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Warhorse were a band formed by former Deep Purple bassist Nick Simper. He had left Deep Purple in 1969 and joined Marsha Hunt's backup band. Not long after, Simper replaced her backing band with Ged Peck  on guitar and Mac Poole on drums. While this was going on, Simper would play in an extracurricular band along with Peck, Poole and singer Ashley Holt. When Hunt became pregnant, the band stopped touring and Simper and Peck re-organized the group as Warhorse. Holt became the band's singer, and they recruited keyboardist Rick Wakeman who proved unreliable. When their first demo was recorded in April 1970, Wakeman was replaced by Frank Wilson.

01 - Red Sea
02 - Back In Time
03 - Confident But Wrong
04 - Feeling Better
05 - Sybilla
06 - Mouthpiece
07 - I (Who Have Nothing)
08 - Ritual (Live)
09 - Bad Time (Demo)
10 - She Was My Friend (Demo)
11 - Gypsy Dancer (Demo)
12 - House Of The Dolls (Demo)
13 - Standing Right Behind You (Demo)

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Van der Graaf Generator, sometimes known by the shorter Van der Graaf, are an English progressive rock band. They were the first act signed to Charisma Records. The band achieved considerable success in Italy during the 1970s. In 2005 they embarked on a reunion, which continues to the present day.

01 - Afterwards
02 - Orthentian St. - Part1 & 2
03 - Running Back
04 - Into A Game
05 - Aerosol Grey Machine
06 - Black Smoke Yen
07 - Aguarian
08 - Necromancer
09 - Giant Squid
09 - Octopus

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Trees was an English folk rock band that existed between 1969 and 1972. Although the group met with little commercial success in their time, the reputation of the band has grown over the years. Like other folk contemporaries, Trees music was influenced by Fairport Convention, but with a heavier and more psychedelic edge. The group's material was divided between adaptations of traditional songs and original compositions.

01 - Soldiers Three
02 - Murdoch
03 - Streets Of Derry
04 - Sally Free And Easy
05 - Fool
06 - Adam's Toon
07 - Geordie
08 - While The Iron Is Hot
09 - Little Sadie
10 - Polly On The Shore

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A local St. Louis, Missouri band. Coming directly from playing live with some of the finest hard rock bands of the era, Touch entered the studio to record their only album in 1968, released the following year in a limited pressing of 100 LPs. This Gear Fab reissue collects that entire album with the original lineup's two non-LP 45s, three songs recorded by the altered post-LP lineup, and a couple cuts by the Essence, the latter day band of Touch leader Ray Schulte. As such, it is the complete collection of the band's intense, sometimes left-leaning psychedelia grounded in blues. Contains the complete original album STREET SUITE plus singles and previously unreleased recordings.

01 - Stormy Monday Blues
02 - Round Trip
03 - Day To Day Man
04 - Light My Fire
05 - Lady Of The Universe (Unreleased)
06 - The Magic Inside You (Unreleased)
07 - Rainbow (Unreleased)
08 - Happy Face
09 - Beginnings
10 - Get A Gun
11 - Catfish
12 - Got To Keep Travelin' On
13 - Let's Keep The Children On The Streets
14 - Motor City's Burning
15 - Gettin' Off

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Richard Barcelona (guitar, vocals), Daniel Derda (drums), Eddie Haddad (organ, piano, vocals), Keith John (bass, guitar), Dave Novogroski (drums). A late sixties Hollywood hippie type rock band. Barcelona and Keith later played in Edge, who issued an album in 1970. The American Revolution album, produced by Harley Hatcher, is quite heavily orchestrated with pleasant vocal harmonies, particularly on In The Late Afternoon, Rainbow In The Rain and Love Has Got Me Down. Some of the songs have a psychedelic taint, but it's predominantly rather good psych-pop.

01 - Cold Wisconsin Nights
02 - Rainbow In The Rain
03 - Prelude To Love
04 - Show Me How To Cry
05 - Crying Eyes And An Empty Heart
06 - Come On And Get It
07 - In The Late Afternoon
08 - Keeping Your Love
09 - Opus # 1
10 - Love Has Got Me Down

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Mind Garage is a five-man psychedelic rock and roll band from Morgantown, West Virginia, and progenitor of Christian rock music.
Christian rock music did not exist in 1967 for mainstream American media. As alternative styles of music developed "...Christian Rock Music began when Mind Garage recorded "Electric Liturgy".
By the end of 1968, the Mind Garage had performed the "Electric Liturgy" live more than a dozen times, in Episcopal, Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist and Methodist churches, each time with people dancing in the aisles. Each time, the services were attended by Christians and non Christians alike in a communal celebration of life.

01 - Ruby Rose
02 - Life
03 - Back Down Home
04 - Futher Back Down Home
05 - There Was A Time
06 - Sweet Potato
07 - Doctor John
08 - Never Leave Me
09 - Angel Asks
10 - What's Behind Those Eyes

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