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Stay with the Hollies is the first album by The Hollies. It's essentially an album of covers, "Little Lover" being the lone original composition and the shortest track on the original album. In Canada, Stay with the Hollies was released on its Capitol 6000 label with a completely different track listing from this LP and the US LP, Here I Go Again on Imperial.

01 - I´m Talking About You
02 - Mr Moonlight
03 - You Better Move On
04 - Lucille
05 - Baby Don´t Cry
06 - Memphis
07 - Stay
08 - Rockin´ Robin
09 - Watcha Gonna Do ´bout It
10 - Do You Love Me
11 - It´s Only Make Believe
12 - What Kind Of Girl Are You
13 - Little Lover
14 - Candy Man

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In The Hollies Style is The Hollies' second LP for Parlophone. Originally available in mono only, it was reissued in true stereo under the title The Vintage Hollies in 1967. In 1997, British EMI put both mono and stereo versions of this album onto a single CD. Upon being released, The Hollies' second album drew little success. While their debut and third album both reached the top five in the UK album charts, In The Hollies Style did not make the top twenty. However, it managed to retain the energy and excitement of their debut and demonstrated the development of The Hollies' songwriting. The debut album featured one original song; nearly half of the songs on In The Hollies Style (credited to "Ransford") are original. "To You My Love" was Graham Nash's first solo performance on a Hollies album according to the liner notes, which were written by producer Ron Richards. For reasons unknown, none of the tracks on this album have been issued in the United States.

01 - Nitty Gritty Something's Got A Hold On Me
02 - Don't You Know
03 - To You My Love
04 - It's In Her Kiss
05 - Time For Love
06 - What Kind Of Boy
07 - Too Much Monkey Business
08 - I Thought Of You Last Night
09 - Please Don't Feel Too Bad
10 - Come On Home
11 - You'll Be Mine
12 - Set Me Free

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Hollies is The Hollies' third LP for Parlophone. This is also referred to as Hollies '65 to differentiate it from the similarly-titled 1974 album. It went to #8 in the UK album charts. Originally available in mono only, it was reissued in stereo under the title Reflection in 1969. In 1997, British EMI put both mono and stereo versions of this album onto a single CD. Of the twelve tracks on this album, only "So Lonely" was issued on 45 in Great Britain; even then, it was the B-side to the 1965 hit "Look Through Any Window", a song recorded concurrent with the rest of this album. On the original album, only four of the twelve songs are band originals with the rest being covers. In Scandinavia "Very Last Day" and "Too Many People" were issued on 45, with the former becoming a major hit in Sweden.

01 - Very Last Day
02 - You Must Believe Me
03 - Put Yourself In My Place
04 - Down The Line
05 - That's My Desire
06 - Too Many People
07 - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
08 - When I Come Home To You
09 - Fortune Teller
10 - So Lonely
11 - I've Been Wrong
12 - Mickey's Monkey

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In 1965 Imperial Records released Hollies with a different track listing as Hear! Here!. Imperial removed "Fortune Teller" and "Mickey's Monkey", added the singles "I'm Alive" and "Look Through Any Window" (the Hollies first American Top 40 hit) and re-arranged the track listing. Strangely, the cover used the photo from the UK In The Hollies Style LP, which was never released in the USA. "Mickeys Monkey" later appeared in 1966 on Imperial's "Bus Stop" album. In 2010, the mono version of this LP was reissued on 180 gram vinyl in the USA by Sundazed Records.

01 - He Hollies I'm Alive
02 - The Very Last Day
03 - You Must Believe Me
04 - Put Yourself In My Place
05 - Down The Line
06 - That's My Desire
07 - Look Through Any Window
08 - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
09 - When I Come Home To You
10 - So Lonely
11 - I've Been Wrong
12 - Too Many People

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This was The Hollies' third U.S. album; it was released under the title Beat Group! (Imperial LP-9312 (Mono)/LP-12312 (Rechanneled stereo)) one month before Would You Believe? in the U.K.. Several tracks from Would You Believe? that weren't used for this album were carried over to the next U.S. album Bus Stop, released in mid-1966, which compiled these, the title track and other stray songs from previous U.K. albums and singles dating as far back as 1964. The version of "A Taste of Honey" was exclusive to this album and wasn't released in the UK at the time. It differs from the version released on the box set The Long Road Home which was recorded in 1968.

