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Azitis was a California quartet featuring "Don Lower" (vocals, bass guitar), "Michael Welch" (lead and rhythm guitars, flute), "Dennis Sullivan" (organ and piano), and "Steve Nelson" (vocals, drums). Originally known as "Help", until threatened with legal action by the British band (on "Decca Records")of the same name they changed the name in Azitis (pronounced "as-it-is" from a reference to the biblical verse, "Thy will be done on earth [azitis] in heaven"). The band was first conceived in 1966 by Sacramento-area musicians "Don Lower" and "Steve Nelson". "Don Lower" had cut his musical teeth playing in two of the area's better Garage Rock outfits, "The Cambridge Coroners" and "The Roadside Business", and after "Don Lower" met "Steve Nelson", the two formed a songwriting partnership. By 1969, the band had reached a level of quality that necessitated the production of recorded music. After signing to Sacramento's own "Elco Records" in 1969, the enormous volume of original songs made it difficult to choose which to produce. After many performances and audience reactions, two compositions were chosen and a date was reserved for the recording session: "Life Worth Living" backed with "Questions Why". From there, the four-piece changed its name to Azitis, and in 1971, the band cut its first and only full-length, "Help", a Christian Psychedelic classic.

01 - Creation, Lord I Saw You Cry
02 - There Is An Answer
03 - Who's To Blame
04 - The Prophet
05 - Time Has Passed
06 - From This Place
07 - Hope To Save
08 - Judgement Day

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Coven is a rock band formed in the late 1960s, composed of vocalist Jinx Dawson, bassist Oz Osborne (not to be confused with Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath), Chris Neilsen on guitar, Rick Durrett and later John Hobbs on keyboards, and drummer Steve Ross. They are recognized as being the band that first introduced the "Sign of the Horns" to rock and pop culture (as seen on their 1969 debut album release "Witchcraft"). The debut LP from the group is noteworthy for reasons more historical than musical. That is not to say it is a bad record; it is more of an interesting record that is unique and listenable. With an elaborate package released on Mercury in 1969, a good trivia question can be made of the fact that bassist Oz Osborne performs on this album, whose opening track is "Black Sabbath," while John "Ozzy" Osbourne of Black Sabbath was allegedly busy playing bass in Magic Lanterns, hitting the Top 30 in 1968 with "Shame, Shame" (Ozzy listed as Mike Osbourne with Magic Lanterns! ). That the group Black Sabbath formed in 1969 when this album was issued seems to indicate that Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls may have had more than a little influence on the more popular heavy metal band. Also notable is the fact that the majority of the songwriting on this disc is by guitarist Jim Donlinger, who a year later in 1970 would move on to drummer Michael Tegza's reincarnation of H.P. Lovecraft, known simply as Lovecraft on its Reprise recording.

01 - Black Sabbath
02 - White Witch Of Rose Hall
03 - Coven In Charing Cross
04 - For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
05 - Pact With Lucifer
06 - Choke, Thirst, Die
07 - Wicked Woman
08 - Dignitaries Of Hell
09 - Portrait
10 - Satanic Mass

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Arcadium was another list of obscure British psychedelic bands. They had their start playing at such clubs as The Middle Earth. The band consisted of brothers Allan Ellwood (organ, vocals) and Robert Ellwood (lead guitar, vocals), as well as John Albert Parker (drums), Graham Best (bass, vocals), and Miguel Sergides (12-string guitar, vocals). The music is late '60s British psychedelia with some early prog leanings, where guitar and Hammond organ dominates. "All tracks on this extremely rare album are filled with an atmosphere of anguish and despair, even in their quieter moments. Both lyrics and music are struggling for expression, to the effect of creating a very dense and at times impenetrable album, which is worth your while nonetheless. Although barely escaping perennial threats of murkiness and even sloppiness, the convincing emotional contents save the day for this album." While the original LP is very hard to come by, Repertoire Records in Germany had reissed this on CD with two bonus cuts, "Sing My Song" and "Riding Alone".

