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In 1963, Denny Doherty and Zal Yanovsky got together with Jim Hendricks and his wife, Cass Elliot, to become 'Cass Elliot and the Big Three'. After an uneventful release the group added John Sebastian and renamed themselves 'The Mugwumps'. In 1964, they recorded an eponymous LP and released a single, "I’ll Remember Tonight,”. After this album 'the Mugwumps' split in four separate directions. Doherty became a member of 'The Journeymen' with John Phillips and Michelle Gilliam. Yanovsky and Sebastian founded 'The Lovin’ Spoonful', and Cass Elliot joined a short-lived jazz act. Jim Hendricks joined a new group called 'The Lamp of Childhood'. By 1965 'The Journeymen' had decided their fortunes would be better served elsewhere and migrated to the Virgin Islands. Cass Elliot did a stint in the islands at the same time (as a waitress, not a singer) and in 1965 relocated to Los Angeles. 'The Journeymen' headed west soon after, and Cass ended up as the fourth and final member. By the end of 1965 they were called 'The Mamas and the Papas'.

01 - Searchin.mp3
02 - I Don't Wanna Know.mp3
03 - I'll Remember Tonight.mp3
04 - Here It Is Another Day.mp3
05 - Do You Know What I Mean.mp3
06 - You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover.mp3
07 - Everybody's Been Talkin'.mp3
08 - Do What They Don't Say.mp3
09 - So Fine.mp3

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Jack London and The Sparrows were a sixties "Toronto British invasion” band, and are best known for including future Steppenwolf members, Jerry Edmonton, Goldy McJohn and Nick St. Nicholas and future Buffalo Springfield member, Bruce Palmer. The original Jack London and The Sparrows line-up was formed in Oshawa, Ontario  in early 1964 by British émigré Dave Marden (Jack London), guitarist Dennis Edmonton and keyboard player Dave Hare, who later played with Everyday People.

01 - Our Love Has Passed
02 - Sparrows And Daisies
03 - Take It Slow (Vocal by Jerry Edmonton)
04 - You Don't Want Me Now
05 - It's Been One Of Those Days
06 - If You Don't Want My Love
07 - Give My Love To Sally
08 - Glad To Be With You
09 - Give My Love To You
10 - Leavin' Blues (Vocal by Jerry Edmonton)
11 - Dream On Dreamer
12 - I'll Be The Boy

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Rainbow Ffolly were an English psychedelic pop band who released only one LP, Sallies Fforth, in 1967. Their only single, "Drive My Car", failed to garner much success on the charts, and they disbanded shortly thereafter. They were signed to EMI's subsidiary Parlophone (which also held The Beatles' contract at that time) during their brief career. Jonathan Dunsterville, Guitar, Vocals,  Richard Dunsterville, Vocals, Guitar, Roger Newell, Bass, Vocals, Stewart Osborn, Drums, Vocals

01 - She´s Alright
02 - I´m So Happy
03 - Montgolfier
04 - Drive My Car
05 - Goodbye
06 - Hey You
07 - Sun Sing
08 - Sun & Sand
09 - Labour Exchange
10 - They´m
11 - No
12 - Sighing Game
13 - Come On Go
14 - Go Girl (Bonus)

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The Outlaws are a southern rock band formed in Tampa, Florida in late 1967 by guitarist–vocalist Hughie Thomasson, drummer David Dix, bassist Phil Humberg, guitarists Hobie O'Brien and Frank Guidry, plus singer Herb Pino. Guidry brought the name Outlaws with him when he joined (he had been in another group that had that name). Previous to Guidry's arrival the band had been called The Rogues, then The Four Letter Words. Outlaws is the first studio album, released in 1975. A cover version of the song "Green Grass and High Tides" appeared in the video game, Rock Band. In this album era, Outlaws was Hughie Thomasson - lead guitar, vocals, Billy Jones - lead guitar, vocals, Monte Yoho - drums, Frank O'Keefe - bass guitar, Henry Paul - electric and acoustic guitar, vocals

