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Johnny Rivers is an American rock and roll singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. His styles include folk songs, blues, and revivals of old-time rock 'n' roll  songs and some original material. He has continued to record and perform to the present. Unhappy with UA's corporate mentality and ever-changing executives, Johnny Rivers signed with Atlantic in 1974 and recorded his Road album in Nashville and Muscle Shoals.

01 - Lights On The Highway
02 - Wait A Minute
03 - Geronimo's Cadillac
04 - I Like Your Music
05 - Sitting In Limbo
06 - Six Day On The Road
07 - See You Then
08 - A Good Love Is Like A Good Song
09 - Artists And Poets
10 - Breath

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Janis Lyn Joplin was an American singer, songwriter and music arranger. She rose to prominence in the late 1960s as the lead singer of Big Brother and the Holding Company and later as a solo artist. Rolling Stone magazine ranked Joplin number 46 on its list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time in 2004, and number 28 on its 2008 list of 100 Greatest Singers of All Time. This italian release from 1992, contains live performances: San Francisco 1967, Los Angeles 1967 and The Grande Ballroom, Detroit, 1968. Janis Joplin - vocals, Pete Albin - bass, Dave Getz - drums, Sam Andrews - guitar, James Gurley - guitar.

01 - Magic of love
02 - Down on me
03 - Piece of me heart
04 - Farewell song
05 - Bye bye Baby
06 - Light is faster than sound
07 - Women is losers
08 - All is loneliness
09 - Call on me
10 - Ball and chain

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Faithfull was still known primarily as a pop singer when she put out North Country Maid, but this is in fact very close to a pure folk album, with a bit of influence from pop, rock, blues, and jazz. Largely overlooked even by Faithfull fans, it's actually a quite respectable effort, and probably her best LP (other than greatest-hits compilations) from the time when her voice was still on the high side. Ably backed by session men including guitarists Jon Mark and Jim Sullivan, she interprets mostly traditional material on this record, including "She Moved Through the Fair," "Wild Mountain Thyme," "Sally Free and Easy," and "Scarborough Fair." There are some mid-'60s covers too, though, including Donovan's "Sunny Goodge Street" and Tom Paxton's "Last Thing on My Mind." Sometimes, when the bass gets prominent and the arrangements swing, this isn't too far from early Pentangle, as unexpected as that comparison is. The use of sitar on "She Moved Through the Fair" and "Wild Mountain Thyme" is adventurous, and she sings pretty well throughout, with dignity and purity if not utmost imagination or grit. The 1990 CD reissue on Deram U.K. adds three worthwhile bonus tracks: "The Most of What Is Least" (from a 1965 EP) and alternate versions of "Come My Way" and "Mary Anne" (the originals of which had appeared on her 1965 album, Come My Way). []

01 - Green Are Your Eyes
02 - Scarborough Fair
03 - Cockleshells
04 - The Last Thing On My Mind
05 - The First Time Ever I Saw Your
06 - Sally Free And Easy
07 - Sunny Goodge Street
08 - How Should I Your True Love Kn
09 - She Moved Thru' The Fair
10 - North Country Maid
11 - Lullaby
12 - Wild Mountain Thyme
13 - The Most Of What Is Least
14 - Come My Way - Version 2
15 - Mary Ann - Version 2

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Kaleidoscope (originally The Kaleidoscope) was an American psychedelic folk and ethnic band who recorded 4 albums and several singles for Epic Records between 1966 and 1970.  The group was formed in 1966. The original members were:  David Lindley, Solomon Feldthouse, Chris Darrow, Chester Crill (a.k.a. Max Budda, Max Buda, Fenrus Epp, Templeton Parcely) and John Vidican. Side Trips was Kaleidoscope's 1967 debut album. It was released in June 1967, while it was recently re-released on vinyl by Sundazed Records (2007). The album has a raw, non-limited instrumental mentality, for each member played many instruments; for example, David Lindley played guitar, banjo, fiddle, and mandolin, Solomon Feldthouse played saz, bouzouki, dobro, vina, oud, doumbek, dulcimer, fiddle, guitar, and including vocals too. While Chester Crill (aka Fenrus Epp and Max Buda) played violin, viola, bass, keyboards, and harmonica, Chris Darrow plays bass, guitar, mandolin, and additional vocals; and John Vidican on percussion.

01 - Egyptian Gardens
02 - If The Night
03 - Hesitation Blues
04 - Please
05 - Keep Your Mind Open
06 - Pulsating Dream
07 - Oh Death
08 - Come On In
09 - Why Try
10 - Minnie The Moocher

Category: Oldies | Views: 1279 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-08-03

Aorta was a highly talented rock band from Rockford, IL that released two albums throughout 1969 and 1970. The band was originally known as the Exceptions, a popular soul rock group that played around the Chicago area and released a handful of singles. n 1969 Columbia released this startling record which was a mix of psychedelia, soul, jazz, folk, and rock. The album was housed in a beautiful, graphic sleeve that has always overshadowed the great music from within. Musically speaking, Aorta’s sound comes close to Boston band Listening or even the more psychedelic aspects of early Blood, Sweat and Tears during its Al Kooper phase. There seems to be some kind of concept that reoccurs under the Mein Vein theme. Aorta is solid throughout though, featuring strong musicianship, inventive studio wizardry, superb songs with a healthy dose of fuzz guitar and wonderful string and horn arrangements.

01 - Main Vein
02 - Heart Attack
03 - What's In My Mind's Eye
04 - Magic Bed
05 - Main Vein II
06 - Sleep Tight
07 - Catalyptic
08 - Main Vein III
09 - Sprinkle Road To Cork Street
10 - Ode To Missy Mxyzosptlk
11 - Strange
12 - A Thousand Thoughts
13 - Thoughts & Feelings-Main Vein IV

Category: Oldies | Views: 1517 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-08-03

Walker was born in Blytheville, Arkansas and grew up in South Bend, Indiana. His saxophone style was the anchor for the band's overall sound. The other original members of the group were drummer Tony Washington, guitarist Willie Woods, and keyboardist Vic Thomas. Junior Walker & the All Stars were signed to the Motown label in the 1960s, and became one of the label's signature acts. Road Runner is the band's second album, it reached #6 on Billboard's "Black Albums" chart and #64 on Billboard's "Pop Albums" chart, launching four hit singles. First released on gramophone by Tamla (Motown), it has been multiply reissued on cassette and compact disc. It has also been remastered and reissued in conjunction with the band's preceding record, Home Cookin', as Road Runner & Home Cookin'.

01 - (I'm A) Road Runner
02 - How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved B
03 - Pucker Up Buttercup
04 - Money (That's What I Want)
05 - Last Call
06 - Anyway You Wanna
07 - Baby You Know You Ain't Right
08 - Ame' Cherie (Soul Darling)
09 - Twist Lackawanna
10 - San-Ho-Zay
11 - Mutiny

Category: Oldies | Views: 1501 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-08-03

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