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Bubblegum, Lemonade and… Something for Mama is the second solo album released by Cass Elliot. It was recorded in 1969 and arranged and produced by Steve Barri. The album was originally released on July 5, 1969 with only 11 tracks. It was released again on December 6, 1969 under a new title and with a different album cover as Make Your Own Kind of Music/It’s Getting Better. "Make Your Own Kind of Music" had just become a hit and was added to the album. Primarily a "bubblegum" pop album, it contained several other types of music, from country, tin pan alley and jazz.

01 It's Getting Better
02 Blow Me A Kiss
03 Sour Grapes
04 Easy Come Easy Go
05 I Can Dream Can't I
06 Welcome To The World
07 Lady Love
08 He's A Runner
09 Move In A Little Closer Baby
10 When I Just Wear My Smile
11 Who's To Blame
12 Make Your Own Kind Of Music

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Ellen McIlwaine is an American singer-songwriter and musician best known for her career as a slide guitarist. Born in Nashville, McIlwaine was adopted by missionaries and raised in Kobe, Japan, giving her exposure to multiple languages and cultures. She attended Canadian Academy, a K-12 international school in Kobe, graduating in 1963. Her first experience in music was playing Ray Charles, Fats Domino and Professor Longhair songs on piano that she heard on Japanese radio. On moving to back to the United States she bought a guitar, beginning a stage career in Atlanta, Georgia in the mid-1960s. As a female vocalist who is known more for her acoustic guitar, her music tends to be classified in the folk sections of record stores, despite her strong roots in blues, soul and rock music, and her cover versions of songs by Isaac Hayes, Stevie Wonder and Browning Bryant. She has also recorded several covers of songs by Jimi Hendrix: she wrote "Underground River" about him.

01 - Ain't No Two Ways About It (It's Love)
02 - All To You
03 - Sliding
04 - Never Tell Your Mother She's Out Of Tune
05 - Farther Along
06 - I Don't Want To Play
07 - Underground River
08 - Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven (But Nobody Wants To Die)
09 - Jimmy Jean
10 - We The People

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Linda Perhacs is an American psychedelic folk singer, who released her only album Parallelograms in 1970. Linda's sole album, originally released on Kapp in 1970, has gained its deserved fame and reputation in the folk-psych scene in the last years after the NY label Wild Places released it on CD format some few years ago. We could talk about Joni Mitchell and the likes if we had to compare with anything, but fans of folk music in all its variety must be delighted with this amazing album, a truly hippie psychedelic folk masterpiece and without any doubt one of the top albums of the genre.

01 - Chimacum Rain
02 - Paper Mountain Man
03 - Dolphin
04 - Call Of The River
05 - Sandy Goes
06 - Parrallelograms
07 - Hey Who Really Cares
08 - Moons And Cattauls
09 - Morning Colors
10 - Porcelain Baked Over Cast-Iron Wedding
11 - Delicious

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The Great Society (aka The Great! Society!!) were a 1960s San Francisco rock band that existed between 1965 and 1966, and were closely associated with the burgeoning Bay Area acid rock scene. Best known as the original group of model turned singer, Grace Slick, the initial line-up of the band also featured her then-husband Jerry Slick on drums, his brother Darby Slick on guitar, David Miner on vocals and guitar, Bard DuPont on bass, and Peter van Gelder on saxophone. Miner and DuPont would not remain with the band for the duration of its existence. The Matrix, a renovated former pizza shop, was a nightclub in San Francisco from 1965 to 1972 and was one of the keys to what eventually became known as the "San Francisco Sound" in rock music. Located at 3138 Fillmore Street, The Matrix opened August 13, 1965 showcasing Jefferson Airplane, which singer Marty Balin had put together as the club's "house band."

01 - Sally Go Round The Roses
02 - Didn't Think So
03 - Grimly Forming
04 - Somebody To Love
05 - Father Bruce
06 - Outlaw Blues
07 - Often As I May
08 - Arbitration
09 - White Rabbit
10 - That's How It Is
11 - Darkly Smiling
12 - Nature Boy
13 - You Can't Cry
14 - Daydream Nightmare
15 - Everybody Knows
16 - Born To Be Burned
17 - Father

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Carolyn Hester is an American folk singer and songwriter. She was a figure in the early 1960s folk music revival. Carolyn Hester's first album was produced by Norman Petty in 1957. In 1960, she made her second album for the label run by the Clancy Brothers. She became known for "The House of the Rising Sun" and "She Moved Through the Fair". Hester was one of many young Greenwich Village singers who rode the crest of the 1960s folk music wave, and appeared on the cover of the May 30, 1964 issue of the Saturday Evening Post. According to Don Heckman of the Los Angeles Times, Hester was "one of the originals—one of the small but determined gang of ragtag, early-'60s folk singers who cruised the coffee shops and campuses, from Harvard Yard to Bleecker Street, convinced that their music could help change the world." Hester was dubbed "The Texas Songbird," and was politically active, spearheading the controversial boycott of TV's Hootenanny when Pete Seeger was blacklisted from it.

01 - Come On Back
02 - Come On In
03 - 10 Train
04 - Captain,my Captain
05 - Water Is Wide
06 - Carry It On
07 - High Flying Bird
08 - Three Young Men
09 - Outward Bound
10 - The Weaving Song
11 - Sing Hallelujah
12 - That's My Song
13 - Summertime
14 - It Takes So Long
15 - Ain't That Rain
16 - Buckeye Jim
17 - Will You Send Your Love
18 - Jute Mill Song
19 - What's That I Hear
20 - Where Did My Little Boy Go
21 - Sidewalk City
22 - I Saw Her
23 - The Bad Girl
24 - Playboys And Playgirls

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Liz Damon's Orient Express was a 1970s band from Hawaii, featuring lead singer Liz Damon, two female backup singers and a rotating backup band. The name apparently derived from the original backup band being entirely Asian. Their only song to make the Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 was "1900 Yesterday", which made it to #33 on the U.S. and #16 on the Canadian charts in early 1971. Most impressively, it peaked at #4 on Billboard's Easy Listening survey.The band was the house band at the Garden Bar at the Hilton Hawaiian Village for 18 months and recorded its first album, At the Garden Bar, Hilton Hawaiian Village in 1970. Originally released on Makaha Records, it was then picked up by White Whale Records, who released it as an eponymous album and also released "1900 Yesterday" as a single.

01  - 1900 Yesterday
02  - Something
03  - But For Love
04  - You Make Me Feel Like Someone
05  - Bring Me Sunshine
06  - You're Falling In Love
07  - Everything Is Beautiful
08  - That Same Old Feeling
09  - Close To You
10  - Let It Be
11  - Heaven In My Heart
12  - Quando, Quando, Quando
13  - Canadian Sunset
14  - Wave
15  - Danny Boy

Category: Oldies | Views: 1665 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2011-03-08

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