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An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down was the debut album by Rod Stewart, released in February 1970 on Vertigo Records (catalogue No. VO4 - Rod was fourth artist for this new, "progressive" label). It was titled The Rod Stewart Album in the The United States, released in November 1969 on Mercury Records and peaked at #139 on U.S. albums chart. Rod Stewart - vocals, guitar on "Man Of Constant Sorrow", Ronnie Wood - guitar, bottleneck, bass, Martin Pugh - guitar, Mick Waller - drums, Ian "Mac" McLagan - piano, organ, Keith Emerson - organ on "I Wouldn't Ever Change A Thing", Mike D'Abo - piano on "Handbags & Gladrags".

01 - Street Fighting Man
02 - Man Of Constant Sorrow
03 - Blind Prayer
04 - Handbags And Gladrags
05 - An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down
06 - I Wouldn't Ever Change A Thing
07 - Cindy's Lament
08 - Dirty Old Town

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Goldsboro was born in Marianna, Florida. In 1941, Goldsboro's family moved 35 miles north from Marianna to Dothan, Alabama. He graduated from Dothan High School in 1959, and later enrolled at Auburn University. Goldsboro left college after his second year to pursue a musical career. He played guitar for Roy Orbison from 1962 to 1964, while releasing a few unsuccessful singles. Goldsboro's solo career picked up steam with the Top Ten hit "See the Funny Little Clown." The self-penned single reached No. 9 on the U.S. national charts in early 1964. It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. It was to be the first of a string of similar awards. Goldsboro would go on to have 11 Top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, and 12 on the country chart. It's Too Late from 1966 is the fifth album released by Goldsboro.

01 - It's Too Late
02 - As Tears Go By
03 - Don't Think Twice
04 - Baby's Gone
05 - When Your Love Has Gone
06 - Nothin's Bad As Bein' Lonely
07 - Yesterday
08 - Blue Autumn
09 - Michelle
10 - I Just Don't Love You Any More

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Kevin Ayers is an English songwriter and was a major influential force in the English psychedelic movement. BBC DJ John Peel wrote in his autobiography that "Kevin Ayers' talent is so acute you could perform major eye surgery with it." Ayers was a founding member of the pioneering psychedelic band Soft Machine in the late 1960s, and was closely associated with the Canterbury scene. He has recorded a series of albums as a solo artist and over the years has worked with Brian Eno, Syd Barrett, John Cale, Elton John, Robert Wyatt, Andy Summers, Mike Oldfield, Nico and Ollie Halsall, among others. After living for many years in DeiĆ , Majorca, he returned to the United Kingdom in the mid 1990s. He now lives in the south of France. His most recent album was Unfairground, which was recorded in New York City, Tucson, Arizona, and London in 2006. Joy of a Toy is the debut solo album of Kevin Ayers, a founding member of Soft Machine. Its whimsical and unique vision is a clear indication of how Soft Machine might have progressed under Ayers' tenure. He is accompanied on the LP by his Soft Machine colleagues Robert Wyatt, Mike Ratledge and Hugh Hopper.

01 - Joy Of A Toy Continued
02 - Town Feeling.m4a
03 - The Clarietta Rag
04 - Girl On A Swing
05 - Song For Insane Times
06 - Stop This Train (Again Doing It)
07 - Eleanor's Cake (Which Ate Her)
08 - Lady Rachel
09 - Oleh Oleh Bandu Bandong
10 - All This Crazy Gift Of Time

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Lobo released Of a Simple Man in 1972, which included back-to-back U.S. Top 10 hits, including "Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend", which reached number 8 in the US charts in the winter of 1973, and "I'd Love You to Want Me". The latter became Lobo's biggest hit, climbing to number 2 on the Billboard charts in 1972, and internationally reaching number 1 in Germany, and in the United Kingdom it peaked at No. 5 in July 1974. Another million seller it was granted gold disc status in November 1972.

