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Kangaroo released their sole album in 1968, having opened for acts such as The Doors and The Who. Featuring the talent of singer Barbara Keith (whose songs have been covered by Barbara Streisand, Delaney & Bonnie, Lowell George and others), John Hall (Orleans), ND Smart (Mountain & The Great Speckled Bird) and Ted Spelios (Bruce Springsteen). According to the cover, this is a "country-tinged pop-psych" album.

01 - Such A Long Long Time
02 - You're Trying To Be A Woman
03 - Daydream Stallion
04 - Make Some Room In Your Life
05 - Frog Giggin'
06 - You Can't Do This To Me
07 - If You Got Some Love In Mind
08 - I Never Tell Me Twice
09 - Tweed's Chicken Inn
10 - Happy Man
11 - The Only Thing I Had
12 - Maybe Tomorrow

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"T.I.M.E.", an acronym for "Trust In Men Everywhere", are one of the great West Coast groups of the 1960s, evolved from a San Diego act "The Hard Times", who were active between 1966 and 1967. Their early line-up featured "Rudy Romero" (vocals), "Lee Keifer" (vocals, guitar), "Bill Richardson" (lead guitar), "Bob Morris" (bass guitar) and "Paul Wheatbread" (drums). "The Hard Times" quickly relocated themselves in Los Angeles, where they became one of the in-house attractions on "Dick Clark"'s daily television show, "Where The Action Is".

01 - Tripping Into Sunshine
02 - Label It Love
03 - Finder's Keepers
04 - Love You, Cherish You
05 - Make It Alright
06 - Let The Colors Keep On
07 - You Changed It All
08 - I Really Love You
09 - Make Love To You
10 - I Can't Find It
11 - What Can It Be
12 - Take Me Along

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The Illusion were an American psychedelic rock band from Long Island, New York. They released three full-length albums in the U.S., the first of which was also issued in the United Kingdom. The group had one minor hit in the U.S. in 1969 with "Did You See Her Eyes", which peaked at #32. Their first album reached # 69 and stayed 27 weeks in the Billboard album charts. Since then their vinyl material has become highly sought after by collectors of 1960s psychedelia.  John Vinci - vocals, Richie Cerniglia - guitar, Mike Maniscalco - keyboards, Chuck Adler - bass, Mike Ricciardella - drums.

01 - Did You See Her Eyes
02 - Talkin' Sweet, Talkin' Soul
03 - Just Imagine
04 - Run Run Run - Willy Gee (Miss Holy Lady)
05 - I Love You, Yes I Do
06 - Alone
07 - Charlena
08 - Why, Tell Me Why
09 - The Real Thing
10 - You Made Me What I Am

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The nucleus of the group that created the LP had its genesis in the excellent mid-'60s bubblegum-psychedelic outfit The Rainy Daze, formed in Denver, Colorado, in 1965, which had a minor Top 100 hit with the camouflaged ode to marijuana, "Acapulco Gold," in 1967. The quintet's catalysts were Tim Gilbert, the lead vocalist and guitarist, and John Carter, the lyricist. The Rainy Daze broke up following several post-LP singles on the Turtles' label, White Whale. Carter and Gilbert, meanwhile, had written an entire album, and now needed a band to record it. With Diamond, they held auditions and ultimately assembled Dave Torbert on bass, Scott Quigley and Matt Kelly on guitars, Chris Herold on drums, and lead singer Rich Fifield. Fifield was replaced midway through the recording sessions with an unknown 18-year-old kid, Don Johnson, in his first professional gig. The resultant, self-titled album was a strong effort, mixing tongue-in-cheek counterculturalisms ("Class of '69" was a carefully couched song about a sex act) and hippie-fied country elements into its hard rock, but also, unfortunately, came out on White Whale just at the moment that the label was beginning to come undone. (AMG).

01 - Freight Train
02 - Class Of '69
03 - Birdie In A Cage
04 - Nothing At All
05 - Cheyenne
06 - Run Rabbit Run
07 - Country Boy
08 - Overnight Bag
09 - Horseradish
10 - Asia Minor
11 - Wind

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The Travel Agency was a folk-rock band from California, formed in San Francisco and featured Frank Davis who had previously worked in the studio with the Fever Tree in Texas. They then appear to have relocated to Los Angeles and released two excellent 45s on LA labels Tanqueray ("Time/Made For You". 1966) & Kookaburra ("Time/Emit". 1967). Both of these are excellent folk-rock 45s with Time being the same version on both 45s. This self-titled LP, produced by Bread's James Griffin, was released on LA's Viva Records in 1968. This was followed by a final Viva 45 ("What's A Man/She Understands") in 1969.

01 - What's A Man
02 - Sorry You Were Born
03 - Cadillac George
04 - Lonely Seabird
05 - So Much Love
06 - Make Love
07 - That's Good
08 - I'm Not Dead
09 - She Understands
10 - Come To Me
11 - You Will Be There
12 - Old Man

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" 'I am a child of Woodstock nation, I've come a long way from my home...' So sings the one and only Cosmic Michael, on this the opening track of his second album released by the Bliss label in 1970. An album now high on serious psych collector wants lists too... Cosmic Michael. Well, some regard him as a 'Godhead,' the ultimate spiritual hippy, with songs of love, freedom & peace, all delivered with just piano, vocals and kazoo... A true guru... But, what of the music? I guess these days you'd call it loner psych, but back then the term 'freak rock' might have been applied to such a release. After his eponymous, and equally enigmatic debut album released a year earlier, he'd witnessed the Woodstock festival, absorbed the vibe, and relocated to Los Angeles where he then recorded After a While, seemingly quite quickly...'I've seen The Who, and Ten Years After, Jefferson Airplane they nearly blew my mind....' The nine tracks on After a While are stoned '60s DIY rock 'n'roll. You can call it lo-fi or home made, but the message remains: Cosmic Michael preaches love and freedom, and he's a mean boogie-woogie player too. The songs run one after the other, as if part of one spontaneous recording -- the moment one ends, he's into the next, and so on. After a While is of its time, a snapshot of innocence when it was believed music could change the world, and maybe it will yet." (

01 - Now That I Found It
02 - Salty Jam
03 - Cosmic Michael Theme
04 - Too Much
05 - River City
06 - People's Fair
07 - Mother Earth
08 - Heavy Boogie

Category: Oldies | Views: 1375 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-07-26

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