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Vanilla Fudge is an American rock band. The band's original lineup - vocalist/organist Mark Stein, bassist/vocalist Tim Bogert, lead guitarist/vocalist Vince Martell, and drummer/vocalist Carmine Appice  - recorded five albums during the years 1966-69, before disbanding in 1970. The band has reunited in various configurations over the years, and is currently operating with its four original members. The band has been cited as, "one of the few American links between psychedelia and what soon became heavy metal." Renaissance is the third album by Vanilla Fudge. Released in summer 1968, it was the band's first album to feature mostly original material, with five of its seven tracks penned by band members. The original album's two cover tunes are Essra Mohawk's "The Spell That Comes After" (erroneously credited on original pressings of the LP to Frank Zappa's art director Cal Schenkel), and "Season Of The Witch," originally written and performed by the Scottish folk singer Donovan. The band also interpolates lyrics from a second Essra Mohawk song, "We Never Learn," into their rendition of "Season Of The Witch." The album peaked at #20 on the Billboard album charts in July 1968.

01 - The Sky Cried - When I Was A Boy
02 - Thoughts
03 - Paradise
04 - That's What Makes A Man
05 - The Spell That Comes After
06 - Faceless People
07 - Season Of The Witch
08 - All In Your Mind
09 - The Look Of Love
10 - Where Is My Mind

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Almost nothing is known about this west coast pyschedelic-pop band from the late 60s. It seems like they went through 3 name changes and 2 recording deals in 1968 and then vanished. The band were previously known as Sunlights Seven and recorded an unreleased, acetate-only album in Hollywood: Sunstroke, circa 1967. Their repertoire largely comprised of early versions of songs re-recorded for the Creation Of Sunlight album. A very rare Southern California pop/psych album with dual organ, fuzz and sunshine vibes similar to Strawberry Alarm Clock.

01 - David
02 - Rush Hour Blues
03 - Light Without Heat
04 - In The Middle Of Happy
05 - Hammond Eggs
06 - Sometimes A Woman
07 - Second Thoughts
08 - Seven Times Infinity
09 - Colors Of Love
10 - The Fun Machine
11 - David (Single Version)
12 - Judy In Disguise (Single)

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Orpheus is a Worcester, Massachusetts-based rock band that enjoyed popularity in the 1960s and early 1970s. In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in the avant guard band. Original members included guitarist/vocalists Bruce Arnold and Jack McKennes, bass guitarist Eric "The Snake" Gulliksen, and drummer Harry Sandler but many others have since been a part of the group. Orpheus recorded three albums and four singles for MGM Records produced by musical legend Alan Lorber, including their best known hit, Can’t Find The Time, though it was later work that came to actually define the band. Ascending peaked at #159, and also was a winner (#10) of Playboy magazine's 1969 Jazz & Pop Poll, Vocal Album of the Year category.

01 - I'll Fly
02 - Just Got Back
03 - Mine S Yours
04 - Don T Be So Serious
05 - So Far Away In Love
06 - She S Not There
07 - Love Over Here
08 - Borneo
09 - Just A Little Bit
10 - Walk Away Renee
11 - Roses
12 - Magic Air

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From Cincinnati, Ohio, this heavy blues-rock\psychedelic group played a heavy, very keyboard-dominated blend of music. Their two albums have distinct psychedelic influences and although both have their moments are sometimes a bit messy. Both albums are sought-after by collectors. Stephen Bacon (percussion, tympani, vocals), Ed Blackmon (keyboards, vocals), Michael Jones (guitar, vocals), Roger Sauer (bass, vocals), Leonard LeBlanc (bass, vocals), Mike Wheeler (guitar, bass). Lenny LeBlanc went on to become a successful Christian music artist, whilst Mike Wheeler who played with the band in their last two years, went on to work with Grammy winning Nashville songwriter Mike Reid. Wheeler also led an act called Wheels, who recorded on Boardwalk, with an album produced by Craig Fuller, and who toured with Little Feat in '78. He's also worked more recently with Paul Barrere.

01 - World Of Pain
02 - I Don't Need No Doctor
03 - It's A Hard Road (Back Home)
04 - Bastich
05 - Oh, Pretty Woman
06 - Shadows
07 - Omaha
08 - Know Thyself

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White Witch was a glam rock/psychedelic/hard rock band formed in 1971 in Tampa, Florida. The band originally featured lead singer Ronald "Ronn" (or "Ron") Goedert, guitarist Charles "Buddy" Richardson, keyboardist Hardin "Buddy" Pendergrass, drummer Robert "Bobby" Shea and bassist Loyall "Beau" Fisher. Several of the band members had belonged to a popular late-60s Tampa-area band called The Tropics. Their name was a paean to "white magic", contrary to the "black magic" of groups like Black Sabbath. As the band announced before their shows: "To bring good where there once was evil, to bring love where there once was hate, to bring wisdom where there once was ignorance; this is the power of White Witch".The group was inducted into the Florida Musicians Hall of Fame's Florida Music Honor Roll. White Witch, the debut album, was released on Capricorn Records, in 1972. After the second album, A Spiritual Greeting, White Witch did a bit more touring and recorded four tracks on demo, but broke up in the late 1970s before a third album was recorded.

01 - Parabrahm Greeting - Dwellers of the Threshold
02 - Help me Lord
03 - Don't Close your Mind
04 - You'r the one
05 - Sleepwalkerr
06 - Home Grown Girl
07 - And I'm Leaving
08 - Illusion
09 - It's so nice to be Stoned
10 - Have you ever Thought of Changing - Jackson Slade
11 - The Gift

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After leaving Jethro Tull, Glenn Cornick formed Wild Turkey in 1971, initially with: Graham Williams (guitar), Alan 'Tweke' Lewis (guitar), John "Pugwash" Weathers (ex Pete Brown & Piblokto!) (drums) and Gary Pickford-Hopkins (ex Eyes of Blue) on vocals; but Weathers and Williams left to join Graham Bond's Magick before Wild Turkey recorded any material. They were replaced by Jon Blackmore (guitar and vocals) and Jeff Jones (ex Man) (drums) who joined Cornick, Tweke and Gary to record Wild Turkey's first album Battle Hymn. The album was promoted on UK and US tours supporting Black Sabbath; Tony Iommi having briefly played with Cornick in Jethro Tull. After disbanding 1974, the group's members went their separate ways. More than two decades later, their 1996 reunion spawned a third studio album, 1996's Stealer of Years. About Battle Hymn..."A fine album of intelligently-constructed, guitar-centric tunes, drawing from heavy bluesrock, folk and early British progressive influences".

01 - Butterfly
02 - To The Stars
03 - Twelve Streets Of Cobbled Black
04 - Dulwich Fox
05 - Easter Psalm
06 - Sanctuary
07 - One Sole Survivor
08 - Gentle Rain
09 - Battle Hymn
10 - Sentinel
11 - Social World (Bonus)
12 - Traffic Island Jam

Category: Oldies | Views: 1434 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-09-19

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