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Main » 2010 » August » 30 » The New Mix - 1968 - The New Mix
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The New Mix - 1968 - The New Mix

The New Mix's sole album is stereotypical 1968 pop-influenced trendy psychedelia. The ten original songs favor San Francisco psych-folk-rock-influenced minor keys, Doors-Strawberry Alarm Clock-influenced organ, and the odd screeching distorted guitar. The arrangements also nod to a pop influence with harmonies that sometimes recall the Hollies' brief psychedelic phase, a Beatles-like Brit-psych bounce in the tempo of "Follow Me," and some fruity instrumentation that might have made it into sunshine pop records by the likes of the Association. It's a real melange, in other words, and like a salad made up of various excerpts from the week's leftovers, it doesn't go together too well or taste too good or fresh. There's little memorable about the songs, and some of the lead vocals have a distasteful stiff, strident air. Perhaps as a rough comparison, you might liken the New Mix to groups with awkward mixes of pop and freaky psych, like Fever Tree and the Strawberry Alarm Clock, but the band isn't even close to their level. (AMG)

01 - While We Waited
02 - Ursula
03 - The Man
04 - Nothing Matters More
05 - The New Harpoon Song
06 - Ever Brighter
07 - Get Me Out
08 - Sun Down
09 - Doorway To An Open Light
10 - Follow Me

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