01 - I'm On My Way
02 - Poor Lady
03 - Walk On The Bad Side
04 - Woman Of A Thousand Years
05 - Change Me
06 - It Takes A Woman
07 - Birth, Life And Death
08 - Sing My Song
09 - Riding Alone

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Shotgun Express were a short-lived band, they only stayed together for a few months from late '66 - early '67. Their main importance lies in what the individual members went on to achieve with other groups. Rod Stewart joined ex-Yardbird Jeff Beck in The Jeff Beck Group, Green and Fleetwood were briefly with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers before going on to form Fleetwood Mac, and Bardens was with The Love Affair before forming Village. Beryl Marsden (vocals), Rod Stewart (harmonica, vocals),  Peter Bardens (organ), Peter Green (guitar), Phil Sawyer (guitar), Dave Ambrose (bass), Mick Fleetwood (drums)

01 - I Could Feel The Whole World Turn Round
02 - Curtains
03 - Funny 'cos Neither Could I
04 - Indian Thing

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Garage-psych band from Chicago. This is one of the top local garage lps of the 60’s along with the Rising Storm, the Savages, Bent Wind, the Fantastic Dee-Jays, the Contents Are and the Mystery Meat. Only 150 copies of this record were pressed and originals occasionally sell on ebay for thousands of dollars. The band members came from the Chicago suburbs of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff. The Bachs existed for 3 years performing at school dances, teen clubs and private parties up and down the Chicago north shore and surrounding suburbs (usually making $150-200 a night). All of the songs were written by Blake Allison and John Peterman and the LP was released privately in 1968. After the release of the LP the band members decided to retire from a career in music and thought it was best to move on with their lives.

01 - You're Mine
02 - Pleasure Of Your Company
03 - Free Fall
04 - I See Her
05 - My Independence Day
06 - Minister To A Mind Diseased
07 - Tables Of Grass Fields
08 - Show Me That You Want To Go Home
09 - Sitting
10 - Nevermore
11 - Answer To Yesterday
12 - I'm A Little Boy
13 - That's The Way It Goes (Live Bonus)

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Prog Rock outfit born from the ashes of '60s Psych Rockers Skip Bifferty. The sole album by this band is a much sought after collectors item originally released on the Decca label in 1970. When former Skip Bifferty vocalist Graham Bell joined former Nice drummer Brian Davison's Every Which Way, the remaining members, Tom Duffy, Mick Gallagher, John Turnball and David Montgomery, formed this progressive rock outfit. "They have the ability to write memorable tunes and arrange them well. The vocals are a strong point, often oddly harmonized and never overstated. Heavier tracks alternate with more poetic ones, although this at times acts to the detriment of the album's coherence. All in all a very pleasant album to listen to."(M. Koopman)

01 - Let Your Love Run Through
02 - It's Gonna Rain
03 - Four Times Eight
04 - An Ear Ago
05 - Great Lager Street
06 - Hello, Hello Monday
07 - Perfectly Happy Man
08 - Sophie's Cat
09 - You're In The Garden
Arc - 1971 - ...At This.jpg

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The Beatles - 1969 - Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine is the tenth album by The Beatles in the United Kingdom, released on Apple Records. It was issued as the soundtrack to the film of the same name, which premiered in Great Britain seven months prior to the album's release. Only one side of the album contains songs performed by the Beatles; of the six, four were previously unissued. "Yellow Submarine" had been simultaneously issued in 1966 as a single and on the album Revolver, and "All You Need Is Love" had been issued as a single in the summer of 1967. The second side features the symphonic film score composed by George Martin, in versions recorded specifically for the album. "All You Need Is Love" appeared in either mono or rechanneled stereo, ('fake stereo') on the US LP Magical Mystery Tour. It debuted in a true stereo mix on LP for this album. American cassette and 8-track tape versions featured "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" as an extra song on side two.

01 - Yellow Submarine
02 - Only A Northern Song
03 - All Together Now
04 - Hey Bulldog
05 - It's All Too Much
06 - All You Need Is Love
07 - Pepperland
08 - Sea of Time
09 - Sea of Holes
10 - Sea of Monsters
11 - March of the Meanies
12 - Pepperland Laid Waste
13 - Yellow Submarine In Pepperland


The Beatles - 1969 - The Alternate Yellow Submarine

Alternate mono & stereo mixes not released.

