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Big Brother (not to be confused with Janis Joplin's original outfit), was a Californian psych band/commune/family, formed in 1969 in Los Angeles, who recorded their first album in 1970 in Hollywood, produced by Bill Holmes. Ernie Joseph  [Ernie Orosco] (lead vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass), Cory Colt [Cory Orosco] (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, organ, backing vocals), Stevie D [Steve Dunwoodle] (drums, vocal percussion, vocals), Ruben the Jet [Ruben Orosco] (bass, rhythm guitar, drums, vibraphone, saxophone, 1969), Brian Faith (drums, bass, 1971), Greg Munford (backing vocals, 1971). Disbanded in 1971.

01 - Heart Full of Rain
02 - Wake Me Up In The Morning
03 - ESP
04 - Heavy Load
05 - We Gotta Live Together
06 - LLA
07 - LLA
08 - Gravis Delictum

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Spooky Tooth are an English progressive rock band  principally active, with intermittent breakups, between 1967 to 1974. In recent years, the band has been reconstituted at various points, and continues to perform occasionally. They formed in October 1967, out of a combination of The Ramrods (1960 - late 1963), The V.I.P.'s (late 1963 - April 1967) and Art (April — October 1967). The line-up changed several times, but typically was Mike Harrison (keyboards/vocals), Greg Ridley (bass guitar/vocals), Luther (Luke) Grosvenor (guitar/vocals), Mike Kellie, (drums) and Gary Wright, (organ/vocals). Ceremony was a 1970 album by Spooky Tooth in collaboration with French electronic and "found-object" composer Pierre Henry. The album takes the form of a church service.

01 - Have Mercy
02 - Jubilation
03 - Confession
04 - Prayer
05 - Offering
06 - Hosanna

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Andwella (also known as Andwella's Dream and The Method) was an obscure UK/Irish band, started life as a trio from Northern Ireland called Method, changing their name to Andwella's Dream after moving to London in 1968. Specialising in progressive rock, it was fronted by Dave Lewis from Northern Ireland, who went on to write "Happy To Be An Island In The Sun" that was recorded by and became an international hit for Demis Roussos. Gordon Barton, (drums), Dave Lewis, (guitar,piano,organ,vocals), Nigel Smith (vocals), Dave McDougall (keyboards), Jack McCulloch (drums), Dave Struthers (bass,vocals). Andwella released three LPs: Love & Poetry (Reflection 1969), World's End (CBS 1970) and People's People (CBS 1971).

01 - She Taught Me To Love
02 - Saint Bartholomew
03 - The World Of Angelique
04 - Mississippi Water
05 - I've Got My Own
06 - Are You Ready
07 - Four Days In September
08 - Lazy Days
09 - People's People
10 - All For You

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The Wallace Collection was a Belgian pop rock group active in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Wallace Collection was formed from the ashes of a group called Sylvester's Team, three of which began playing under the name 16th Century along with bassist Christian Jannsens and two members of the Belgian National Philharmonic Orchestra, Raymond Vincent and Jacques Namotte. Wallace Collection based itself out of Britain, naming itself after the famous museum adjacent to the headquarters of their record label, EMI. Their debut studio album, Laughing Cavalier, was recorded at Abbey Road Studios and was released in 1969. The single "Daydream" became a hit in 21 countries, including going #1 in Belgium. In the wake of its success, the group toured Europe, the United States, Mexico, and South America. They also composed the soundtrack to a French film, La Maison, in 1970. Later singles, such as "Love" and "Serenade", were hits in Belgium and some other countries but did not reach the level of "Daydream", and the group split up in 1971.

01 - Get That Girl
02 - The Sea Disappeared
03 - Get Back
04 - Ragtime Lily
05 - Natacha
06 - Merry-Go-Round
07 - What's Goin' On
08 - Fly Me To The Earth
09 - Peru
10 - Poor Old Sammy
11 - Baby I Don't Mind
12 - Misery
13 - Laughing Cavalier

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Bloodrock was a Fort Worth, Texas-based hard rock  band that had considerable success in the 1970s, and was one of the earliest of a number of significant bands to emerge from the Fort Worth club and music scene during the early to mid 1970s and on into the new century. Bloodrock initially formed in 1963 under the name The Naturals. This first lineup featured Jim Rutledge – drums/vocals, Nick Taylor – guitar/vocals, Ed Grundy – bass/vocals, and Dean Parks – guitar. They released their first single in 1965 "Hey Girl”. Shortly thereafter they changed their name to Crowd + 1 and released three more singles: "Mary Ann Regrets” , "Don’t Hold Back" and "Circles". In 1967 Parks left Crowd +1 to become the musical director for the Sonny & Cher Show. He was replaced by Lee Pickens – guitar. It was also at this time that Stevie Hill – keyboards/vocals joined the group. They continued as Crowd + 1 until 1969 when they changed their name to Bloodrock. They also recorded this album, the Terry Knight produced Bloodrock. The album peaked at 160 on the Billboard Pop Albums Chart in 1970.

01 - Gotta Find A Way
02 - Castle Of Thoughts
03 - Fatback
04 - Double Cross
05 - Timepiece
06 - Wicked Truth
07 - Gimmie Your Head
08 - Fantastic Piece Of Architecture
09 - Melvin Laid An Egg

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Formed in June 1969 out of The Cliff Bennett Band, this outfit played progressive hard rock. Vocalist Cliff Bennett came from Yiewsley, Middlesex and had previously achieved fame with Cliff Bennett and The Rebel Rousers. John Glasscock, Lee Kerslake and Ken Hensley had earlier been in Gods and Hensley had also previously played in The Cliff Bennett Band. The band were signed by Tamla Motown subsidiary Rare Earth in the US, but Hensley departed in November 1969 to join Uriah Heep. Lee Kerslake also left at the same time to join The National Head Band. They were replaced by Alan Kendall (ex-Glass Menagerie) and Brian Glassock (ex-Gods). John Peel produced their two albums and the band toured the US a couple of times but it never quite happened for them. The band split, shortly before or shortly after the release of their second album, with members of Killing Floor backing Cliff Bennett for a short lived third incarnation. His next port of call was Rebellion. Alan Kendall was later in The Bee Gees' backing band and John Glassock went on to Chicken Shack and was eventually in a Jethro Tull line-up. His brother, Brian joined Trouble and then a US act Motels. Their albums now attract some interest from collectors.

01 - Stick Heat
02 - Indian Summer
03 - Idol
04 - Ther'll Be Changes
05 - A New Way
06 - Since You've Been Gone
07 - Three Time Looser
08 - Midnight Sun

Category: Oldies | Views: 1357 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-09-29

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