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Main » 2010 » August » 6 » Steamhammer - 1969 - Mk II
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Steamhammer - 1969 - Mk II

Steamhammer was a blues-rock band from Worthing, England. The band was founded in 1968 by Martin Quittenton (guitar) and Kieran White (vocals, guitar, harmonica). The first stable lineup consisted of Quittenton, White, Martin Pugh (guitar), Steve Davy (bass), and Michael Rushton (drums). Mk II was the second album of Steamhammer. Not selling as many records as they had hoped, Steamhammer nevertheless became a top European open-air attraction, mainly due to their excellent live performance. For over two hours each night they would provide instrumental improvisations, exemplarised by the guitar work of Martin Pugh and the harmonica of Kieran White. In summer 1969, Martin Quittenton left the band, followed by drummer Michael Rushton. They were replaced by Steve Jolliffe (saxophone, flute) and Mick Bradley (drums). Jollife's feel for precise arrangements and jazz influences especially inspired the recording of this second Mk II album. Going beyond the boundaries of traditional blues forms, the band members applied their musical creativity and imagination without the need for technical trickery.

01 - Supposed To Be Free
02 - Johnny Carl Morton
03 - Sunset Chase
04 - Contemporary Chick Con Song
05 - Turn Around
06 - 6 8 For Amiran
07 - Passing Through
08 - Down Along The Grove
09 - Another Travelling Tune
10 - Fran And Dee Take A Ride
11 - Junior's Wailing (Single Version - Bonus Track)
12 - Windmill (Bonus Track)
13 - Autumn Song (Bonus Track)
14 - Blues For Passing People (Bonus Track)

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