01 - There Goes Another Love Song
02 - Song For You
03 - Song In The Breeze
04 - It Follows From Your Heart
05 - Cry No More
06 - Waterhole
07 - Stay With Me
08 - Keep Prayin
09 - Knoxville Girl
10 - Green Grass And High Tides

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The Edgar Broughton Band, founded in 1968 in Warwick, England, is an English  progressive rock group. The band started their career as a blues group under the name of The Edgar Broughton Blues Band, playing to a dedicated but limited following in the region around their hometown of Warwick. However, when the band began to lean towards the emerging psychedelic movement, dropping the 'Blues' from their name as well as their music, Victor Unitt left. In 1968, the Broughtons moved to Notting Hill Gate, London, seeking a recording contract and a wider audience, and were picked up by Blackhill Enterprises. Blackhill landed them their first record deal, on EMI's progressive rock label Harvest Records, in December 1968. Their first single was "Evil"/"Death of an Electric Citizen", released in June 1969, which was also the first single released by Harvest. This album, was recorded live at Abbey Road.

01 - Smokestack Lightning
02 - What Is A Woman For
03 - Yason Blues
04 - Refugee
05 - Dropout Boogie
06 - American Boy Soldier
07 - Momma's Reward (Keep Them Freaks A Rollin')
08 - Out Demons Out

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The Tokens are an American  male doo-wop  vocal  group from Brooklyn, New York. They are best-known for their chart-topping 1961 single, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" The group was formed in 1955 at Brooklyn's Abraham Lincoln High School, and was known as the Linc-Tones. Originally featuring members Neil Sedaka, Hank Medress, Eddie Rabkin, and Cynthia Zolotin, Rabkin was replaced by Jay Siegel in 1956, and the band recorded its first single, "While I Dream" that same year. In 1957 Sedaka and Zolotin left the band, leaving only Siegel and Medress, who would recruit two additional band members and record the single "Picture in my Wallet" as Darrell & the Oxfords. Finally establishing its most famous name and lineup, the band become known as The Tokens in 1960 after they recruited the 13-year-old multi-instrumentalist and first tenor Mitch Margo and his baritone brother Phil Margo, plus guitarist Joe Venneri.

01 - Perhaps, The Joy Of Giving
02 - The Purpose Of A Circus
03 - Grandfather
04 - She Comes & Goes
05 - Grey City Day
06 - Sunset See My Sadness
07 - Poor Man
08 - Wimoweh 5 1 2 Years Later
09 - Portrait Of My Love
10 - For All That I Am
11 - Bye, Bye, Bye
12 - It's A Happening World
13 - How Nice

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The Flower Pot Men were a British pop group created in 1967, who enjoyed fleeting fame. The group's sound was characterised by rich, three-part vocal harmonies. The group were created as a result of the chart  success of the single "Let's Go To San Francisco", written and recorded by songwriters  John Carter and Ken Lewis. The complete line-up of The Flower Pot Men and Their Garden, as they were sometimes billed, was loosely based around the following: Tony Burrows: vocals, Neil Landon: vocals, Robin Shaw: vocals, Pete Nelson: vocals, Ged Peck: guitar, Carlo Little: drums, Nick Simper: bass, Jon Lord: organ. In 1968, Nick Simper and Jon Lord became founding members of the hardrock band Deep Purple.