01 - I Can't Let Go
02 - That's How Strong My Love Is
03 - Running Through The Night
04 - Oriental Sadness
05 - A Taste Of Honey
06 - Mr Moonlight
07 - Don't You Even Care
08 - Hard Hard Year
09 - Take Your Time
10 - Fifi The Flea
11 - I Take What I Want

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For Certain Because is the fifth UK album by The Hollies and their second released in 1966. This was also the first Hollies album in which all the songs were written by members Allan Clarke, Graham Nash, and Tony Hicks. Retitled Stop! Stop! Stop! for the US and Canadian markets, this was the first Hollies album in which the track listing on both US and UK versions remained the same. In addition, other markets used the title Stop! Stop! Stop! when reissuing this album. In 1983, Liberty Records reissued this album as Pay You Back With Interest without the tracks "Stop! Stop! Stop!" and "High Classed". Stop! Stop! Stop! was also the Hollies' last new album for Imperial Records in the US and Capitol Records in Canada. Their next album, Evolution, would be released in the US and Canada on Epic Records while remaining on Parlophone/EMI in the UK. Stop! Stop! Stop! tells the story of a young man watching an exotic dancer who completely captivates him, so much so that he jumps up on stage to dance with her and promptly gets thrown out of the nightclub (presumably by a bouncer). All current CD issues of this album retain the original album title and artwork.

01 - What´s Wrong With The Way I Live
02 - Pay You Back With Interest
03 - Tell Me To My Face
04 - Clown
05 - Suspicious Look In Your Eyes
06 - It´s You
07 - High Classed
08 - Peculiar Situation
09 - What Went Wrong
10 - Crusader
11 - Don´t Even Think About Changing
12 - Stop Stop Stop

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Strange Days is the second album released by The Doors. The album was a commercial success, earning a gold record and reaching No. 3 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Despite this, the album's producer, Paul Rothchild, considered it a commercial failure, even if it was an artistic triumph: "We all thought it was the best album. Significantly, it was also the one with the weakest sales. We were confident it was going to be bigger than anything The Beatles had done. But, there was no single. The record died on us." Nonetheless, the album managed two Top 30 hits, a Top 3 placing on the US charts, and a platinum certification. Furthermore, the album certainly did nothing to derail the overall success of the Doors, as demonstrated the next year by their chart-topping follow-up Waiting for the Sun.

01 - Strange days
02 - You´re lost little girl
03 - Love me two times
04 - Unhappy girl
05 - Horse latitudes
06 - Moonlight drive
07 - People are strange
08 - My eyes have seen you
09 - I can´t see your face in my mind
10 - When the music´s over

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Waiting for the Sun is The Doors' third studio album. It was released in 1968 and became the band's first and only number one album and spawned their second US number one single, "Hello, I Love You". It also became the band's first hit album in the UK, where it peaked at #16 in the chart. With the exception of two songs, the material for this album was written after the band's initial songs from the formation of the group had been recorded for their debut album and second album, Strange Days. The highlight of this album was supposed to be the lengthy theatrical piece "Celebration of the Lizard", but in the end only the "Not to Touch the Earth" section was used. The song "Waiting for the Sun" would not appear on an album until Morrison Hotel.

