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Main » 2010 » August » 25 » Deerhoof - 2002 - Reveille
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Deerhoof - 2002 - Reveille

Deerhoof is an Art rock musical group currently consisting of Satomi Matsuzaki, John Dieterich, Ed Rodriguez and Greg Saunier. Reveille is the fourth album by Deerhoof, released in 2002. The line-up of the band at the time was Satomi Matsuzaki, John Dieterich and Greg Saunier, with Chris Cooper contributing extra guitar work on one of the tracks. Dieterich's playing had added a new element of guitar virtuosity to their sound, allowing for a broad stylistic range that included echoes of rock and roll of the 50s, 60s, and 70s, garage rock, post-rock, modern classical composition, pop, noise, and improvisation. The production was at times more powerful and polished than on previous releases. Matsuzaki's vocals were often very minimal, sometimes creating the impression of another instrument. One track, "Cooper", featured the return of guest guitarist Chris Cooper. The album artwork was by Matsuzaki, and its grandiose tone and religious connotations echoed the musical bombast (often compared to The Who), as well as the lyrical theme of resurrection. For the first time, Deerhoof began receiving some critical praise, notably in a best-of-2002 list in The New York Times. Several years after its release Reveille was named in Pitchfork's Top 100 Albums of 2000-2004

01 - Sound The Alarm
02 - This Magnificent Bird Will Rise
03 - The Eyebright Bugler
04 - Punch Buggy Valves
05 - No One Fed Me So I Stayed
06 - Our Angel's Ululu
07 - The Last Trumpeter Swan
08 - Top Tim Rubies
10 - Holy Night Fever
11 - All Rise
12 - Frenzied Handsome, Hello!
13 - Days & Nights In The Forest
14 - Hark The Umpire
15 - Cooper
16 - Hellelujah Chorus

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