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Chad & Jeremy were an English singing folk rock duo originating in the 1960s, comprising Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde. They were part of the British Invasion, a large influx of British rock and pop musicians to the American music scene. The duo's first single, "Yesterday's Gone", for the Ember Records label, which was arranged by John Barry, was their only UK hit. However, Chad & Jeremy's strings-backed sound held a greater appeal in the United States, where World Artists Records released their early 1960s strain of commercial folk music. About The Arc, "a true psychedelic lost classic and worthy contemporary of both "pepper" and "pet sounds"

01 - The Emancipation Of Mr. X
02 - Sunstroke
03 - The Ark
04 - The Raven
05 - Imagination
06 - Painted Dayglow Smile
07 - Pipe Dream
08 - Transatlantic Trauma 1966
09 - Sidewalk Requiem, Los Angeles, June 5Th And 6Th
10 - Pantheistic Study For Guitar And Large Bird
11 - Paxton Quigley's Had The Course
12 - You Need Feet
13 - Painted Dayglow Smile(Monosingle)
14 - Sister Marie(Monosingle)
15 - You Need Feet(Monosingle)
16 - Paxton Quigley's Had The Course(Monosingle)

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Grape Jam was criticized for its rather loose and mostly improvised performances which contrast sharply with the heavily produced material on "Wow". This studio album was recorded in New York City in January and February 1968. Skip Spence is mostly absent and Peter Lewis does not appear on the album. Never is notable as a probable source for Led Zeppelin's Since I've Been Loving You: the opening lyrics, the bluesy feel and some melodic elements are almost identical. "The Lake" is a strange combination of poetry submitted by a fan and avant-garde psychedelic Musique concrète sound effects somewhat like side four of Freak Out! or Revolution 9. Grape Jam is also notable in that it features a guest appearances on piano by Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield. The album was the inspiration for a number of other studio "jam" albums during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Later examples of this trend included Al Kooper's Super Session and the 3rd LP of George Harrison's All Things Must Pass. (wiki)

01 - Never
02 - Boysenberry Jam
03 - Black Currant Jam
04 - Marmalade
05 - The Lake
06 - Grape Jam #2
07 - Grape Jam #9
08 - Bag's Groove

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American heavy blues/hard rock band. The sleevenotes to this album tell us: 'Great Jones is an odd combination; a jazz-loving guitarist; a blues-freaking drummer; and an ex-folk singing bassist. Billy Cadieux (guitar), Merry Clayton (vocals), Vanetta Fields (vocals), Jeff Gutcheon (keyboards), Clydie King (vocals), Gary Killarus (drums) and David Tolmie (bass)

01 - Cripple Creek
02 - Finding My Way
03 - United State Of Mind
04 - You Don't Know Nothing About Love
05 - All Bowed Down
06 - Idaho Potators
07 - Leaving Trunk
08 - I Ain't Got Long
09 - Leaving California

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Dando Shaft was one of the most original bands of the early years of England's progressive-rock. Martin Jenkins on violin, Kevin Dempsey on guitar, Ted Kay on percussion, Roger Bullen on bass and Dave Cooper were basically jazz musicians playing English folk music. They dared do what John Martyn and Pentangle had only hinted to. An Evening With (Youngblood, 1970) was a tentative debut, but Dando Shaft (Neon, 1971), with Polly Bolton on vocals, showed the full extent of their innovation, crowned by Lantaloon (RCA, 1971). Really superb acoustic, mellow early 70s folk with a tinge of rock about it (though no drumkit). The first track on this album is just fabulous! The blend of male and female vocals is great, and a bit different than usual. Perhaps that's just the true uniqueness of the female vocalist at play. Her name is Polly Bolton. She had her own sound. This is the second Dando Shaft album, and I've got a disc with this and the third reissued together. The third album is similar in content and quality. A truly worthwhile, and arguably essential, item for fans of this fecund bygone genre.

01 - Coming Home To Me
02 - Sometimes
03 - Waves Upon The Ether
04 - River Boat
05 - Dewet
06 - Railway
07 - Whispering Ned
08 - Pass It On
09 - Kayope Driver
10 - Till The Morning Comes
11 - Prayer

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This 1972 debut from Krautrockers Jane contains one of the finest Gibson Les Paul solos ever committed to record to be found on the final track, Hangman. Extensive , yet fueled with emotion as is the rest of the work on this stellar album. Vocalist Bernd Pulst who unfortunately departed after this debut sings heartfully. The lyrical lines are wonderful. "nightime is not my time, for I am blind and cannot see." "When I wake up in the morning, It's the end of a day." are just a couple of examples. One of the best Krautrock albums highly recommended. (PRGA) Klaus Hess, lead guitar, Charly Maucher, bass, vocals, Werner Nadolny, organ, flute, Peter Panka / drums, percussion and Bernd Pulst, vocals.