01 - Let's Go To San Francisco, Part 1 & 2
02 - A Walk In The Sky
03 - Am I Losing You
04 - Man Without A Woman
05 - You Can Never Be Wrong
06 - Piccolo Man
07 - Mythological Sunday
08 - In A Moment Of Madness
09 - Young Birds Fly
10 - Sweet Baby Jane
11 - Journey's End
12 - Silicon City
13 - Busy Doin' Nothing
14 - White Dove
15 - Let's Go Back To San Francisco, Part 1
16 - Let's Go Back To San Francisco, Part 2
17 - Cooks Of Cake And Kindness
18 - Gotta Be Free
19 - Heaven Knows When
20 - Brave New World
21 - Children Of Tomorrow

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Episode Six was a British rock  group during the mid-sixties. The band wasn't well known but foreshadowed the arrival of Deep Purple in late 1960s. 'Episode Six' was formed in July 1964; in May 1965 Ian Gillan joined and the line-up became as follows: Ian Gillan - vocals, Graham Dimmock - guitar, Tony Lander - guitar, Sheila Dimmock - keyboard, Roger Glover - bass and Harvey Shield - drums. Episode Six released several singles on Pye Records in 1966 and 1967, and would have faded into oblivion had Gillan and Glover not gone on to join Deep Purple. The group split up in late 1969.

01 - My Baby
02 - Put Yourself In My Place
03 - That's All I Want
04 - I Hear Trumpets Blow
05 - True Love Is Funny That Way
06 - Here, There And Everywhere
07 - Mighty Morris Ten
08 - I Will Warm Your Heart
09 - Incense
10 - Love Hate Revenge
11 - Baby Baby Baby
12 - Morning Dew
13 - Sunshine Girl
14 - I Won't Hurt You
15 - U.F.O.
16 - I Can See Through You
17 - When I Fall In Love
18 - Way You Look Tonight
19 - My Little Red Book
20 - Plastic Love
21 - Time And Motion Man
22 - Only Lonely People
23 - Little One
24 - Lucky Sunday
25 - Wide Smiles
26 - Mr. Universe
27 - Mozart Vs The Rest
28 - Jack D'or
29 - Have You Ever Been There

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Strawberry Alarm Clock is a psychedelic rock band from Los Angeles best known for their 1967 hit "Incense and Peppermints". The group took its name as an homage to the Beatles' psychedelic hit "Strawberry Fields Forever", reportedly, at the suggestion of their record company Uni Records. They are often thought of as a "one-hit wonder" and were instrumental in the development of bubblegum pop music in the United States. Good Morning Starshine LP, last of tyhe band, failed to sell. The title track "Good Morning Starshine", from the musical Hair, produced by Julius Zabadak, limped to #87 in 1969 but was beat out by Oliver's version which scored the big hit.

01 - Me And The Township
02 - Off Ramp Road Tramp
03 - Small Package
04 - Hog Child
05 - Miss Attraction
06 - Good Morning Starshine
07 - Miss Attraction
08 - Write Your Name In Gold
09 - (You Put Me On) Standby
10 - Dear Joy
11 - Changes

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Fanny was an American girl band, led by June Millington. They were pioneers as one of the first rock bands to feature all women, and the second to sign to a major record label, after Goldie & the Gingerbreads. They reached the Top 40 twice, with "Charity Ball" in 1971 and "Butter Boy" in 1975, peaking at #40 and #29 respectively in the Billboard Hot 100. Fanny was formed by guitarist Millington, her bass guitarist sister Jean Millington, drummer Alice de Buhr, and keyboard player Nickey Barclay. Patti Quatro later joined Fanny, one of the earliest all-female rock bands to gain national attention."Fanny Hill” was the anticipated follow up to 1971's "Charity Ball” release.  Recorded at Apple Studios, London, England in late 1971, the album features producer Richard Perry’s best work, even though Fanny was not thrilled with some of his additions (like brass and strings to some of the songs).

01 - Ain`t That Peculiar
02 - Knock On My Door
03 - Blind Alley
04 - You`ve Got A Home
05 - Wonderful Feeling
06 - Borrowed Time
07 - Hey Bulldog
08 - Think About The Children
09 - Rock Bottom Blues
10 - Sound And The Fury
11 - The First Time

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Goldie & the Gingerbreads was an American female rock band from 1962 to 1967. They were the first all-female rock band signed to a major record label. Whereas most female bands were ignored by the big record labels and rarely attracted live audiences, the quartet of Ginger Bianco, Margo Lewis, Carol MacDonald and Goldie Zelkowitz were among the first to break into a domain dominated by men. They were signed to Decca in 1963 and to Atlantic in 1964. Over the course of 1967 and 1968, Goldie and the Gingerbreads gradually broke up.