01 - Hello, I Love You
02 - Love Street
03 - Not To Touch The Earth
04 - Summer's Almost Gone
05 - Wintertime Love
06 - The Unknown Soldier
07 - Spanish Caravan
08 - My Wild Love
09 - We Could Be So Good Together
10 - Yes, The River Knows
11 - Five To One
12 - Albinoni's Adagio In G Minor (Bonus)
13 - Not To Touch The Earth (Dialogue) (Bonus)
14 - Not To Touch The Earth (Take 1) (Bonus)
15 - Not To Touch The Earth (Take 2) (Bonus)
16 - Celebration Of The Lizard (An Experimentwork In Progress) (Bonus)

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The Soft Parade is the fourth studio album by The Doors, released in 1969. The album met with some controversy among fans and critics due to its inclusion of brass and string instrument arrangements, as opposed to the more stripped-down sound of their earlier recordings. Fans also complained that The Soft Parade followed the lyrical formulas of previous albums, and thus was not very innovative. In reviewing the 40th anniversary remix (for the August 2007 issue of Downbeat Magazine) correspondent Dan Ouellette thought otherwise, declaring it to be "the apex" of the band's creativity. Due to Jim Morrison's increasing alcoholism and interest in poetry, guitarist Robby Krieger has a stronger presence on The Soft Parade than on any other Doors album from the Morrison era, contributing around half the material, instead of merely a song or two as he had on previous efforts.

01 - Tell all the people
02 - Touch Me
03 - Shaman´s blues
04 - Do it
05 - Easy ride
06 - Wild child
07 - Runnin´ blue
08 - Wishful sinful
09 - The Soft Parade

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Recorded live In Detroit (Cobo Hall, 05/08/1970). Detroit's Cobo Hall on May 8, 1970, is the setting for Live in Detroit, the first complete concert performance on the Doors' own Bright Midnight label. This is the Doors the way they deserve to be remembered -- tight and overtly bluesy. However, that oversimplification unfairly discounts the multiple sonic detours made along the way. Strange but true, this is the very first complete concert recording by the Doors to be offered for mass consumption -- allowing for some poetic justice. Live in Detroit is an initial step in removing the rumor and innuendo regarding Jim Morrison's loss of ability to perform on stage -- with the threat of an impending legal trial. No, this isn't the same trippy, hippy, psychedelic band that raised eyebrows by singing "higher" on The Ed Sullivan Show. Similarly, the world had grown in the intervening years. While this set is chocked full of early favorites such as "Break on Through," "Light My Fire," and the rarely documented "The End," the Doors' souls are full of the blues.

01 - Tuning
02 - Roadhouse Vamp
03 - Hello To The Cities
04 - Dead Cats Dead Rats
05 - Break On Through (To The Other Side)
06 - Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)
07 - Back Door Man
08 - Five To One
09 - Roadhouse Blues
10 - You Make Me Real
11 - Ship Of Fools
12 - When The Musics Over
13 - People Get Ready
14 - Mystery Train
15 - Away In India
16 - Crossroads
17 - Tuning
18 - Carol
19 - Light My Fire
20 - Been Down So Long
21 - Love Hides
22 - Mean Mustard Blues
23 - Carol (Reprise)
24 - Close To You
25 - Im A King Bee
26 - Rock Me Baby / Heartbreak Hotel
27 - The End

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This is the Miami concert from 1969. Dinner Key Auditorium, Miami, Florida, 1st March 1969, with Morrison very drunk.

01 - Medley Back Door Man, Five to One
02 - Fun Rap (Poem)
03 - Touch Me (Attempt)
04 - Love Me Two Times
05 - When the Music's Over
06 - Wake Up!
07 - Light My Fire
08 - Who Scared You
09 - Spanish Caravan
10 - Wild Child
11 - Touch Me
12 - The Unknown Soldier

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Recorded Live at Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden - September 20, 1968.

01 Five To One
02 Mack the Knife. Alabama Song
03 Back Door Man
04 You're Lost, Little Girl
05 Love Me Two Times
06 When The Music's Over
07 Wild Child
08 Money
09 Wake Up
10 Light My Fire
11 The End
12 Unknown Soldier

Category: Oldies | Views: 1649 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2011-02-19

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