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The BBC Radio recordings that make up Something's Coming, taken from sources as varied as Top Gear and the Dave Lee Travis Show cover the period from January 1969 through to March 1970 and feature the original Yes line-up (as they appeared on the albums Yes and Time And A Word) of Jon Anderson (vocals), Chris Squire (bass), Tony Kaye (keyboards), Peter Banks (guitar) and Bill Bruford (drums). In the 1970s, these classical-inclined behemoths pushed the boundaries of rock--too far, some said--but Yes actually began life in 1968 as a harmony-favouring covers band with a brave new progressive jazz-rock direction. Covers band? Well, this being Yes, covers meant vaingloriously dextrous assaults on the likes of Lennon and McCartney's "Every Little Thing" and--on the b-side of their first single--Leonard Bernstein's "Something's Coming", the Top Gear version of which commences with--what else--a drum solo.(Amazon UK)

Disc 1

01 - Something's Coming
02 - Everydays
03 - Sweetness
04 - Dear Father
05 - Every Little Thing
06 - Looking Around
07 - Sweet Dreams
08 - Then
09 - No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Required

Disc 2

01 - Astral Traveller
02 - Then
03 - Every Little Thing
04 - Everydays
05 - For Everyone
06 - (Intro) Sweetness
07 - Something's Coming
08 - Sweet Dreams
09 - Beyond And Before

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Widely cited as one of the most important private press releases in all 1970s psychedelia, D.R. Hooker's The Truth might actually be one of those obscure lost gems that's worth the customarily inordinate amount of interest such period pieces are afforded. D.R. Hooker was a man slightly askew with his time: from the robes he wears on the cover to the quasi mystical lyrics, he's very much connected to the hippy era, and given that this album was recorded in 1972, in a time post-Charles Manson, he was brave to associate so strongly with all the imagery pertaining to cults. Musically, Hooker looks beyond the parameters of the hippy movement, dipping into a more ambitiously studio-oriented sound than Hooker's half-troubadour, half-prophet image on the sleeve might suggest. The noisy, fuzzy elements are particularly effective, and surprisingly intricate in their arrangement and recording.(TMB) D.R. Hooker (vocals, guitar), Vincent de Paul Linus Pasternack (guitar), George Sheck (bass), Nick Oliva (keyboards), Tom Kobela (dobro), Rick Sanders (syntheziser), Art Ryerson (electric piano, background vocals), Haywood Sheck (drums), Ken Lovelett (percussion, vibes), Carroll Yanni (lead guitar), Bert McDevitt (drums), Bob Reardon (keyboards), Steve Malkan (bass).

01 - The Sea
02 - Fall In Love
03 - A Stranger's Smile
04 - Weather Girl
05 - This Thing
06 - Forge Your Own Chains
07 - I'm Leaving You
08 - The Truth
09 - The Bible
10 - Falling Asleep
11 - Hello (Bonus)
12 - This Moment (Bonus)
13 - Free (Bonus)
14 - Winter (Bonus)
15 - A Tormented Heart (Bonus)
16 - Kamala (Bonus)

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Knowing that people/labels did not know what to do with this album is an understatement. Even for a listener after having read the liner notes first, the description in the booklet notes gives a very confusing idea of the album at a first listen. After having read "One of the most unconventional records ever recorded. This avant-garde psychedelic suite…” which for the first 5 tracks at that point this still sounds completely irrelevant, even nonsense, while after that the music more and more builds up, for an English album, into rather unconventional and original ideas. Even when similar experiments were happening more often in those days (in a similar way more likely in France for instance where avant-garde and ‘musique concrete’ was normal in mixing with rock now and then), the whole context and the abstract shapes mixed with a avant-rock opera idea, the album will in the end evolve to something rather unique. "Many years ago, no doubt in the dead of night, some intrepid freak climbed fly-like up the walls of the defunct International Film Theatre in Westbourne Grove and pasted up a poster which read "Mouseproof Is Music". Many times did I gaze fixidly from the top of a number 15 bus at the mysterious cat wearing shades, peering through the bars in the poster. And now the mystery is perceived; Mouseproof is an album by ace alchemist and cat-handler Gerry Fitzgerald, featuring some very notable little riffs by such famed performers as Lady June Campbell-Cramer on Etheopian Nose Harmonium and Cochise Brian Cole on Electric Hair slide and coal scuttle. Listening to Mouseproof the first time it's very easy to recognise traces of Zappa, Dylan, Bonzo Dog, Tod Dockstader and Capt. Beefheart." This album was recorded with help from Rod Herman (guitar), Alan Place (guitar), B.J. Cole (pedal steel guitar), Rik Kenton (bass, later in Roxy Music), Ian Andrews (bass), Geoff Leigh (sax, he appears in avant-garde albums by Slap Happy, Henry Cow, Hatfield & The North, etc.), Tony Turnbull (drums).