01 - The Skip
02 - Bye Bye Baby
03 - Please, Please
04 - Chew Chew Fee Fi Fum
05 - Take My Hand
06 - Can't You Hear My Heartbeat
07 - Skinny Winnie
08 - V.I.P.
09 - Sailor Boy
10 - Think About The Good Times
11 - Going Back
12 - Walking In Different Circles
13 - That's Way I Love You

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The Remains were a mid-1960s rock group from Boston, Massachusetts, led by Barry Tashian, who later was harmony vocalist and guitarist for Emmylou Harris and part of the duo, Barry and Holly Tashian. The Remains performed in Boston in 1964 and 1965, playing The Rathskeller where fans lined up from Kenmore Square to Fenway Park to see them. They are best known for being one of the opening acts of The Beatles' final US tour in 1966. Although associated with the garage rock scene, the Remains were highly accomplished professional musicians and their recordings, while hard-edged, are notably well-produced and arranged. The band enjoyed a local hit with their version of the Bo Diddley/Willie Dixon classic "Diddy Wah Diddy". Despite considerable local success and strong critical acclaim (including an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show), the band failed to break through on a national level and folded in late 1966.

01 - Why Do I Cry
02 - When I Want To Know
03 - Ain't That Her
04 - All Good Things
05 - I'm Talking 'bout You
06 - My Babe
07 - Say You're Sorry
08 - Baby I Believe In You
09 - You Got A Hard Time Comin'
10 - I Can't Get Away From You
11 - Me Right Now
12 - Time Of Day
13 - Once Before
14 - But I Ain't Got You
15 - Diddy Wah Diddy
16 - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
18 - Heart
19 - Thank You
20 - Say You're Sorry
21 - Don't Look Back

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The Yellow Balloon was an American  sunshine pop band, produced by Gary Zekley. The group is notable for featuring Don Grady (sometimes billed as "Luke R. Yoo") of Mouseketeers and My Three Sons fame. Other band members hailed from Oregon and Arizona. They were led by Alex Valdez (lead singer), and included Frosty Green (keyboards), Don Braught (bass guitar), and Paul Canella (lead guitar). The band at one time also included Daryl Dragon, later the male half of Captain & Tennille. The Yellow Balloon released multiple singles, including Billboard Magazine Pop 100 #25 hit "Yellow Balloon" and "Good Feelin' Time", and one album. The 1967 album self-titled LP, released through Canterbury Records, included the hit single "Yellow Balloon" along with two songs co-written by former The Mamas & the Papas singer Jill Gibson.

01 - How Can I Be Down
02 - Stained Glass Window
03 - Baby Baby It's You
04 - Panama Red
05 - I've Got A Feeling For Love
06 - Yellow Balloon
07 - Good Feelin' Time
08 - Follow The Sunshine
09 - Springtime Girl
10 - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
11 - Junk Maker Shoppe
12 - Noollab Wolley
13 - The Children Of St. Monica
14 - A Good Man To Have Around The House
15 - Impressions With Syvonne
16 - Leaving It Up To You
17 - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love (Single Version)
18 - Follow The Sunshine (Alternative Mono Mix)
19 - How Can I Be Down (Demo Version)
20 - Gary Zekley Interview

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Late '60s UK Pop Psych group. Rare and good album.

01 - Dabey Kitten
02 - You Say Love Dear
03 - Worry Isn't It You
04 - Eleanor Rigby
05 - You Should Feel
06 - High Grade Feeling
07 - In Time You'll Know
08 - I'll Never Let You Go
09 - Fool In Love Full Measure
10 - Stormy Day

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