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Wings over America is the sixth album issued by Wings and their only live album. In its initial 1976 release, it was a triple album due to its length. Originally, Wings over America was to be a two-record set, but this was rethought due to the success of a bootleg called Wings from the Wings, released on a bicentennial red, white, and blue triple record set, recorded on June 23, 1976 at The Forum (Inglewood, California). This caused McCartney to redo the official release as a three-record set covering the entire concert, including Denny Laine's "Go Now," a song from his time as a member of The Moody Blues. This song was only performed June 21, 22, and 23, 1976, at the Forum. Compiled from all recorded shows of the band's Wings Over America Tour that spring, Wings over America was another success for Paul McCartney and Wings, reaching #1 in the US in early 1977 (the last in a 5-album stretch of consecutive #1 albums for Wings) and #8 in the UK, and selling several million copies. Wings Over America was reissued as a double-CD in 1984 on Columbia Records, although few copies were made since few people had CD players in 1984, and soon Paul McCartney would leave Columbia/CBS and go back to Capitol Records. The Columbia double-CD went out of print soon after it hit stores; the Capitol double-CD is much more common.

Disc 1

01 - Venus And Mars  Rock Show
02 - Let Me Roll It
03 - Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
04 - Medicine Jar
05 - Call Me Back Again
06 - Lady Madonna
07 - The Long And Winding Road
08 - Live And Let Die
09 - Picasso's Last Words
10 - Richard Cory
11 - Bluebird
12 - I've Just Seen A Face
13 - Blackbird
14 - Yesterday
15 - Maybe I'm Amazed

Disc 2

01 - You Gave Me The Answer
02 - Magneto And The Titanium Man
03 - Go Now
04 - My Love
05 - Listen To What The Man Said
06 - Let'em In
07 - Time To Hide
08 - Beware My Love
09 - Letting Go
10 - Band On The Run
11 - Hi Hi Hi
12 - Soily
13 - Silly Love Songs

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Kinda Kinks is a studio album by The Kinks, released in 1965. It was recorded immediately after the return of the group from an Asian tour, and was completed and released within two weeks. Consequently, the production was rushed and, according to Ray Davies, the band was not completely satisfied with the final cuts. Due to record company pressure, however, no time was available to fix certain flaws present in the mix. Ray Davies has expressed his dissatisfaction towards the production not being up to par. Commenting on this, he said: "A bit more care should have been taken with it. I think (producer) Shel Talmy went too far in trying to keep in the rough edges. Some of the double tracking on that is appalling. It had better songs on it than the first album, but it wasn't executed in the right way. It was just far too rushed.” It was released in the United States with a different, rearranged, track listing and repackaged cover. Several tracks were removed as well, and the single "Set Me Free" was unique to the album's US release.

01 - Look For Me Baby
02 - Got My Feet on the Ground
03 - Nothin' in the World Can Stop Me From Worryin' 'Bout That Girl
04 - Naggin' Woman
05 - Wonder Where My Baby is Tonight
06 - Tired of Waiting For You
07 - Dancing in the Street
08 - Don't Ever Change
09 - Come on Now
10 - So Long
11 - You Shouldn't Be Sad
12 - Something Better Beginning
13 - Everybody's Gonna Be Happy (bonus track)
14 - Who'll Be the Next in Line (bonus track)
15 - Set Me Free (bonus track)
16 - I Need You (bonus track)
17 - See My Friends (bonus track)
18 - Never Met A Girl Like You Before (bonus track)
19 - Wait Till Summer Comes Along (bonus track)
20 - Such A Shame (bonus track)
21 - Well Respected Man (bonus track)
22 - Don't You Fret (bonus track)
23 - I Go to Sleep (bonus track, demo)

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The Kink Kontroversy is a rock album by The Kinks, released in 1965. It is a transitional work, with elements of both the earlier Kinks' styles (heavily blues-influenced songs such as "Milk Cow Blues", and variations on the band's hits from 1964-65 such as "Till the End of the Day") and early indications of the future direction of Ray Davies songwriting styles ("The World Keeps Going Round" and "I'm On an Island"). The album's title is a mocking reference to the notorious reputation the band had developed over the previous year, including onstage fights and concert riots in Europe, which led to a ban on the group's concerts in the United States.