01 - April Affair
02 - New Lodger
03 - Country Mouse
04 - It Takes More Than A Clear Day To See It
05 - May Four
06 - Ashes Of Anm Empire
07 - The End
08 - Under And Over The Waterfall
09 - Movement Lost In Twighlight Stone
10 - Political Machine

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US Psychedelic Rock band. J.F. Murphy & Salt made a huge impact in late 60s and early 70s rock, forming a New York band that achieved cult-like status. Part of the hippie/psychedelic movement, J.F. Murphy & Salt played at the legendary debacle, Powder Ridge Rock Festival. Aside from the rampant use of recreational drugs, this period in rock developed a political dimension that couldn't be ignored. J.F. Murphy & Salt remains a legend in this era, giving listeners of that era fond rock memories.(Fabu) J.F. Murphy (lead vocals, piano, guitar), Ron Allard (background vocals, bagpipes, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute, tambourine), George Christ (background vocals, harmonica, vibraphone, congas, maracas, chimes), Bob Paiva (drums), Joe Parrino (background vocals, lead guitar, trombone, flute) and Russell Warmolts (background vocals, bass)

01 - Sweet Byrd
02 - Which One
03 - Teenage Fantasy
04 - Touched By Love
05 - Bell Toll
06 - New York City-Home
07 - Man Who Is Alone
08 - Last Illusion

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Category: Oldies | Views: 1512 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2011-04-24

A good progressive/hard rock outfit, their first album was recorded live in the studio and their strength was really as a live act. Paladin may only have ever released two albums, but their second "Charge” is an absolute classic of early 70’s prog. There are many different styles and sounds on the album, yet the whole is nothing less than a coherent masterpiece.(7F) Peter Solley, Keyboards, Leslie violin, Keith Webb, Drums, Peter Beckett, bass, vocals, Derek Foley, guitar, vocals and Lou Stonebridge, vocals, elecric piano, harmonica. Recorded at Apple Studios, London. Lou Stonebridge went on to play for McGuinness Flint.

01 - Give Me Your Hand
02 - Well We Might
03 - Get One Together
04 - Any Way
05 - Good Lord
06 - Moonbeams
07 - Watching The World Pass By
08 - Give Me Love To You (Bonus)
09 - Sweet Sweet Music (Bonus)
10 - Any Way (Variation - Bonus)
11 - Sweet Sweet Music (Variation - Bonus)
12 - Well We Might (Variation - Bonus)
13 - Fill Up Your Heart (Instrumental - Bonus)
14 - Bad Times (Instrumental - Bonus)

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Q65 are a Dutch Pop/Rock/Rhythm and Blues group formed in 1965 and categorised in the Netherlands as being part of the Nederbeat genre. Q65 was formed in early 1965 when guitarists Joop Roelofs and Frank Nuyens decide to start a band with singer Willem Bieler. The line-up was completed by bass player Peter Vink and drummer Jay Baar. The band was inspired by Rhythm and Blues traditionals and the songs of Robert Johnson and Willie Dixon as well as The Kinks, The Animals and The Rolling Stones. Q65 started their performances in the Spring of 1965. Due to drug problems and military service duties of singer Wim Bieler, Q65 disbanded in 1968. Q65 reformed in 1970 with different line-up. Revival from 1969 is their second album, released with the band on hiatus.

01 - Cry In The Night (1966).
02 - No Place To Go
03 - It Came To Me
04 - I Was Young
05 - World Of Birds
06 - So High I Have Been, So Down I Must Fall..
07 - Sundance
08 - Voluntary Peacemaker
09 - Ridin' On A Slow Train
10 - Fairy Tales Of Truth
11 - And Your Kind
12 - I Despise You

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Category: Oldies | Views: 1230 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2011-04-24

Southern Rock/Blues Rock band from Iowa sole album. Musically, Lazy Day are closer to The Allman Brothers and The Atlanta Rhythm Section style. Good vocals and music and an all around decent album. The band later became The Bonesteel Band and kept going for many years. Mick Petersen, lead guitar, vocals, Metle Pithan, keyboards, vocals, Don Petersen, drums, Chuck Pope, bass and Randy Peters, vocals, guitar. Recorded at West Minist'r Sound Inc., Otho, Iowa