01 - Daytime
02 - Wind
03 - Try To Find
04 - Spain
05 - Together
06 - Hangman

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Silverhead were a British band, fronted by the singer/actor, Michael Des Barres. The other members of the band were: Robbie Blunt (guitar), Rod Rook Davies (guitar, percussion, vocals), Nigel Harrison (bass guitar) and Pete Thomson (Drums, percussion, keyboards, vocals). They recorded two studio albums, Silverhead (1972) and 16 and Savaged (1973), and were a part of the glam rock music scene of the 1970s. Despite they had no real commercial success, Silverhead were seriuos role models for many seleeze bands in the 80s. May be thats why a few hardcore cult fans still exist today. In the UK they played support to bands such as Nazareth at Finsbury Park and Osibisa at the Brixton Sundown, and were the lead band in the Dagenham Roundhouse. Work on a third studio album (working title 'Brutiful') started in 1974, but the group disbanded in July 1974 before it was finished.

01 - Long Legged Lisa
02 - Underneath The Light
03 - Ace Supreme
04 - Johnny
05 - In You Eyes
06 - Rolling With My Baby
07 - Wounded Heart
08 - Sold Me Down The River
09 - Rock And Roll Band
10 - Sliver Boogie
11 - Ace Supreme (7 Version)
12 - Oh No No No (Bonus)

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The Beau Brummels were an American rock band, formed in San Francisco in 1964. The band's original lineup included Sal Valentino (lead vocals), Ron Elliott (lead guitar), Ron Meagher (bass guitar), Declan Mulligan (rhythm guitar, bass, harmonica), and John Petersen (drums). The Beau Brummels were discovered by local disc jockeys who were looking to sign acts to their new label, Autumn Records, where Sylvester Stewart—later known as Sly Stone—produced the group's early recording sessions. Initially, the band's musical style blended beat music and folk music and typically drew comparisons to The Beatles, while their later work incorporated other music genres such as psychedelic rock and country rock.  Introducing the Beau Brummels is the debut album by The Beau Brummels. It was produced by Sly Stone, lead singer of Sly & the Family Stone. Unlike most debut albums of the era, ten of the twelve songs on this album are originals. The album peaked at number 24 on the U.S. Billboard 200 albums chart in 1965.

01 - Laugh Laugh
02 - Still In Love With You
03 - Just a Little
04 - Just Wait And See
05 - Oh, Lonesome Me
06 - Ain't That Loving You Baby
07 - Stick Like Glue
08 - They'll Make You Cry
09 - That's If You Want Me To
10 - I Want More Loving
11 - I Would Be Happy
12 - Not Too Long Ago
13 - Good Time Music (Bonus)
14 - Gentle Wanderin' Ways (Bonus)
15 - Fine With Me (Bonus)
16 - Just A Little (Bonus)
17 - It's So Nice (Bonus)
18 - How Many Times (Bonus)
19 - She's My Girl (Bonus)
20 - News (Bonus)
21 - I'll Tell You (Bonus)
22 - No Lonelier Man (Bonus)
23 - She Loves Me (Bonus)
24 - Tomorrow Is Another Day (Bonus)

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First discovered while opening for the Grateful Dead, Long Island quartet Swampgas were taken under the wing of producer Artie Kornfeld and set about recording an LP. Due to financial difficulties the album was held up a year, and finally given a cursory release in 1972 (Buddah BDS 5102), by which time the disillusioned band has already broken up. A superb and little known album, produced by the group members and Artie Kornfeld and engineered by Shelly Yakus at A&R Studios, NYC. Consisting of eight long tracks, all but one are composed by Baird Hersey. A mixture of some fast numbers (Patato Strut, Don't), some melancholic ballads, two complex tracks (Eulogy, Trapped In The City) and a raga with sitar (Egg Shell). Baird Hersey was obviously influenced by Hendrix, but goes further than his influences and the guitars (electric and acoustic) are especially interesting. Kim Ornitz's voice sounds a bit like Henry Tree's vocalist.

