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Rare Earth is an American rock band affiliated with Motown's Rare Earth record label (which was named after the band), who prospered in 1970-1972. The group formed in 1960 as "The Sunliners" and changed their name to "Rare Earth" in 1968. After recording an unsuccessful debut album "Dream/Answers" on the Verve label in 1968, they were signed to Motown in 1969. Although not the first white band signed to Motown, Rare Earth was the first big hit-making act signed by Motown that consisted only of white members. (The Rustix were signed before them and were an all white act, but did not have any hits). Ecology is the 3rd studio album by Rare Earth, which was released in 1970. It includes a cover of "Eleanor Rigby" from The Beatles. The single, another cover of The Temptations "(I Know) I'm Losing You" would eventually hit the Top 10 and be certified Gold. The album, "Ecology" would garner a 2nd Top 10 single with the popular, "Born to Wander". The album would become the 2nd platinum album in a row for the band. The success of the first two Rare Earth albums gave Motown gravitas in yet another genre, pop/rock. The band would be the flagship group on the label, though R. Dean Taylor would also hit the Top 10 with a Gold single, "Indiana Wants Me".

01 - Born To Wander
02 - Long Time Leaving
03 - (I know) I'm Losing You
04 - Satisfaction Guaranteed
05 - Nice Place To Visit
06 - No. 1 Man
07 - Eleanor Rigby

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The New Colony Six was an American rock band of the 1960s and early 1970s. From Chicago, they placed ten singles on the Billboard Hot 100  between 1966 and 1971. Original members were Ray Graffia (vocals), Chick James (drums), Pat McBride (harmonica), Craig Kemp (organ), Wally Kemp (bass), and Gerry Van Kollenburg (guitar). Ronnie Rice (vocals, keyboards, guitar) joined in 1966, replacing Craig Kemp. There were numerous changes in the lineup over the years. Formed in 1964, New Colony Six scored their first major local hit in Chicago in 1966 with "I Confess," featured on their debut album, Breakthrough. Their sound was characterized by Richie Unterberger as "a poppier American Them with their prominent organ, wobbly Lesley-fied guitar amplifications and rave-up tempos", later devolving into "a cabaret-ish band with minor national hits to their credit by the end of the 1960s." Like Paul Revere & the Raiders, they wore colonial outfits on stage. Treat Her Groovy collects 22 tracks (68-69) recorded at Ter Mar Studios, Chicago.

01 - I Will Always Think About You
02 - Dandy Handy Man
03 - Girl Unsigned
04 - Treat Her Groovy
05 - Summertime's Another Name for Love
06 - Just Feel Worse
07 - Can't You See Me Cry
08 - We Will Love Again
09 - Things I'd Like to Say
10 - Hold Me with Your Eyes
11 - You Know Better
12 - Barbara, I Love You
13 - Free
14 - Love, That's The Best I Can Do
15 - Come and Give Your Love to Me
16 - I Could Never Lie to You
17 - Ride the Wicked Wind
18 - I Want You to Know
19 - Sun Within You
20 - Blue Eyes
21 - Come Away with You
22 - Prairie Grey

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The 13th Floor Elevators were an American rock band from Austin, Texas formed by guitarist and vocalist Roky Erickson, electric jug player Tommy Hall, and guitarist Stacy Sutherland, which existed from 1965 to 1969. During their career, the band released four LPs and seven 45s for the International Artists record label. The 13th Floor Elevators found some commercial and artistic success in 1966-67, before dissolving amid legal troubles and drug use in late 1968. As one of the first psychedelic bands, their contemporary influence has been acknowledged by 1960s musicians such as Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Peter Albin of Big Brother and the Holding Company, and Chris Gerniottis of Zakary Thaks. The Avalon Ballroom is a music venue in the Polk Gulch neighborhood of San Francisco, California at 1268 Sutter Street, on the north side, one building east of the corner of Van Ness Avenue. The space operated from 1966 to 1968, and reopened in 2003.

01 - Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
02 - Before You Accuse Me
03 - You Don't Know
04 - I'm Gonna Love You Too
05 - You Really Got Me
06 - Splash
07 - Fire Engine
08 - Roll Over Beethoven
09 - The Word
10 - Monkey Island
11 - Roller Coaster

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John Charles Alder, better known as Twink, is an English drummer, singer and song writer who was a central figure in the English psychedelic movement. Twink was in several bands, including The Fairies, Santa Barbara Machine Head, Tomorrow, Aquarian Age, Pretty Things, Pink Fairies and more. Think Pink is the 1970 debut solo album by Twink. It was produced by Mick Farren and featured members of The Pretty Things, The Deviants, Steve Peregrin Took of Tyrannosaurus Rex. It was released on Sire Records in the USA.

01 - The Coming Of The One
02 - Ten Thousand Words In A Cardboard Box
03 - Dawn Of Majic
04 - Tiptoe On The Highest Hill
05 - Fluid
06 - Mexican Grass War
07 - Rock And Roll The Joint
08 - Suicide
09 - Three Little Piggies
10 - The Sparrow Is A Sign

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Singer/guitarist/keyboardist Timothy Harrison Dulaine had spent time in New York City as a member of the band Clouds and working as a solo act. He'd also attracted a friend/mentor in the form of A&R man/producer Robert Margouleff. In 1968 he decided to form a band, bassist Charlie Bell, drummer Danny Casey, and lead guitarist John Govro. Dulaine had played with Casey in Clouds, and he'd worked with bassist Bell in The Raggamuffins. As Buckwheat the band's first big break came when they were hired as the house band at New York's famed Cafe Wha. The resulting publicity attracted the attention of Jeffrey Katz and Jerry Kasenetz's Buddah Records-affiliated Super K label which quickly signed them to a recording deal. Recorded at New York's Broadway Recording Studios with Margouleff producing, "Pure Buckwheat Honey" didn't win any prizes for originality. With Casey, Dulaine, and Govro sharing writing duties, the band was clearly looking for a musical identify, latched on to a diverse set of influences including 1930s English music hall ('Radio'), country ('The Albert Hotel'), and a healthy dose of The Beatles.(Scott Blackerby)

01 - Yes
02 - Radio, Radio
03 - Mr. Sims Collector Man
04 - Albert Hotel
05 - Sunshine Holiday
06 - Goodbye Mr. Applegate
07 - Poor Widow
08 - Don't You Think
09 - Purple Ribbons
10 - Wonderful Day
11 - Howlin' At The Moon
12 - Pure Buckwheat Honey

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Brainticket originally formed in 1968, consisting of members of Swiss, German, and Italian descent. Although members came and went during their tenure, the most popular lineup consisted of Joel Vandroogenbroeck (organ, flute), Ron Bryer (guitar), Werni Frohlich (bass), Cosimo Lampis (drums), Wolfgang Paap (tabla), Dawn Muir (vocals), Carole Muriel (vocals, zither), and Hellmuth Kolbe (potentiometers, generators, and sound effects). Brainticket issued three albums before disbanding, but they resurfaced in the early '80s with a pair of albums before disappearing once more. In June 2000, another album titled "Alchemic Universe" came out of the collective. Cottonwoodhill is the debut album by Brainticket. It features the notable groovy track "Black Sand" featuring the singer singing into a spring reverb unit.

01 - Black Sand
02 - Places Of Light
03 - Brainticket Part 1
04 - Brainticket Part 1 Conclusion
05 - Brainticket,Part 2

Category: Oldies | Views: 1717 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-08-26

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