01 - Don't Dance In My Song
02 - Come To The Bash
03 - Benefit
04 - Talkin It Over
05 - Possessive Woman
06 - Bitchin
07 - Got To Get Away
08 - Rat Poison Blues

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U.S. Apple Corps was an American Christian Hard/Blues/Psych Rock band. A new male singer takes over most of the lead vocals, pouring it on with a fervency equal to his female predecessor. And while their debut was strictly standards, Let The Music Take Your Mind is comprised mostly of original material. The music is both heavier and more diverse, including some blues-rock moves on the gospelly ‘That’s What My Man Is For’ and the throbbing slow burner ‘Closer To The Man’. The flames rage outta control on the Southern-styled ‘Dead’ featuring slamming triple guitar action. ‘Get High On Jesus’ was also covered on the mega-rare Earthen Vessel monster. Wild colorful psychedelic praying-hands-cross-Afro-head cover.(KS)

01 - Let The Music Take Your Mind
02 - Elijah Stone
03 - Prayer For Peace
04 - Make Up Your Mind
05 - Listen To Me
06 - Dead
07 - Get High On Jesus
08 - Silverfield Lady
09 - Don't Do Me Nothing
10 - Closer To The Man
11 - That's What My Man Is For
12 - Let The Musisc Take Your Mind-Out

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Magna Carta was a folk rock group originally formed in London on 10 May 1969, by Chris Simpson (guitar, vocals), Lyell Tranter (guitar, vocals) and Glen Stuart (vocals). Although never purely a folk band, they managed to successfully bridge the gap between folk and folk rock. The trio released albums for Fontana Records and Vertigo Records, enjoying particular success with 1970's Seasons before Tranter returned to Australia. Davey Johnstone joined the line-up as his replacement, recording Songs From Wasties Orchard and In Concert with the band before leaving to work with Elton John, with whom he is still playing. Davey Johnstone - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, sitar, cymbals, harpsichord, Glenn Stuart - vocals, lyre, Chris Simpson - vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, plus Nick Potter, Ron Chesterman - bass, Danny Thompson - double bass, Rick Wakeman - keyboards and Heather Corbett - percussion.

01 - The Bridge At Knaresborough Town
02 - White Snow Dove
03 - Parliament Hill
04 - Wayfaring
05 - Down Along Up
06 - Country Jam
07 - Time For The Leaving
08 - Isle Of Skye
09 - Sponge
10 - Sunday On The River
11 - Good Morning Sun
12 - Home Groan

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Paul Griggs is a British musician from St. Albans, Hertfordshire. He first played professionally in the band The Cortinas, formed in 1963. Cortinas released one unsuccessful single in 1968 and was renamed Octopus the same year. Octopus, which included Griggs' brother Nigel, supported many well-known groups including Cream and Yes and in 1970 released one LP, Restless Night and several singles. During its existence, Octopus had several members who later joined famous groups: Drummer Brian Glascock, John Cook and Tim Reeves of Mungo Jerry, and brother Nigel Griggs and Malcolm Green, both later of New Zealand group, Split Enz. According to the Nottinghan Post, "There was a point – when Octopus cut a single and album – when it looked like fame would be theirs ... but it didn't happen."

01 - The River
02 - Summer
03 - Council Plans
04 - Restless Night
05 - Thief
06 - Queen And The Pauper
07 - I Say
08 - John's Rock
09 - Rainchild
10 - Tide
11 - Laugh At The Poor Man
12 - Girlfriend
13 - The River
14 - Thief

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Originally released in 1969 on Stable records, this is heavy LSD-laden progressive rock with some great guitar playing. Unfortunately this obscure Scottish band recorded just this one (now beyond rare) album before drifting into anonymity.(MG60) Heavy guitar based progressive rock with flashes of Cream and similar late '60's bands. William Brown, drums, Ernest Rea, lead guitar, John Graham Pettigrew, lead vocals and Peter Grant Nagle, bass and harp.

01 - Turn On, Or Turn Me Down
02 - His Town
03 - You Can't Take It From My Heart
04 - Love Talk
05 - All Aboard
06 - The Game
07 - Stoned
08 - Pettsie´s Blues
09 - On The Road

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The Neon Boys was an early 1970s New York City band, composed of Tom Verlaine, Richard Hell, and Billy Ficca. The trio later went on to form the American rock band Television in 1973. Richard Hell also went on to be in the important early NY punk band Richard Hell and the Voidoids. Some of the Neon Boys' early recordings were released on this EP, backed with two songs (*) by Richard Hell and the Voidoids.

01 - That's All I Know (Right Now)
02 - Love Comes In Spurts
03 - High Heeled Wheels
04 - Time (*)
05 - Don't Die (*)

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