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Ashton, Gardner and Dyke were a power rock  trio, most popular in the early 1970s. They are best remembered for their song, "Resurrection Shuffle", a transatlantic Top 40 success in 1971. However, this success finally left them known as one-hit wonders.

01 - Rolling Home
02 - Why Did You Go
03 - The Falling Song
04 - Young Man
05 - Billy And His Piano Without
06 - Maiden Voyage
07 - New York Mining Disaster
08 - Picture Sliding Down The Wall
09 - Billy And His Piano With
10 - Vaggsang
11 - As It Was In The First Place
12 - Maiden Voyage, Long Version
13 - See The Sun In My Eyes
14 - Resurrection Shuffle
15 - Can You Get It

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Delivery was a British blues/progressive rock musical group, formed in the late 1960s. The band was one of the wellsprings of the progressive rock Canterbury scene. Founded in 1966 as Bruno's Blues Band by guitarist Phil Miller, his elder brother, pianist Steve Miller, drummer Pip Pyle and bassist Jack Monck, the band gigged around London for a few years. In 1968, saxophonist Lol Coxhill joined them, and the band's name was changed to Steve Miller's Delivery. In 1969, the band teamed up with blues singer Carol Grimes and bassist Roy Babbington replaced Monck. The resulting line-up recorded and released one album: Fools Meeting. Although Grimes wanted to appear as a band member, the record company released the album under "Carol Grimes and Delivery". In 1971, Pyle left the band to join Gong and was replaced by Laurie Allan (who also later joined Gong). Soon after that, the band broke up.

01 - Blind To Your Light
02 - Miserable Man
03 - Home Made Ruin
04 - Is It Really The Same
05 - We Were Satisfied
06 - The Wrong Time
07 - Fighting It Out
08 - Fools Meeting

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Egg were an English progressive rock band formed in January 1969. The founding members of the group were Dave Stewart who played organ (not to be confused with guitarist David A. Stewart of Eurythmics), Mont Campbell on bass and vocals and drummer Clive Brooks. The band emerged from an earlier quartet formed whilst at City of London School called Uriel with guitarist Steve Hillage. After Hillage left the band in August 1968, the other three continued as a trio. Having signed a deal with the Middle Earth club's management branch, they were advised to change their name to Egg, allegedly because Uriel "sounded too much like 'urinal'". In mid 1969 the band signed a deal with Decca's 'progressive' sublabel Deram and released their debut album in March 1970 on their short-lived Nova series.

01 - Bulb
02 - While growing my hair
03 - I will be absorbed
04 - Fugue in d minor
05 - They laughed when i sat down a
06 - The song of McGillicudie the pusillanimous
07 - Boilk
08 - Symphony2-a
09 - Symphony2-b
10 - Symphony2-c
11 - [bonus] Seven is a jolly good
12 - [bonus] You are all princes

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Brave Belt - Brave Belt I

Brave Belt was a Canadian rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba  originally consisting of Randy Bachman (guitar/vocals), his former The Guess Who bandmate, Chad Allan (lead vocals/keyboards), and Randy's brother Robbie (drums). Randy also provided bass tracks for the recording of the band's first album, Brave Belt I. But C.F. "Fred" Turner was added shortly after as bassist for the supporting concerts.The band made the Canadian Top 40 with the minor hit "Crazy Arms, Crazy Eyes," which peaked at #35 in November 1971. However, they missed the U.S. charts completely.

01 - Crazy Arms, Crazy Eyes
02 - Lifetime
03 - Waitin' There For Me
04 - I Am The Man
05 - French Kiss
06 - It's Over
07 - Rock And Roll Band
08 - Wandering Fantasy Girl
09 - I Wouldn't Trade My Guitar For A Woman
10 - Holy Train
11 - Anyday Means Tomorrow
12 - Scarecrow

Brave Belt - 1971 - Brave Belt II

When Chad Allan left the band in 1971, Turner became the lead vocalist for the Brave Belt II album. During the supporting concerts for Brave Belt II, Tim Bachman was added as a second guitarist. After this lineup (C.F. Turner with Randy, Tim and Robbie Bachman) had shopped around the demo that was supposed to be a Brave Belt III album, new management convinced them to change their name. They eventually settled on Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

01 - Too Far Away
02 - Dunrobin's Gone
03 - Can You Feel It
04 - Put It In A Song
05 - Summer Soldier
06 - Goodbye, Soul Shy
07 - Never Comin' Home
08 - Be A Good Man
09 - Long Way 'round
10 - Another Way Out
11 - Waterloo Country
12 - Hands And Faces (Bonus)
13 - Shakin' All Over (Bonus)

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Blue Öyster Cult is an American rock  band formed in New York in 1967 and still active in 2010. The group is especially well known for songs including "(Don't Fear) The Reaper", "Astronomy", "Godzilla", "Burnin' for You" and "Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll." They have sold over 14 million albums worldwide, including 7 million in the US alone. BOC were also ranked #55 on VH1's The 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock. Blue Öyster Cult is the debut album by Blue Öyster Cult, released in 1972. The album featured songs such as "Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll," "Stairway to the Stars," and "Then Came the Last Days of May." The album sold well upon its release. Blue Öyster Cult toured with artists such as the Byrds, Alice Cooper and the Mahavishnu Orchestra to support the album.

01 - Transmaniacon MC
02 - I'm On The Lamb But I Ain't No Sheep
03 - Then Came The Last Days Of May
04 - Stairway To The Stars
05 - Before The Kiss, A Redcap
06 - Screams
07 - She's As Beautiful As A Foot
08 - Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll
09 - Workshop Of The Telescopes
10 - Redeemed
11 - Donovan's Monkey (Demo)
12 - What Is Quicksand (Demo)
13 - A Fact About Sneakers (Demo)
14 - Betty Lou's Got A New Pair of Shoes (Demo)

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The Bay City Rollers were a Scottish  pop  band of the 1970s. Their youthful, clean-cut image, distinctive styling featuring tartan-trimmed outfits, and cheery, sing-along pop hits helped the group become among the most popular musical acts of their time. For a relatively brief but fervent period (nicknamed "Rollermania"), they were worldwide teen idols. Rollin', released in 1974, was the first full-length album of the band. The album included three British chart hits ("Remember", "Shang-a-Lang", "Summerlove Sensation") and the debut of "Saturday Night", never a British hit yet a #1 smash in America.

01 - Shang-A-Lang
02 - Give It To Me Now
03 - Angel Angel
04 - Be My Baby
05 - Just A Little Love
06 - Remember (Sha La La La)
07 - Saturday Night
08 - Ain't It Strange
09 - Please Stay
10 - Jenny Gotta Dance
11 - There Goes My Baby
12 - Summer Love Sensation

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