01 - Intro
02 - There Ain't No Way
03 - A Big Red Kite
04 - Recycle Sally
05 - Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend
06 - A Simple Man
07 - I'd Love You To Want Me
08 - Let Me Down Easy
09 - Pee-Ro Juan Valdez Sam Quixote
10 - Running Deer
11 - Gypsy And The Midnight Ghost
12 - Am I True To Myself

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In a move guaranteed to cause perpetual confusion among discographers and '60s collectors, singer/songwriter Arthur Lee Harper billed himself simply as Arthur (no last name) on his first album, 1968's Dreams and Images, and then as Arthur Lee Harper on his second and last, 1969's Love Is the Revolution. It's the same guy who did both records, and he most assuredly has no connection with the famous Arthur Lee who led the group Love. Arthur, or Arthur Lee Harper, was as mild-mannered a folk-rock singer/songwriter as there was in the late '60s, singing sad songs that emanated fearful uncertainty, as well as slight airs of self-pity and disengagement. His thin voice was so high it almost moved into a range associated with woman singers rather than male ones; if you're looking for a reference point from the period who's almost as obscure, there's Bert Sommer, who had a similarly nearly girlish voice. In some respects the records were much lower-volume, folkier variants of the orchestrated Baroque pop of the early Bee Gees, though of not nearly the same quality, with a reticence that made the late-'60s Bee Gees sound gutsy and forceful. Dreams and Images got at least a little distribution, as it was on Lee Hazlewood's LHI label, but Love Is the Revolution got even less of a hearing, as it was privately pressed. (RU)

01  - Blue Museum
02  - Children Once Were You
03  - Sunshine Soldier
04  - A Friend Of Mine
05  - Open Up The Door
06  - Dreams And Images
07  - Pandora
08  - Wintertime
09  - Living Circa 1920
10  - Valentine Gray

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Wakeman became an active session musician. In June 1969, he played Mellotron on David Bowie's single "Space Oddity" for a session fee of £9. He went on to play piano for Bowie's "Life on Mars?", "Changes" and "Oh! You Pretty Things" in April 1971 and "Absolute Beginners" in 1985. He also played the piano intro on the Cat Stevens' hit "Morning Has Broken". In 1971 he acquired an early Minimoog synthesiser, purchasing it at half price from actor Jack Wild who believed that it was defective because it only played one note at a time. Piano Vibrations, though publicited in its re-release as the first studio album by English progressive rock keyboardist Rick Wakeman, it's not considered a Wakeman's album. He just played as a session musician and didn't compose any of the tracks. The album was released in 1971 on Polydor, after Wakeman had signed on to A&M Records. The album developed from Wakeman's time as a session musician. A&M Records had signed Wakeman on as the Strawbs' keyboardist at the time of the release. Piano Vibrations, when it has been reviewed, has been described as "slightly cheesy", especially in light of Wakeman's later involvement in progressive rock.

01 - Take Me To The Pilot
02 - Yellow Man
03 - Cast Your Fate To The Wind
04 - Gloria, Gloria
05 - Your Song
06 - Delta Lady
07 - A Picture Of You
08 - Home Sweet Oklahoma
09 - Fire And Rain
10 - Classical Gas

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Trans World Pacific Studios was located on Third Street and it was here for the first time that The Doors had ever recorded in a studio. Aura Records had seen that the previous single that Rick & The Ravens had released was not doing so well, so rather than going to the expense of pressing another single and watching it most likely fail, the record company had decided to give The Doors free studio time. The Doors spent three hours in the studio and recorded six demos. The owner for Trans World Pacific Studios was Dick Bock who also produced the demo tapes for The Doors. The demo tapes were recorded before Robby Krieger joined the band. At that time, the group included Jim Morrison on vocals, Ray Manzarek on vocals/piano, John Densmore on drums, Rick Manzarek on guitar, Jim Manzarek on harmonica and an unknown girl that was hired from a local group to play bass. The only copies of these demo recordings were originally owned by World Pacific Studios, John Densmore and Billy James who at the time was a representative for Columbia Records.(Bootlegzone). Hyacinth House is not from this session.

01 - End Of The Night
02 - Go Insane
03 - Hello I Love You
04 - Moonlight Drive
05 - My Eyes Have Seen You
06 - Summer's Almost Gone
07 - Hyacinth House

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The Fabulous Rhinestones were an R&B-based band formed in San Francisco in 1971 by ex-Illinois Speed Press guitarist/singer Kal David and ex-Electric Flag (and Bob Dylan, Al Kooper, and Miles Davis) bassist Harvey Brooks. They moved to Woodstock, NY, where they played with members of the Band and some of their own fellow Chicago bluesmen, including Paul Butterfield, and were signed by producer Michael Lang -- the co-producer of the Woodstock festival -- to his own Just Sunshine label. The group cut three LPs over the next three years, all of which received critical raves without selling in huge numbers -- they also got considerable exposure playing on the same bill with the Allman Brothers, Stevie Wonder, and the Doobie Brothers, but their most visible gig was probably playing a 1971 antiwar rally in New York with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. They split up in the mid-'70s and David later played with Etta James, Al Kooper, and Johnny Rivers.(AMG) Harvey Brooks -Bass, Guitar, Kal David -Guitar, Vocal, Marty Grebb -Keyboards, Bass, Vocal, Saxophones, With; Greg Tohmas -Drums, Dave Sanborn -Alto Saxophone, Reinol Andino -Congas, Barry Rogers -Trombone, Randy Brecker -Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Michael Brecker -Tenor Saxophone.

