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Main » 2010 » August » 8 » Crystalaugur - 1972 - Terranaut
7:20 PM
Crystalaugur - 1972 - Terranaut

The story of Crystalaugur is a strange one: the obscure "Native American" band Crystalaugur recorded this album in Singapore between 1972 and 1973, orginally pressing a mere 200 copies for a private label (Warped Rec) and the ridiculously small pressing made the original album an unbelievable rarity. Now, the truth about Crystalagur. Circa 1975,in Singapore, a group of guys, SAS students, Kim Bengs, Bryan Hall, Greg Kemp, Howard Kukla and Guy Rittger, who were members of the band Crystalaugur were trying to figure out what they wanted to do for Interim Semester. To quote Howard Kukla in his interview, "So the band went to the administration with a proposal to make an album (you know, those big round vinyl things most of your parents have in the attic collecting dust). We would write our own music, record it, have it pressed to vinyl and distribute. The result was Terranaut. It is our own work. One of our classmates (Greg Kemp) recorded it on a TEAC or AKAI 4 track reel-to-reel with over-dub of vocals and other sound effects. The artwork was done by the bass player's step-mother. We had the recording pressed by BMI Ltd in Singapore. Only about 200 copies were pressed. We gave them away to friends and family. It was never meant to be a money making venture, just meant to get us through the 2 week semester break. Rumors circulated that the album was actually cut by a group of "Native American” Vietnam vets on R&R in Singapore. No, just a bunch of creative teenagers making music together, for a very memorable year.

01 - Terranaut
02 - I'll Be Remembered
03 - Cosmic Journey
04 - You've Got To Rap
05 - Uppachit Creek
06 - Easy Term Pleasure
07 - Pams Song
08 - Number 4
09 - Goodbye

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