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The Box Tops were a Memphis rock group of the second half of the 1960s. They are best known for the hits "The Letter," "Neon Rainbow," "Soul Deep," "I Met Her in Church," and "Cry Like A Baby," and are considered a major blue-eyed soul group of the period. They performed a mixture of current soul music songs by artists such as James and Bobby Purify and Clifford Curry, pop tunes such as "A Whiter Shade of Pale" by Keith Reid, Gary Brooker and Matthew Fisher of Procol Harum, and songs written by their producers, Dan Penn, Spooner Oldham, and Chips Moman. Vocalist Alex Chilton went on to front the powerpop band Big Star and to launch a career as a solo artist, during which he occasionally performed songs he had sung with the Box Tops. The original Box Tops line-up was Bill Cunningham, Danny Smythe, Alex Chilton, Gary Talley and John Evans. Cry Like A Baby, from 1968 is the band'second album. Most members of the band returned to school and the group disbanded in 1970. However, the Bell record label kept releasing new Box Tops singles through early 1971, using material that had already been recorded by Chilton and company. February 1970's "You Keep Tightening Up On Me" scraped into the US Hot 100, and was a slightly bigger hit in Canada. Two further Box Tops singles failed to chart nationally in either the US or Canada, although the original band's final single "King's Highway" was a regional hit in Dallas in the spring of 1971.

01 - Cry Like A Baby
02 - Deep In Kentucky
03 - I'm The One For You
04 - Weeping Analeah
05 - Every Time
06 - Fields Of Clover
07 - Trouble With Sam
08 - Lost
09 - Good Morning Dear
10 - 727
11 - You Keep Me Hanging On
12 - Cry Like A Baby (Single A Side)
13 - The Door You Closed To Me (Single B Side)

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Caldera was an American-based, short-lived project by Robert Margouleff and Malcolm Cecil (both on keyboards), who would form Tonto's Expanding Head Band later the same year. This project also includes Toby Saks on cello and John Atkins on harpsichord and other keyboards. Their released only one album, from 1970, fully titled 'Stabat Mater: A Moog Mass'. As it name suggests it's a conceptual album with sacral thematic - it's a mixture of Christian Contemporary Music and Progressive Electronic - with emphasis on 'classical' passages and Vocoder - in which the carrier is often a synth line, modulated with vocals singing Biblical renderings, often in Latin. The album was released in 1970. There are two different releases, the other one with band's name misspelled CALDARA and different cover, spinning on 45 rpm. Caldera is historical curiosity worth checking both because of an unusual blend of electronic music and contemporary Christian, as well as early Vocoder example combined with classical passages.

01 - The Mother Stood
02 - Who Is The Man
03 - Share With Me The Pain
04 - Virgin Of Virgin's
05 - Make Me Carry The Death Of Christ
06 - In Flames May I Not Be Burned
07 - Christ, When I Leave This Life

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Originally issued by Family Productions then reissued by Tiger Lily, a tax scam label, which was run by the head of Roulette, Morris Levy who was allegedly connected with the Genovese crime family and a model for Hesh on The Sopranos. They put out Lp pressings of demo tapes, sometimes without the knowledge of the bands. Anyway, Sleepy Hollow is, according to wonkywhy over at RYM, as "Beatlesque aspirational sounds. About as good as a George Harrison solo album could aspire to”. While Brandting from RYM describes it as "Relatively weak pop, which in many places sounds exactly like the Beatles. Dominated by harmonies and pianos, this album has a few tracks that rock somewhat. "Talking Out of Turn” and "One Time” remain the highlights”.(RT66)

01 - Sincerely Yours
02 - One Time
03 - Take Me Back
04 - Talking Out Of Turn
05 - Lay It On The Line
06 - Love Minus You
07 - Lady
08 - Roller Coaster Man
09 - Hades

Category: Oldies | Views: 1395 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-10-11

American psychedelic rock band founded in Kansas, 1968. Johnny Isom - Guitar, Back-Vocals, Nancy Lake Whedon - Back-Vocals, Percussion, Donna Kurtz Nugent - Drums, Percussion, Richard Van Sant - Keyboards, Keybass, Vocals, Joe York - Keyboards, Vocals and Harald Haney - Bass, Vocals. "A long gone, forgotten by most psychedelic band from the Midwest. This is a remaster from the original tapes. Band was from Kansas City and this ten track album was recorded at Cavern Studios in 1970. Didn't realize that most of these cuts featured lead female vocals. Tunes here that impressed me the most were the well played "Gotta Find A Way", their single "Try Love" that reportedly got some airplay on the old WHB radio station, the catchy "New World", "Sweet Loving" (possibly the best track of the entire CD), cut number 7- simply titled as "Instrumental", their Led Zeppelin cover of "Gonna Leave You" and "Corina" (nice harmonica work). 'Revisited' simply sounds just so extremely 1970-ish. According to the full color 8-page CD booklet in 1971, Stoned Circus got to open for some big names like the Guess Who, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Chicago, Steve Miller Band and Ritchie Havens. I believe they've even recently reunited with all six original members. Line-up: Johnny Isom - guitar & vocals, Harold Haney - bass & vocals, Joe York and Richard Van Sant - keyboard & vocals, Nancy Lake Whedon - percussion & vocals and Donna Kurtz Nugent -drums. Fans of Jefferson Airplane, Touch, Neighborhood Children, Big Brother And The Holding Company and Carrie Nations (that fictitious band in the movie 'Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls') should undoubtedly get a lot from this CD reissue. Very nice".(James Lee)

01 - Gotta Find A Way
02 - Feel
03 - Try Love
04 - New World
05 - Trust
06 - Sweet Lovin´
07 - Instrumental
08 - Gonna Leave You
09 - Corina
10 - Whole Lotta Love

Category: Oldies | Views: 1625 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-10-11

This San Jose band from the mid-1960s has had a cult following for quite some time based on a tiny handful of local sides that passed from one collector to another, enhancing their rep by word of mouth. This ten-song issue on Sundazed's vinyl only subsidiary label captures them raw 'n' nasty, blasting through some studio covers of Who, Cream and Yardbirds tunes and a brace of their own stuff. Lead singer Beau Maggi was one of the best garage-band Jagger soundalikes, and the band had that nether ground between British fuzztone band and coming psychedelia down pretty darn well; it's all here to enjoy. (AM)

01 - Evil Hearted You
02 - Get Out Of My Life Woman
03 - Satisfaction Guaranteed
04 - Our Fate
05 - Light Switch
06 - Run Run Run
07 - Tales Of Brave Ulysses
08 - Signed D.C.
09 - Cut Back
10 - Light Switch [Stereo]

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Westwind was an obscure British folk-based pop band whose album is now an ultra-rarity. They consisted of a trio of Sarah Dyson, Nick Storey and Chris Stowell. "Their fresh-as-an-English-rose vocals allow no concessions to the mid-Atlantic accents favoured by many a British folk group, ...here is no place here for the electric guitar of the folk-rock exponents. And in teir songs you'll find only the faintest hint of protest"

01 - Goodbye Butterfly
02 - Sleepy City
03 - Love Is Funny Sort Of Thing
04 - Sun Across The Snow
05 - How Many Stars
06 - Robin Hill
07 - Goodtimes
08 - Fisherman Song
09 - Sweeney Todd
10 - Rosemary
11 - Harbour Lights
12 - Home Is Where My Heart Is

Category: Oldies | Views: 1599 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-10-11

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