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Main » 2010 » August » 28 » The Freeborne - 1967 - Peak Impressions
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The Freeborne - 1967 - Peak Impressions

The Freeborne's sole album is, in common with the mildly better-known '60s Boston psychedelic bands who comprised the Bosstown Sound, something of a goulash of then-trendy underground rock crosscurrents. It's not quite a ghoulish goulash, but it's not too tasty either, though they come up with some nice minor-key vocal harmonies. The record sounds like it was steeped in many listening sessions to the most popular psychedelic records of 1967, particularly the Doors' first album, Jefferson Airplane's Surrealistic Pillow, and the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper. Also at work are some jazz, classical, and raga influences, albeit of the sort by young musicians just getting to grips with those forms. The flaws of the album are that there aren't outstanding songs, and that the mood shifts seem more like an attempt to be as eclectic as possible than they do like genuinely well-thought-out compositional statements. The overall spacey, haunting feel of the record sometimes verges on self-conscious creepiness. It's embroidered by novel use of recorder, cello, harpsichord, and trumpet from time to time, though electric organ in the mold of the Doors or Country Joe & the Fish is more prominent, as is California psychedelia-influenced guitar.(AMG)

01 - Images
02 - Land Of Diana
03 - Visions Of My Own
04 - Sadly Acknowledged
05 - Peak Impressions & Thoughts
06 - Yellow Sky
07 - Hurtin' Kind Of Woman
08 - Inside People
09 - A New Song For Orestes
10 - But I Must Return To Frenzy
11 - Images (Mono 45 Vers.)
12 - Land Of Diana (Stereo Mix -2)
13 - Incidental Music

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