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Love Is is a double album by Eric Burdon and The Animals which was released in 1968 in both the United Kingdom and United States. It was the last album released before The Animals' second dissolution in 1969. This album captured the only studio work of Animals and future Police guitarist Andy Summers; he later wrote that the recording of Traffic's "Coloured Rain" on this album contained "one of the longest guitar solos ever recorded until this point ... a 'soaring hymn to ecstasy' style solo that is so long that I find it impossible to play in a full trance state and still come out at the right place, so Zoot [Money] stands in the studio, counting the whole way, and at bar 189 he gives me the cue out." According to Summers, this solo earned him a "slight legendary reputation. Eric Burdon — vocals, John Weider — vocals, guitar, Zoot Money — vocals, piano, organ, bass, Andy Summers — guitar and Barry Jenkins — drums.

01 - River Deep, Mountain High
02 - I´m An Animal
03 - I´m Dying (Or Am I)
04 - Ring Of Fire
05 - Colored Rain
06 - To Love Somebody
07 - As The Years Go Passing By
08 - Gemini
09 - The Madman (Running Through The Fields)
10 - River Deep, Mountain High [Single Version]



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Five Americans was a 1960s American band, most famous for the song "Western Union", which reached #5 in the U.S. Billboard chart, and was their only single to chart in the Top 20. The Five Americans, previously known as The Mutineers, were from Durant, Oklahoma (Southeastern State College). For a short while after their hits "I See The Light", "Western Union", "Sound of Love", "Evol Not Love" and "Zipcode", they toured. However, their manager, Jon Abdnor Senior, president and owner of Abnak Records, was allowed control of their finances. After Abdnor's death in 1996, all rights to their songs should have reverted to the original group, but Sundazed Records bought the original tapes. The Five Americans had at least five singles in, or close to, the Top 40 and are now receiving the sales and publishing royalties. The Five Americans broke up in 1969. Mike Rabon, John Durrill, Norm Ezell, Jim Grant and Jimmy Wright.

01 - I See The Light
02 - The Losing Game
03 - Goodbye
04 - I Know They Lie
05 - Twist And Shout
06 - She's A My Own
07 - The Train
08 - It's A Crying Shame
09 - I'm So Glad
10 - Don't Blame Me
11 - The Outcast
12 - What'd I Say
13 - The Train (Unissued Alt. Version)
14 - Good Times (Unissued Alt. Version)

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The Pretty Things are an English rock and roll band from London, who originally formed in 1963. They took their name from Bo Diddley's 1955 song "Pretty Thing" and, in their early days, were dubbed by the British press the "uglier cousins of the Rolling Stones". Their most commercially successful period was the mid 1960s, although they continue to perform to this day. David Bowie covered two of their songs on his album Pin Ups. This is a compilation of a decade of live performaces for the BBc.

Disc 1

01 - Big Boss Man
02 - Don't Bring Me Down
03 - Ma Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
04 - Road Runner
05 - Big City
06 - Midnight To Six Man
07 - Sitting All Alone
08 - Midnight To Six Man
09 - Buzz The Jerk
10 - Lsd
11 - Defecting Grey
12 - Turn My Head
13 - Walking Through My Dream
14 - Balloon Burning
15 - S.F. Sorrow Is Born
16 - She Says Good Morning
17 - Send You With Loving
18 - Spring
19 - Sickle Clowns
20 - She's A Lover
21 - Cries From The Midnight Circus
22 - Stone-Hearted Mama
23 - Cold Stone
24 - Summertime
25 - Rosalyn
26 - Allnight Sailor
27 - Religion's Dead

Disc 2

01 - Havana Bound
02 - Love Is Good
03 - Route 66
04 - Onion Soup  Another Bowl
05 - Route 66
06 - Peter  Rip Off Train
07 - Atlanta
08 - Bridge Of God
09 - Singapore Silk Torpedo
10 - Come Home Momma
11 - Dreamjoey
12 - Not Only... But Also
13 - Big City
14 - Belfast Cowboys  Bruise In The Sky

Category: Oldies | Views: 1523 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2011-04-20

