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Main » 2010 » August » 16 » The Rainbow Band - 1971 - The Rainbow Band
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The Rainbow Band - 1971 - The Rainbow Band

Not to be confused with the Danish band of the same name, this Rainbow Band was an American outfit that released one record on Elektra back in 1971. It never ceases to amaze me that there was a time when major labels put out really good records (technically Elektra was a major at this point, having been sold to Warner in 1970). This album appears in the Elektra catalog between the intriguing Crow Dog's Paradise' album of peyote songs & Mike Heron's fantastic Smiling Men With Bad Reputations record. So why all this talk about the Elektra catalog? Well, to be honest, it's because I know very little about the group that put together this very cool slice of rural, commune psych. Participated in the recording (although not what they did): Mahesh, Pavarthi, Maruga Booker, Nithyan Gefron, Scotty Avedisian, Phil Catanzaro, Ragunath Mancini, Trevor Young, Gary Olerich, Darius Brubeck, Colin Wolcott, Nirmala, Sharon Simon, Lalitha, Janiki Tenny, Priscilla, Victoria, Felix, Anandi, & Shiva. Some of the names are familiar. Colin Wolcott was a founding member of the group Oregon. Darius Brubeck, a jazz performer in his own right, is Dave Brubeck's son. However, I can't say anything about the duo who fronted the outfit except that they look blissed out on the cover.(Amadeus)

01 - Rama Rama
02 - Lotus
03 - Sweater Song
04 - Simple Song
05 - Midnite Sun
06 - Song Of The Navajo
07 - Now Is The Time

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