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Three Man Army was a British hard rock band active in the first half of the 1970s. The group was formed by Adrian Gurvitz and Paul Gurvitz, formerly of The Gun. Following the band's dissolution, Adrian played with Buddy Miles and Paul played with Parrish & Gurvitz, then reunited as Three Man Army. Their debut album, A Third of a Lifetime, featured several drummers, including Miles, Carmine Appice (of Vanilla Fudge) and Mike Kellie (from Spooky Tooth). Tony Newman, who had previously played with Sounds Incorporated and Rod Stewart, joined for the group's next two albums, and a fourth album was planned but never recorded. Newman then left to play with David Bowie, and the Gurvitzes united with Ginger Baker as the Baker Gurvitz Army. Three Man Army 3, their last album, was recorded in 1973-4 and released thirty years later, in 2005

01 - Three Days To Go
02 - Dog's Life
03 - Jubilee
04 - Look At The Sun
05 - Don't Wanna Go Right Now
06 - Come To The Party
07 - Let's Go Get Laid
08 - Doctor
09 - You'll Find Love

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Generally cool hard guitar funk psych rock from "close friend" of Jimi Hendrix, who if nothing else shows an impressive grasp of Jimi's best moves on this album. Although 100% derivative it still works, as the songwriting, vocals and guitar leads are fine and the sharp groove of Turner's power trio (plus assorted guests on keyboard) stands up to any comparison. Fine recording with a tight in yer face sound is another bonus. The Experience influence means unusual traces of 1967 Swinging London such as highpitched mod harmonies on this 1972 NYC trip. One weird, silly track with singalong kiddy vocals sort of sticks out, though it too has soaring acid leads. Apart from the originals the LP includes a cover of Jimi's "Freedom", and should appeal to fans of Next Morning. Just like Del Jones there are two different mixes of this LP, a Rock Mix with lots of guitar and a Soul Mix with less guitar. A German pressing of the rock mix on Philips exists. The Radioactive reissues are of the rock mix. There is also a rare third version on the infamous Tiger Lily label, with (again) a different mix and a good track not on the Family label releases at all. Velvet Turner - guitar/vocals, Prescott Niles - bass and Tim McGovern - drums. (OoD)

01 - Madonna (of the Seven Moons)
02 - Talkin' 'bout my baby
03 - Country chicken
04 - Strangely New
05 - Scarlet Warrior
06 - Three O'Clock Train
07 - Just look and see
08 - 'Scuse me, gentlemen (The Fall of Atlantis)
09 - (Love rides...) The slow swirling seas
10 - Freedom

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Titanic was a rock band from Norway, which also included a British member in its line-up. The group was made up of Kenny Aas, Kjell Asperud, John Lorck, Janny Løseth, Roy Robinson (lead singer) and for a short time around their chart success, John Williamson. They formed in 1969, and released several successful albums and singles before disbanding in 1979. The main composer was the group founder Janny Loseth, with Roy Robinson supplying the primarily English language based lyrics. In October 1971 Titanic reached Number 5 in the UK Singles Chart, with their instrumental track, "Sultana". It was performed in the style of the then popular band, Santana. The tune also appeared on their Titanic's album Sea Wolf. Due to a lack of other corresponding chart presence, Titanic are known as one-hit wonders. Their latest reunion album Ashes and Diamonds was released on February 20, 2009 in Europe.

01 - Sea Wolf
02 - Underbird
03 - Confusion
04 - Sultana
05 - Hanging Over
06 - Covered In Dust
07 - A Stones Throw
08 - Scarlet
09 - Exiled
10 - Sing Fool Sing

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Barclay James Harvest are an English rock band. They were founded in Saddleworth, Yorkshire, in September 1966 by John Lees, Les Holroyd, Stuart "Woolly" Wolstenholme, and Mel Pritchard. After signing with EMI's Parlophone in the UK for one single in early 1968, they moved to the more progressively inclined Harvest label. Their self-titled debut album was released in mid 1970 to positive reviews, but few sales. Early Morning Onwards is a 1972 compilation, with the best of the first four albums.

01 - Early Morning
02 - Poor Wages
03 - Brother Thrush
04 - Mr Sunshine
05 - Taking Some Time On
06 - Mother Dear
07 - Mockingbird
08 - Song With No Meaning
09 - I'm Over You
10 - Child Of Man
11 - After The Day

Category: Oldies | Views: 1514 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-10-02

Arthur Brown is an English rock and roll musician best known for his flamboyant, theatrical style and significant influence on Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, Marilyn Manson, George Clinton, Kiss and Bruce Dickinson, among others, and for his number one hit in the UK Singles Chart and Canada, "Fire" in 1968. By 1968, the debut album, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown by the band with the same name, became a surprise hit on both sides of the Atlantic. Produced by The Who's manager Kit Lambert, and executive-produced by Pete Townshend, it spun off an equally surprising hit single, "Fire". "Fire" sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. The song saw its infamous opening line "I am the God of Hellfire" sampled in numerous other places, most notably in The Prodigy's 1992 rave anthem "Fire". The album also included a macabre cover of the Screamin' Jay Hawkins oldie "I Put a Spell on You". The band included Vincent Crane on Hammond organ and piano, Drachen Theaker on drums, and Nick Greenwood on bass. Theaker was replaced by Carl Palmer, later of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, during the band's second American tour. Crane and Palmer eventually left to form Atomic Rooster.

01 - Prelude - Nightmare (Mono Version)
02 - Fanfare - Fire Poem (Mono Version)
03 - Fire (Mono Version)
04 - Come And Buy (Mono Version)
05 - Timeconfusion (Mono Version)
06 - Prelude - Nightmare
07 - Fanfare - Fire Poem
08 - Fire
09 - Come And Buy
10 - Timeconfusion
11 - I Put A Spell On You
12 - Spontaneous Apple Creation
13 - Rest Cure
14 - I've Got Money
15 - Child Of My Kingdom

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Black Sabbath are an English rock band, formed in Birmingham in 1968 by Ozzy Osbourne (lead vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler (bass guitar), and Bill Ward  (drums). The band has since experienced multiple line-up changes, with Tony Iommi the only constant presence in the band through the years. A total of twenty-two musicians have at one time been members of Black Sabbath. Originally formed as a heavy blues-rock band named Earth, the band began incorporating occult- and horror-inspired lyrics with tuned-down guitars, changing their name to Black Sabbath and achieving multiple platinum records in the 1970s. Despite an association with occult and horror themes, Black Sabbath also composed songs dealing with social and political issues such as drugs and war. Black Mass was recorded live at Radio Bremen Studios, May 25th 1970, and aired September 26th 1970 at German TV's Beat Club.

01 - Paranoid
02 - Black Sabbath
03 - Iron Man
04 - Blue Suede Shoes (rare)

Category: Metal | Views: 2011 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-10-02

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