band was granted freedom to record two albums on the Capital label. Crazy Horse Roads is a unique effort, and much different from their jam oriented Aurora album. There are some solid psych pop songs (Night Cap, Twiddle My Thumbs and Fingerpainting), soul rock (Two Make One and Fahrenheit), galloping country-rock (Horse On Me) and hard folk-rockers (Light Down Below, Doomsday, I Sing You Sing, and Soap and Turkey).

01 - I Sing You Sing
02 - Finger Painting
03 - Soap And Turkey
04 - Twiddle My Thumbs
05 - Fahrenheit
06 - Nightcap
07 - Horse On Me
08 - Two Make One
09 - Light Down Below
10 - Piggy Back Ride And The Camel
11 - Doomsday

Category: Oldies | Views: 1404 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-12-16

UK heavy blues rock band from 1971. Pretty vicious at times, with wild loud screaming lead guitar. Long overdue and overlooked. This British based band plays a very heavy bluesy rock, only released in USA on Decca Label. There's plenty of heavy blasting guitar, great songs and good ideas. A couple really good tracks on here with a great guitar tone. Overall a very good album. One of those that make you wonder why you hadn't heard of it before. Definitely counts as a classic!. Highly Recommended (by Christer Andersson).

01 - Nigtmare
02 - One Night Stand
03 - I'm Still Trying
04 - What's Your Number
05 - Rat Race
06 - Seventeen
07 - Wish You'd Never Been Born
08 - Pushing
09 - There's Still Time

Category: Oldies | Views: 1787 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-12-16

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