01 - Milk Cow Blues
02 - Ring The Bell
03 - Gotta Get The First Plane Home
04 - When I See That Girl Of Mine
05 - I Am Free
06 - Till The End Of The Day
07 - The World Keeps Going Around
08 - I'm On An Island
09 - Where Have All The Good Times Gone
10 - It's Too Late
11 - What's In Store For Me
12 - You Can't Win
13 - Dedicated Follower Of Fashion [bonus]
14 - Sittin' On My Sofa [bonus]
15 - When I See That Girl Of Mine [bonus] [demo]
16 - Dedicated Follower Of Fashion [bonus] [alt]

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Face to Face, released in 1966 on Pye Records in the United Kingdom and on Reprise Records in the United States, is the fourth UK studio album by The Kinks. A major artistic breakthrough for Kinks' songwriter Ray Davies, the LP represents the first full flowering of Davies' use of narrative, observation, and wry social commentary in his songs. It heralded The Kinks' move away from the hard-driving rock and roll style of 1964-65, which had catapulted the group to international stardom. It was the first Kinks album consisting entirely of Ray Davies compositions, and was their first album recorded over several months, rather than in one concentrated session.

01 - Party Line
02 - Rosey Won't You Please Come Home
03 - Dandy
04 - Too Much On My Mind
05 - Session Man
06 - Rainy Day In June
07 - House In The Country
08 - Holiday In Waikiki
09 - Most Exclusive Residence For Sale
10 - Fancy
11 - Little Miss Queen Of Darkness
12 - You're Lookin' Fine
13 - Sunny Afternoon
14 - I'll Remember

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Something Else by The Kinks, often referred to as just Something Else, is the fifth UK studio album by The Kinks, released in September 1967. The album marks the final involvement of American producer Shel Talmy in The Kinks' 1960s studio recordings; henceforth Ray Davies would assume recording production. Many of the recordings feature the keyboard work of session player Nicky Hopkins, and the backing vocals of Ray Davies' wife, Rasa.

01 - David Watts
02 - Death Of A Clown
03 - Two Sisters
04 - No Return
05 - Harry Rag
06 - Tin Soldier Man
07 - Situation Vacant
08 - Love Me Till The Sun Shines
09 - Lazy Old Sun
10 - Afternoon Tea
11 - Funny Face
12 - End Of The Season
13 - Waterloo Sunset

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The Mynah Birds were a Canadian R&B band based in Toronto, Ontario in the 1960s. Although the band never released an album, it is famous as one of the earliest efforts of a number of musicians who went on to be successful. The Mynah Birds grew out of a 1964 group called the Sailorboys, fronted by Jimmy Livingstone and also including guitarist Ian Goble, drummer Rick Cameron, organist Goldy McJohn and bass player Nick St. Nicholas, soon joined by Rick James. Over its short lifespan, the group featured a large number of artists in its many different configurations. Its most memorable lineup included future funk star Rick James, Rickman Mason, John Taylor and future folk rock music stars Neil Young and Bruce Palmer, both of whom went on to form Buffalo Springfield. McJohn and St. Nicholas would later become members of the rock band Steppenwolf. Also, a late-running 1967 version of The Mynah Birds featured heavy rocker Neil Merryweather. The songs were recorded at Goldstar Studio, Detroit, January or February 1966, and a bootleg titled The Lost Recordings was released.

01 - It's My Time
02 - I'll Wait Forever
03 - Masquerade
04 - Masquerade
05 - Fantasy
06 - I've Got You In My Soul
07 - Go On And Cry

Category: Oldies | Views: 1667 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2011-02-15

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