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Chicago V is the fourth studio album (fifth overall) by American rock band Chicago and was released in 1972. It is notable for being the group's first single full-length release, after having released three consecutive double albums and a box set of live material. Following the release of Chicago III in 1971, which almost left Chicago creatively spent, the band decided to curb their penchant for double albums and work on more concise numbers (in contrast to the suites that had typified their previous work) in order to fit all of their new material onto a single album. Chicago V is also notable for Robert Lamm's prolific songwriting; eight out of its ten tunes are composed solely by him. Recorded just before Chicago at Carnegie Hall was released in the fall of 1971, Chicago V was cut in just over a week and held over for release until the following summer. Preceded by "Saturday In The Park", which reached #3 - the band's biggest hit thus far, the critically-acclaimed Chicago V became the biggest hit album of 1972, not only becoming Chicago's first #1 album but spending nine weeks in the pole position in the US. In the UK, the release managed to reach #24. Follow-up single, "Dialogue (Part I & II)" (#24) also became a Top 30 hit.

01 - A Hit By Varese
02 - All Is Well
03 - Now That You've Gone
04 - Dialogue (Part I)
05 - Dialogue (Part II)
06 - While The City Sleeps
07 - Saturday In The Park
08 - State Of The Union
09 - Goodbye
10 - Alma Mater

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David Peel is a New York-based musician who first recorded in the late 1960s with Harold Black, Billy Joe White, Larry Adams and Dean White, performing as David Peel and the Lower East Side. Though his raw, acoustic "street rock" with lyrics about marijuana and "bad cops" appealed mostly to hippies at first, the sound and DIY ethic make him an important early performer of punk rock music. He has performed with artists ranging from B. B. King to Stevie Wonder to the Plastic Ono Band and GG Allin. David Peel and the Lower East Side Band was one of the first bands to regularly perform on cable TV in Manhattan on the public access channel of Manhattan Cable Television, as well as at the first Smoke-In concerts sponsored by the Yippies in New York City in Central Park. John Lennon devoted the first stanza of his "New York City" to David Peel. Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono subsequently produced Peel's third album, The Pope Smokes Dope. Concerned about major label censorship, Peel founded Orange Records to release his own recordings and also those of other independent artists such as: GG Allin & The Jabbers and Mozarts People. Peel is still actively recording and performing his music, planning the release of a CD-ROM-based book of photographs and enjoying a new audience through online services such as iTunes. The Japanese label, Captain Trip Records, has released an extensive boxed set of his music. David Peel recorded two successful albums on Elektra Records: Have a Marijuana and The American Revolution, establishing himself as one of the founders of what was to become the punk and new wave movements in England and America.

01 - Lower East Side
02 - Pledge Of Allegiance
03 - Legalize Marijuana
04 - Oink Oink
05 - I Want To Get High
06 - I Want To Kill You
07 - Girls Girls Girls
08 - Hey Mr. Draft Board
09 - God
10 - I'm A Runaway

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Marty Wilde is an English singer and songwriter. He was among the first generation of British pop stars to emulate American rock and roll, and is the father of pop singers Ricky Wilde, Kim Wilde and Roxanne Wilde. Wilde was performing under the name Reg Patterson at London's Condor Club in 1957, when he was spotted by impresario Larry Parnes. Parnes gave his protégées stage names like Billy Fury, Duffy Power and Dickie Pride, hence the change to Wilde. The 'Marty' came from the commended 1955 film, Marty. Wilde was signed to the British recording arm of Philips Records, with US releases appearing on the Epic label via Philips' reciprocal licensing agreement with Columbia Records Stateside. From mid 1958 to the end of 1959, Wilde was one of the leading British rock and roll singers, along with Tommy Steele and Cliff Richard. Wilde's backing group were called the Wildcats. At various times they featured Big Jim Sullivan on lead guitar; Tony Belcher on Rhythm Guitar; Bobbie Clarke on drums; plus Brian Locking on bass guitar and Brian Bennett on drums who both later joined The Shadows.

01 - Wild Cat
02 - Honeycomb
03 - Love Bug Crawl
04 - Afraid To Love

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The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band is an American country-folk-rock band that has existed in various forms since its founding in Long Beach, California in 1966. The group's membership has had at least a dozen changes over the years, including a period from 1976 to 1981 when the band performed and recorded as The Dirt Band. Constant members since the early times are singer-guitarist Jeff Hanna and drummer Jimmie Fadden. Multi-instrumentalist John McEuen was with the band from 1966 to 1986 and returned during 2001. Keyboardist Bob Carpenter joined the band in 1977. The band is often cited as instrumental to the progression of contemporary country and roots music. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band is the first album by the band released in 1967. This album reached 161 on the US Charts. The single "Buy For Me The Rain" reached 45 on the US charts.

01 - Buy For Me The Rain
02 - Euphoria
03 - Melissa
04 - You Took The Happiness
05 - Hard Hearted Hannah
06 - Holding
07 - Song To Jutta
08 - Dismal Swamp
09 - I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My
10 - Crazy Words, Crazy Tune
11 - You're Gonna Get It In The End

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The Doors - 1968 - Singer Bowl

A hot, humid night in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, New York. The date was Friday, August 2nd, 1968. The Singer Bowl built by the Singer Sewing Machine Company for the 1964 World's Fair was an oval-shaped arena with steep-sloped bleachers and a central rotating stage, powered by electric motors. A kind of rotating theater-in-the-round. This night would be the kick-off show for that summer's New York Rock Festival, which extended through the month of August. There were three bands booked to play. Absent from the handbill circulating throughout the city was a local act, Kangaroo. Next up was a British band still somewhat underground to American audiences, in spite of having already released several records  they called themselves the Who. Headlining the show was a group whose favorite crowds were in the Big Apple, though they originated across the continent in Los Angeles. That, of course, was the Doors.

01 - Backdoor Man
02 - Five To One
03 - Break On Through
04 - When The Music's Over
05 - Vast Radiant Beach
06 - Wild Child
07 - Wake Up
08 - Light My Fire
09 - The End


The Doors - 1968 - Live L.A Forum

There are only two known sources for this audience recording.

01 - Tell All The People
02 - Love Me Two Time
03 - Who Scared You
04 - Spanish Caravan
05 - The Crystal Ship
06 - Wild Child
07 - Touch Me

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Kinks debut album from 1964, released with three tracks missing as You Really Got Me in the United States.

01 - Beautiful Delilah
02 - So Mystifying
03 - Just Can't Go to Sleep
04 - Long Tall Shorty
05 - You Really Got Me
06 - Cadillac
07 - Bald Headed Woman
08 - Too Much Monkey Business
09 - I've Been Driving on Bald Mountain
10 - Stop Your Sobbing
11 - Got Love If You Want It

Category: Oldies | Views: 1503 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2011-03-26

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