The Thunder Mugs were an obscure late '60 band from California that recorded an album's worth of songs for Bill Holmes's All American Records label. Although the band never released a full album during their hey day, they did manage a single in 1969, "Motion Tree" b/w "Captain Midnight," which atteracted some media attention and critical praise. The band was made up of Dennis Bassetti (bass, vocals), Bob Jonte (drums ) Jack Lutz (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Jerry Roy (lead guitar and vocals). The music on the band's only album, On The Spot was entirely composed by Jack Lutz and is predominantly soft psychedelic pop with good guitar, a few effects and a very British sound. The material on the album offers good period charm and features a few stand out songs that if they were released in Britain in 1967, could have easily become hits.(KP)

01 - Motion Tree
02 - Sweetwater Roll
03 - Muffin Man
04 - Mary Jane
05 - Figure This
06 - Captain Midnight
07 - Lucky Lady
08 - You For Me To Love
09 - Mistah Moon Risin'
10 - Marmalade Lady
11 - Mr. Z's Backyard
12 - What Is There Left
13 - Rooms Of Laughter

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Heavy Rock Progressive (and sometimes acoustic) sounds of Duffy are featured on this very desirable album, and the group have become quite a firm favourite amongst rock and blues audiences. Very nice and interesting band; recommended for old rock lovers!. Little info about this excellent British band. Stuart "The Queen" Reffold (lead vocals, harp, percussion), Barry "Fruity" Coote (lead guitar, 12-string guitar, acoustic guitar), Joe Nanson (vocals, keyboards), Patrick "Patty" Sarjeant (bass, vocals), Will "Wombat" Wright (drums, percussion). This album was recorded in 1971 and released only in Germany. A reissue of 1974/75, better known than that of 1971, has caused, to think that this is the second album of the band, but the second is Scruffy Duffy from 1973, Just In Case You're Interested from 1971, is the first album of the band, or at least seems to be the first of two, but other sources speak of an edition of Scruffy Duffy from 1970, originally released on Chapter One label, and in such case, this disc would be the second. All a big mystery.

01 - Matchmaker
02 - Long Lost Friend
03 - Judgement Day
04 - Amie
05 - It's My Life
06 - Rock Solid
07 - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
08 - Tell Me
09 - Riverside
10 - Place To Lie

Category: Oldies | Views: 1680 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2011-04-20

The Fugs are a band formed in New York in late 1964 by poets Ed Sanders and Tuli Kupferberg, with Ken Weaver on drums. Soon afterward, they were joined by Peter Stampfel and Steve Weber of the Holy Modal Rounders. The band's original core members, Ed Sanders, Tuli Kupferberg, and Ken Weaver, were joined at various times in the 1960s by a number of others, some of whom were noted session musicians or members of other bands. These included Weber and Stampfel, bassist John Anderson, guitarist Vinny Leary, guitarist Peter Kearney, keyboardist Lee Crabtree, guitarist Jon Kalb, guitarist Stefan Grossman, singer/guitarist Jake Jacobs, guitarist Eric Gale, bassist Chuck Rainey, keyboardist Robert Banks, bassist Charles Larkey, guitarist Ken Pine, guitarist Danny Kortchmar, clarinetist Perry Robinson, and drummer Bill Wolf. A satirical and self-satirizing rock band with a political slant, they have performed at various war protests — against the Vietnam War and since the 1980s at events around other U.S. involved wars. The band's often frank and almost always humorous lyrics about sex, drugs, and politics have caused a hostile reaction in some quarters.Virgin Fugs is a 1967 album by The Fugs. While it is their third released album, it consists of outtakes from the two 1965 sessions for their first album, The Village Fugs (also released as The Fugs First Album). While that album emphasized the second recording session, this compilation favors the first, making this arguably their chronologically "real first" album. It was released on ESP Disc, possibly without the foreknowledge or permission of the Fugs. Their site refers to it as a bootleg, though it was distributed through the same channels as their authorized previous ESP album.

01 - We're The Fugs
02 - New Amphetamine Shriek
03 - Saran Wrap
04 - The Ten Commandments By God
05 - Hallucination Horrors
06 - I Command The House Of The Devil
07 - C I A Man
08 - Coca Cola Douche
09 - My Bed Is Getting Crowded
10 - Caca Rocka
11 - I Saw The Best Minds Of My Generation Rot

Category: Oldies | Views: 1467 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2011-04-20

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