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The Definitive America is a Australia & New Zealand compilation featuring all of the greatest hits since the 70s, for both Warner Brothers and Capitol Records. The album includes all of the smashes from their 1975 retrospective History/ Americas Greatest Hits (A Horse With No Name, Sister Golden Hair, Tin Man, I Need You, Ventura Highway, Lonely People), plus 11 more, including the top 10 You Can Do Magic. For most people, this is the definitive collection of their music, containing all the tracks that they are famous for and some other great songs that might encourage some to explore their music in greater depth.

01 - A Horse With No Name
02 - Ventura Highway
03 - Sandman
04 - Ventura Highway
05 - Dont Cross The River
06 - To Each His Own
07 - Only In Your Heart
08 - Muskrat Love
09 - Rainbow Song
10 - Shes Gonna Let You Down
11 - Tin Man
12 - Lonely People
13 - Sister Golden Hair
14 - Daisy Jane
15 - Woman Tonight
16 - Todays The Day
17 - Amber Cascades
18 - God Of The Sun
19 - Political Poachers
20 - Survival
21 - The Last Unicorn
22 - You Can Do Magic
23 - The Border

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Brainchild was a jazz rock/fusion band that recorded their sole album Healing Of The Lunatic Owl in western London in 1970 on the A&M label. The album contains sizzling brass rock, which must rank among the best of the genre (early Chicago and If), but also with the much more obscure and even more brilliant Warm Dust and Galliard. Brainchild's line-up was basically your standard prog quartet, plus a wind instrument section, including flute, sax, trumpet and trombone. Harvey Coles / bass, vocals, Bill Edwrds / lead guitar, vocals, Dave Muller / drums, Chris Jennings / organ, piano, Brian Wilshaw / saxophone, flute and Lloyd Williams / trumpet.

01 - Autobiography
02 - Healing Of The Lunatic Owl
03 - Hide From The Dawn
04 - She's Learning
05 - A Time A Place
06 - Two Bad Days
07 - Sadness Of A Moment
08 - To B

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The Brain Police were an early psychedelic garage band who, in the late '60s, opened for many national acts, including the Who, the Byrds, Cream, Jefferson Airplane, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Steppenwolf, and Buffalo Springfield. They essentially spun off from the group the Man-Dells, with guitarists Rick Randle and Larry Grant and bassist Norman Lombardo, who were all still in junior high when that group released its first single in 1965, "Bonnie" (with "Oh No" on the flipside). The trio had also played with the Other Four. They became the Brain Police in 1968, with Rick's younger brother David Randle joining on guitar, and earned a large local following. Benny Bennett: Percussion, Larry Grant: Guitar, Tony Johnson: Drums, Frank Mannix: Bass, Rick Randle: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, David Randle: Guitar, Norman Lombardo: Bass, Vocals and Sid Smith: Drums.

01 - Election For Mayor  Ride My Train Of Love
02 - I'll Be On The Inside, If I Can
03 - I'd Rather See You Dead
04 - Find Me A Moment
05 - Getting Too Much Higher
06 - Adler
07 - Gypsy Fast Woman
08 - I'll Find Love
09 - There's A Light Over The City
10 - My World Of Wax
11 - World Of Wax
12 - Smoking At Windsor Hill
13 - Bonnie
14 - Oh No
15 - Why
16 - Searching For My Love
17 - These Are The Words
18 - Once And For All Girl
19 - Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night
20 - How Do You Tell A Girl

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The Merry-Go-Round were a Los Angeles based pop band, best known for producing singer/songwriter Emitt Rhodes and featuring Joel Larson on drums Gary Kato on lead guitar, Bill Rinehart on bass. The band released only one full length album, The Merry-Go-Round (album)  (1967). "Live", the first single from their album, was a top 10 smash at both KHJ in Los Angeles and KGB in San Diego, although it failed to crack the top 50 on the national charts. "Live" was covered by The Bangles in on their 1984 album All Over the Place and "Time Will Show The Wiser" was recorded by Fairport Convention on their debut album in 1968, a song still played regularly by Fairport at their Cropredy Festival.

01 - Live
02 - Time Will Show The Wiser
03 - On Your Way Out
04 - Gonna Fight The War
05 - Had To Run Around
06 - We're In Love
07 - You're A Very Lovely Woman
08 - Where Have You Been All Of My Life
09 - Early In The Morning
10 - Low Down
11 - Clown's No Good
12 - Gonna Leave You Alone

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Second Coming, was a jazz-rock band, with Chicago-like horn instrumentation. The band was formed in 1970 and played mostly local Chicago clubs, but took a trip out to the Whiskey A Go Go in LA in September of 1970. Lots of people out there, including the owner of the club, loved the band and virtually every label came to see them. Jack Kramer (trumpet, bugle, trombone, background vocals), Buddy Stephens (trumpet, lead vocals), Bill Dinwiddie (trombone, percussion, background vocals), Rick Rudolph (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, alto flute, trombone), Les King (drums, congas, percussion, timpani), Dave Miller (Hammond organ, electric piano, background vocals), Ernie Sell (bass, guitar, backing vocals), Bob Penny (guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals), Tom Palmer (bass, guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals). The album was the first done in Chicago with Dolby noise reduction on all tracks.

01 - Requiem For A Rainy Day
02 - Take Me Home
03 - Nobody Cares
04 - Landlubber
05 - Roundhouse
06 - It's Over
07 - Jeremiah Crane

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Recorded in 1968 in Toronto, Canada. Lynn David Newton, the founder of TIME studied in the same class as Jim Cuomo from The Spoils Of War in Urbana IL, Beside 2 other members the artist David Rosenboom was a member of TIME. This is a musical masterpiece. Wellcomposed, wellplayed, touchy and twisted. All original songs with a big influence from the British Underground, with harpsichord, flutes, percussions, horns, many effects and lot´s of heavy fuzzguitar and a singer who sounds like Robert Wyatt in the early 70´s. A year later they moved to NY and became Think Dog, which will be also released this year. (

01 - A Song For You
02 - Kemp's Jig
03 - Introductory Lines
04 - Sad Benjamin
05 - Lily Has A Rose
06 - At Shadow's Eye
07 - Green Fields
08 - Waking
09 - Ma's Pan
10 - Dover Beach
11 - Elin Experience

Category: Oldies | Views: 1419 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-10-13

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