01 - Freewheelin'
02 - Down To The City
03 - Go With Change
04 - What Becomes Of Your Life
05 - Vicious Circle
06 - Do It Like Ya' Mean It
07 - Roots With You, Girl
08 - Hurt Somebody
09 - Whitecaps

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The Jaggerz are a pop/rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, often considered a one-hit wonder because their only major success was the single "The Rapper", written by Donnie Iris. Released on the Kama Sutra label in late December 1969, "The Rapper", 1969 got to #2 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart for two weeks in March 1970, and sold over one million copies with the gold record awarded by the R.I.A.A..The band's name derives from the Pittsburgh English slang term, "jagger bush," meaning a thorny bush. They were managed by The Skyliners manager, Joe Rock. We Went to Different Schools Together is the second album by The Jaggerz, released in 1970.

01 - I Call My Baby Candy
02 - Memoirs Of The Traveler
03 - With A Little Help From My Friends
04 - Looking Glass
05 - The Rapper
06 - At My Window
07 - Things Gotta Get Better
08 - Carousel
09 - Don't Make My Sky Cry
10 - That's My World

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Five Finger Discount, Live in London January 1st 1972. Track 3 maybe from a 80's concert (some says that the date is 1972 but I think that this concert has been recorded in the early 80's because it sounds too "clean" for an early 70's show and the song Five Finger Discount was written and released in 1981 - from Bootlegzone).

01 - Magic Carpet Ride
02 - Sookie Sookie
03 - Five Finger Discount
04 - Hey Lawdy Mama
05 - News I Can Use
06 - The Pusher
07 - Monster
08 - Nothin' Like It
09 - Hot Summer Night
10 - Born To Be Wild

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The Outlaws were an English instrumental band that recorded in the early 1960s. One time members included Ritchie Blackmore, Chas Hodges, Bobby Graham, Ken Lundgren, Mick Underwood, Reg Hawkins, Billy Kuy and others. Their name was originally conceived by Joe Meek, who needed a backing group for Mike Berry's "Set Me Free" in 1960. After that recording, they continued being one of the house bands of his recording studio at 304 Holloway Road, London. As such, they were used for recordings, demos and auditions. Many of their songs were written by Meek and credited to his pseudonym, Robert Duke. They appeared as themselves in the 1963 British film, Live It Up!. "This was a legendary album of Shadows-like instrumentals from the writer of the Tornados' 1962 No. 1 "Telstar", Joe Meek. Hard to get even in 1961 when it was released, and now long deleted on CD too, this disc contains an exceptionally good set from the period when the equally legendary producer Joe Meek was at his best." (J.Watson) Tracks 13-17 only in the 1991 CD as bonus.

01 - Dream Of The West
02 - The Outlaws
03 - Husky Team
04 - Rodeo
05 - Smoke Signals
06 - Ambush
07 - Barbecue
08 - Spring Is Near
09 - Indian Brave
10 - Homeward Bound
11 - Western Sunset
12 - Tune For Short Cowboys
13 - Doo Dah Day
14 - Keep A Knocking
15 - Return Of The Outlaws
16 - Shake With Me
17 - Texan Spiritual

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The Pink Fairies were an English rock band active in the London (Ladbroke Grove) underground and psychedelic scene of the early 1970s. They promoted free music, drug taking and anarchy and often performed impromptu gigs and other agitprop stunts, such as playing for free outside the gates at the Bath and Isle of Wight pop festivals in 1970, as well as appearing at Phun City, the second Glastonbury and many other free festivals including Windsor and Trentishoe. The group was formed when the three musicians from The Deviants (Paul Rudolph, Duncan Sanderson, and Russell Hunter), having sacked their singer and leader Mick Farren, returned from a disastrous tour of the West Coast of the United States and hooked up with Twink, former drummer of The Pretty Things. Paul Rudolph, guitar and vocals, Trevor Burton, guitar, Duncan Sanderson, bass and Russell Hunter, drums. Live performances for BBC broadcast.

BBC Top Gear 1970-11-28

01 - Lucille
02 - The Snake

BBC In Concert 1971-11-04

03 - Johnny B Goode
04 - Uncle Harry's Last Freakout

Category: Oldies | Views: 1571 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2011-03-17

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