01 - Potato Strut
02 - Don't
03 - The Waiting, E Train Blue
04 - Trapped In The City
05 - Eulogy
06 - Frolic Child
07 - Pala
08 - Egg Shells

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Morly Grey is a progressive rock band that formed in the late 1960s. The group recorded their first album, The Only Truth, which was recorded and released in 1972. Some discographies and music catalogs continue to list the album’s release date as 1968 or 1969.The confusion over the release date may come from the album’s serial number of 69000 (originally released through the unpublished Starshine label) and the fact that the album had a very short release period. The first single from the album was "Who Can I Say You Are". Most pressings of this single incorrectly list the album’s original title—The First Supper. In the 1980s and 1990s, the original vinyl LP pressing of the album had become somewhat of a collector’s item due to its rarity and the fact that it came with a full-size color poster.  Morly Grey is an important historical musical example of the foundations of progressive rock and demonstrates how early 1970s psychedelic-style rock influenced later, more established progressive rock bands like Yes before the genre was known as "progressive".

01 - Peace Officer
02 - You Came To Me
03 - Who Can I Say You Are
04 - I'm Afraid
05 - Our Time
06 - After Me Again
07 - A Feeling For You
08 - The Only Truth

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Argent are an English rock band founded in 1968 by keyboardist Rod Argent, formerly of The Zombies. The first three demos from Argent, recorded in the autumn of 1968 featured Mac MacLeod on bass guitar. The other original members were bassist Jim Rodford (Rod Argent's cousin and formerly with the Mike Cotton Sound), drummer Robert Henrit and guitarist/keyboardist Russ Ballard (both formerly with The Roulettes and Unit 4 + 2). Lead vocal duties were shared between Ballard and Argent. Rod Argent, Chris White (former Zombies bassist) and Russ Ballard were the group's songwriters. Some of Ballard's compositions became hits when they were covered by other artists, including Kiss, Petra, Rainbow, Hello and Santana. All Together Now, released in 1972, was the third album recorded by Argent. It was Argent's first hit album and features their most successful single "Hold Your Head Up," which reached number five in both the U.K. and U.S. singles charts. Other featured songs include "Tragedy," "I Am the Dance of Ages" and "He's a Dynamo."

01 - Hold Your Head Up
02 - Keep On Rollin'
03 - Tragedy
04 - I Am The Dance Of The Ages
05 - Be My Lover, Be My Friend
06 - He's A Dynamo
07 - Pure Love (Fantasia-Prelude-Pure Love-Finale)

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Gass was a rock band formed in May 1965 by Robert Tench, Godfrey and Errol McLean. They were managed by The Active Management Group. The band fused inspired melodies with soul, Latin influences, blues and progressive rock often employing complex rhythms. The original line up was Tench on bass guitar, percussionist Errol McLean, his brother drummer and vocalist Godfrey McLean, saxophonist Humphrey Oka and guitarist Alan Roskans.. Tench soon become the band's vocalist and as their music progressed the line up changed. They performed at fashionable music venues in London's Soho, such as The Flamingo Club, The Scotch of St.James where Eric Burdon sang with them and it was at The Bag O'Nails Jimi Hendrix joined the band for a jam session. Gass became involved with Catch My Soul-Rock Othello produced by Jack Good during 1969. Juju (1970) was the first album recorded by Gass and featured guitarist Peter Green, who had just left Fleetwood Mac at this time. The album was withdrawn soon after it was released to retail outlets and re-issued as Gass.

01 - Kulu Se Mama
02 - Holy Woman
03 - Yes I Can
04 - Juju
05 - Black Velvet
06 - House For Sale
07 - Cold Light Of Day
08 - Cool Me Down

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Birth Control is a German Krautrock band known for their progressive hard-rock sound and provocative album covers. Birth Control formed in the middle of 1968 in Berlin from two other bands, the Earls and the Gents. The initial members were: Bernd Koschmidder (bass), Reinhold Sobotta (organ), Rolf Gurra (saxophone and vocals), Fritz Groeger (vocals), Klaus Orso (guitar), Reiner Borchert (guitar), and Hugo Egon Balder (percussion). After a series of disappointing albums in the early 1980s, the group disbanded, but reunited in 1993 with only drummer/lead vocalist/band leader Bernd 'Nossi' Noske remaining along with new members. The band continues to tour in Germany and release new albums periodically. As of recently, former members Peter Föller (bass, vocals) and Zeus B. Held (keyboards, reeds) from the band's classic period have been making special guest appearances at gigs.

01 - Stop Little Lady
02 - Just Before The Sun Will Rise
03 - The Work Is Done
04 - Flesh And Blood
05 - Pandemonium
06 - Let Us Do It Now

Category: Oldies | Views: 1624 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-11-27

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