01 - Yellow Submarine
02 - Hey Bulldog
03 - Eleanor Rigby
04 - Love You To
05 - All Together Now
06 - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
07 - Think For Yourself
08 - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club B
09 - With A Little Help From My Friend
10 - Baby You're A Rich Man
11 - Only A Northern Song
12 - All You Need Is Love
13 - When I'm Sixty Four
14 - Nowhere Man
15 - It's All Too Much
16 - Hey Bulldog
17 - All You Need Is Love
18 - When I'm Sixty Four
19 - Nowhere Man
20 - It's All Too Much
21 - She Can Talk To Me #1
22 - She Can Talk To Me #2

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Hey Jude (original title: The Beatles Again) is a 1970 collection of non-album Beatles singles and B-sides, as well as "I Should Have Known Better" and "Can't Buy Me Love", two singles released by Capitol Records whose only previous American album appearance had been on the A Hard Day's Night soundtrack album which had been released by United Artists Records. The compilation was released in many countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Spain, Germany, France, Greece, Japan, Mexico and most of South America. It was also available to other countries as an "export" from Britain but was not at first issued in Britain, although it was a popular import to the UK. Because of its popularity worldwide, Parlophone released Hey Jude in Britain on 11 May 1979.

01 - Can't Buy Me Love
02 - I Should Have Known Better
03 - Paperback Writer
04 - Rain
05 - Lady Madonna
06 - Revolution
07 - Hey Jude
08 - Old Brown Shoe
09 - Don't Let Me Down
10 - The Ballad Of John And Yoko

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The Beatles - 1969 - Abbey Road

Abbey Road is the eleventh studio album by The Beatles. Though Let It Be was the last album released before The Beatles' dissolution in 1970, work on Abbey Road began in April 1969, making it the final album recorded by the band. Abbey Road was released on 26 September 1969 in the United Kingdom, and 1 October 1969 in the United States. It was produced and orchestrated by George Martin for Apple Records. Geoff Emerick was engineer, Alan Parsons was assistant engineer, and Tony Banks was tape operator. Abbey Road is regarded as one of The Beatles' most tightly constructed albums, although the band was barely operating as a functioning unit at the time. Rolling Stone magazine named it the 14th greatest album of all time.

01 - Come Together
02 - Something
03 - Maxwell Silver Hammer
04 - Oh! Darling
05 - Octopus's Garden
06 - I Want You (She's so Heavy)
07 - Here Comes The Sun
08 - Because
09 - You Never Give Me Your Money
10 - Sun King
11 - Mean Mr Mustard
12 - Polythene Pam
13 - She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
14 - Golden Slumbers
15 - Carry That Weight
16 - The End
17 - Her Majesty


The Beatles - 1969 - The Abbey Road Companion

Demos, outtakes and rough mixes recorded for the 1969 Abbey Road LP.

01 - Because
02 - Come and get it
03 - I want you (she's so heavy)
04 - I need you
05 - Something
06 - Something
07 - Maxwell's silver hammer
08 - Oh! Darling
09 - Octopus's garden - the long onehuge medley
10 - You never give me your money
11 - Sun king
12 - Mean mr. Mustard
13 - Her majesty
14 - Polythene pam
15 - She came in through the bathroom window
16 - Golden Slumbers
17 - Carry that Weight
18 - The End
19 - Her Majesty
20 - You never give me your money
21 - Golden Slumbers
22 - Because

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A collection of unreleased "work in progress" mixes and outtakes from Abbey Road album recording sessions.

01 - Come Together
02 - Something Jam
03 - Maxwells Silver Hammer
04 - Oh Darling
05 - Octopuss Garden
06 - I Want You
07 - Come And Get It
08 - Oh I Want You
09 - Because
10 - You Never Give Me Your Money
11 - Sun King
12 - Mean Mr. Mustard
13 - Her Majesty
14 - Polythene Pam
15 - She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
16 - Golden Slumbers
17 - Carry That Weight
18 - The End
19 - Aint She Sweet
20 - Something
21 - Maxwells Silver Hammer
22 - Octopuss Garden
23 - You Never Give Me Your Money At The Hop
24 - Golden Slumbers Carry That Weight
25 - The End

Category: The Beatles | Views: 2977 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-09-17

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