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Steppenwolf 7 is an album released by the band in 1970, and their fifth studio recording for Dunhill Records. It is the first Steppenwolf album with new bass player George Biondo. While the album featured Steppenwolf's trademark rock and roll sounds, none of the songs were able to make the Top 40. The album featured a classic cover of Hoyt Axton's "Snowblind Friend", their second cover of one of his anti-drug songs (the first being the famous "The Pusher"). Other tracks such as "Who Needs Ya," "Renegade," and "Hippo Stomp" stand out as often-mentioned additions to their catalog. George Biondo - Bass, Vocals, Larry Byrom - Guitar, Vocals, Goldy McJohn - Keyboards, John Kay - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica and Jerry Edmonton - Drums.

01 - Forty Days And Forty Nights
02 - Fat Jack
03 - Renegade
04 - Foggy Mental Breakdown
05 - Snowblind Friend
06 - Who Needs Ya
07 - Hippo Stomp

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Sweet Smoke were a 1960's and 70's psychedelic jazz-rock band. They incorporated many different influences, such as jazz, funk and island rhythms. They were originally formed in Brooklyn, New York in 1967, although the band moved to live as a commune in Germany before the decade was out. They have a fan presence on the internet to this day. Andrew Dershin – bass guitar, Jay Dorfman – percussion and drums, Marvin Kaminovitz – lead guitar, vocals, Rick Greenberg - rhythm guitar, sitar, John Classi - percussion, sound effects, Martin Rosenberg - tambourra, percussion.

01 - First Jam
02 - Shadout Mapes
03 - Ocean of Fears
04 - People are Hard
05 - Schyler's song
06 - Final Jam

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The Asylum Choir was a rock duo active in the late 1960s. It was composed of keyboardist Leon Russell from Lawton, Oklahoma and guitarist Marc Benno from Dallas, Texas. Essentially a studio musician gathering, The Asylum Choir was formed around 1967 and the group's debut album was issued in in 1968. A sophomore album was recorded in 1969, but the album did not see release until late 1971 over contract disputes. The duo had long since disbanded, but the second record sold well due to Russell's successful solo career, peaking at #70 on the Billboard 200 in 1972. Benno also became a successful solo artist later in the decade. Leon Russell - bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals, Marc Benno - guitar, vocals.    

01 - Welcome To Hollywood
02 - Soul Food
03 - Icicle Star Tree
04 - Death Of The Flowers
05 - Indian Style
06 - Episode Containing 3 Songs
07 - Thieves In The Choir
08 - Black Sheep Boogaloo
09 - Soul Food (Mono Single Version)
10 - Welcome To Hollywood (Mono Single Version)
11 - Icicle Star Tree (Mono Single Version)
12 - Indian Style (Mono Single Version)

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The Buckinghams are an American rock band from Chicago, Illinois. They formed in 1966 and went on to become one of the top selling acts of 1967. The band dissolved in 1970 but reformed in 1980, and still tour as part of "oldies" shows in America. In 1965, guitarist Carl Giammarese and bassist Nick Fortuna were invited to join a band called The Centuries. They, along with keyboardist Dennis Miccolis, later became members of another band, The Pulsations, whose members included drummer John Poulos and vocalists George LeGros and Dennis Tufano. By early 1966 LeGros was forced to leave after he was drafted. After winning a local battle of the bands competition, The Pulsations secured a job as the house band on WGN-TV's variety show called All-Time Hits in 1966. The show's producers suggested they adopt a name reflective of the British invasion, which was popular at the time, and the band adopted the name The Buckinghams. Kind Of a Drag is the debut album of the band.

01 - I'll Go Crazy
02 - Don't Want To Cry
03 - Viginia Wolf
04 - Beginner's Love
05 - Sweets For My Sweet
06 - I've Been Wrong
07 - I Call Your Name
08 - Makin' Up & Breakin' Up
09 - You Make Me Feel So Good
10 - Summertime
11 - Love Ain't Enough
12 - Kind Of A Drag
13 - Lawdy Miss Claudy
14 - I'm A Man

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The Frost were an American rock band from Alpena, Michigan in the late 1960s, led by singer-guitarist Dick Wagner, who went on to play with Ursa Major, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Dan Page and Kevin Ulgenalp in the 1970s. The bassist was Gordy Garris, drummer was Bob Rigg, Rhythm and Lead Guitarist was Don Hartman. The Frost recorded three albums for Vanguard Records, Frost Music, Rock and Roll Music, and Through the Eyes of Love. The Frost were one of the top Detroit area bands of the era, however very poor album cover artwork, distribution and promotion by Vanguard hampered the band and caused them to miss the national success that other bands like Ann Arbor's Bob Seger, Ted Nugent from Detroit and Grand Funk Railroad from Flint were to achieve.

01 - Jennie Lee
02 - The Family
03 - A Long Way Down From Mobile
04 - Take My Hand
05 - Mystery Man
06 - Baby Once You Got It
07 - Stand In The Shadows
08 - Little Susie Singer (Music To Chew Gum By)
09 - First Day Of May
10 - Who Are You

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The Night Shadows were one of the first and longest lived garage bands. They started out in the 50’s hailing from Georgia and first received notoriety when releasing the dirty, perverted garage rock single Garbage Man. The early 60’s were not kind to the Night Shadows as they went through various lineup changes. Other singles followed though, influenced by the British Invasion, utilizing feedback and other current recording techniques. In 1966 a new revived Night Shadows (including Little Phil) released the excellent 60 Second Swinger. It’s similar to the Seed’s efforts from around the same time but the Night Shadow’s cleary had more instrumental prowess and experience behind them.

01 - Prologue (Voice Of Electric Bob)
02 - So Much (1967 Version)
03 - I Can't Believe
04 - Plenty Of Trouble
05 - In The Air
06 - Anything But Lies (Time After Time)
07 - Gimme, Gimme
08 - Don't Hold Your Breath
09 - Listen To My Heart (Demo Session)
10 - Fly High
11 - 60 Second Swinger (Wbad Concert)
12 - Psychedelic Ilusion
13 - Little Phil Jokes With The Audience
14 - Anything But Lies (The Lost Live Version)
15 - Turned On
16 - The Hot Dog Man (Stoned Version)
17 - Epilogue Fly High Reprise
18 - Excerpt From A 1979
19 - The Garbage Man (1961)

Category: Oldies | Views: 1697 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2011-04-11

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