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Main » 2010 » September » 12 » Hellhammer - 1984 - Apocalyptic Raids EP
6:18 PM
Hellhammer - 1984 - Apocalyptic Raids EP

Hellhammer was an influential extreme metal band from Switzerland, active during 1982–1984. They are regarded as a key influence on black metal, and one of the founders of death metal. Two former members went on to form Celtic Frost in 1984. Inspired by the music of Black Sabbath, Venom, Raven, and Motörhead, guitarist / vocalist Thomas Gabriel Fischer, bassist / vocalist Urs Sprenger and drummer Pete Stratton formed Hammerhead (later Hellhammer) in early 1982. Apocalyptic Raids was recorded and released in March 1984, and was the band's only commercial release. The record was a major influence on the then-emerging death metal and black metal genres. It has served as an inspiration to such varied and respected bands as Napalm Death and Sepultura, both which recorded cover versions of "Messiah".Hellhammer would split up only three months after recording this EP, and later regrouped as Celtic Frost.

01 - The Third of the storms
02 - Massacra
03 - Triumph of death
04 - Horus-Aggressor
05 - Revalations of Doom (Bonus)
06 - Messiah (Bonus)

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