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Pickettywitch was a British pop group. The original members were Polly Brown (vocals), Chris Warren (vocals), Bob Brittain (organ), Martin Bridges (guitar), Mike Tomich (bass guitar) and Keith Hall (drums). Bridges and Tomich were replaced later in 1970 by Peter Hawkins (guitar) and Brian Stuart (bass), who would later be replaced by Paul Risi (guitar) and Paul Riordan (bass). The name Pickettywitch is often said to have been taken from a Cornish  village  through which their eventual lead singer, Polly Brown, had passed with her sister; in fact, there is no such village, though there is a pub  of that name at Yeovil in Somerset. Pickettywitch was signed by record producer John Macleod to Pye Records and released their debut single, "You've Got Me So I Don't Know" b/w "Solomon Grundy" in July 1969.Two further singles also made the UK chart in that year - these were "(It's Like A) Sad Old Kinda Movie" (again written by Macaulay and Mcleod) (#16), and "Baby I Won't Let You Down" (written by Les Reed and Geoff Stephens) (#27).In 1970, "Days I Remember" was received radio airplay. The single did not appear on record charts, but "That Same Old Feeling" reached #67 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the summer of that same year. Brown left for a solo career in late 1972.

01 You Got Me So I Don't Know
02 Solomon Grundy
03 That Same Old Feeling
04 Maybe We've Been Loving Too Long
05 (It's Like A) Sad Old Kinda Movie
06 Times
07 Baby I Won't Let You Down
08 Please Bring Her Back Home
09 Take Away the Emptiness Too
10 Then It Will Be
11 Shame Shame
12 Sound of Silence
13 I'll Say Bye Bye
14 Days I Remember
15 Two Hearts Are Better Than One
16 There He Goes
17 This Day
18 Waldo P. Emerson Jones
19 Summertime Feeling
20 Dreamin'
21 Bring a Little Light into My World
22 Dream World
23 Number Wonderful
24 Point of No Return
25 The Power and the Glory
26 Living by the Gun
27 Fugue

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The Sedate Sunshine Colony was a 1965-69 psychedelic folk-rock band born in Kinsburg near Fresno. Woody Bell (vocals), Jeff Anderson (bass),Pat Erickson (vocals), Craig Anderson (guitar), Jonnie Sue Bartel (keyboard) and Chuck Zendner (drums). Near all tracks recorded live at the Dinuba Memorial Auditorium, CA, April 25, 1968

01 - Dark On You Now
02 - Thoughts And Words
03 - Evil Hearted You
04 - Where Were You
05 - Visionary Pumpkin
06 - Change Yourself For The World
07 - Whittier Blvd.
08 - Bentley Road
09 - Run For Your Life
10 - Whiskey Man
11 - Kill The Cobra (Bentley Road)

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Fairfield Parlour were an English progressive rock band that recorded in the late 1960s into the early 1970s. After the psychedelic rock group Kaleidoscope moved further into progressive rock, and also to avoid confusion with the American group Kaleidoscope, they renamed themselves Fairfield Parlour. The members were Peter Daltrey (vocals, keyboards), Eddy Pumer (guitars), Steve Clark (bass, flute) and Dan Bridgman (drums). The band released several singles and one critically acclaimed full album, From Home to Home, which is now considered a classic.

01 - Aries
02 - In My Box
03 - By Your Bedside
04 - Soldier Of The Flesh
05 - I Will Always Feel The Same
06 - Free
07 - Emily
08 - Chalk On The Wall
09 - The Glorious House Of Arthur
10 - Monkey
11 - Sunny Side Circus
12 - Drummer Boy Of Shiloh
13 - Bordeaux Rose
14 - Just Another Day
15 - Caraminda
16 - Song For You
17 - I Am All The Animals
18 - Baby, Stay For Tonight
19 - Eye Witness
20 - Baby Stay For Tonight

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Great Speckled Bird was a Country rock group formed in 1969 by the Canadian musical duo Ian & Sylvia. Ian sang, played guitar and composed. Sylvia  sang, composed and played piano. The other founding members were Amos Garrett on guitar and vocals, Bill Keith on steel guitar, Ken Kalmusky on bass and Ricky Marcus on drums. The album is notable for being the first album to be produced by Todd Rundgren.

01 - Love What You're Doing Child
02 - Calgary
03 - Trucker's Cafe
04 - Long Time To Get Old
05 - Flies In The Bottle
06 - Bloodshot Beholder
07 - Crazy Arms
08 - This Dream
09 - Smiling Wine
10 - Rio Grande
11 - Disappearing Woman
12 - We Sail

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Pittsburgh power trio Fresh Blueberry Pancake formed in 1968, comprising singer/bassist Tony Impavido, guitarist John Behrens, and drummer Geoff Rydell. After two years of local gigging, the group built up enough of a fan base and enough original material to record a demo tape, and in 1970 they self-released Heavy, issued in a pressing of just 54 copies, the record is now much sought-after among collectors of plodding, monolithic acid rock. (The Shadoks label reissued Heavy in 2003.) After the album's release the group abbreviated its name to Pancake, dissolving in 1972. (Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide)

01 - Hassles
02 - Being´ In Town
03 - Clown On A Rope
04 - Bad Boy Turns Good
05 - I Call Him Lord
06 - Down On The Farm
07 - Where´s The Sun
08 - Sleep Bound
09 - Stranded

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