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Sebastian is an obscure singer/songwriter from Ontario, or maybe a group leader, who signed a solo recording contract to release the above album. His songs in general are overproduced by Roy Dykhof, with orchestral (horn and string) arrangements by Roger Grevel. Although there are some good guitar leads here and there, the result is an unimpressive pop/rock sound, comparable to the British artist Barry Ryan. There are two longer tracks: Passages and Rays Of The Sun, produced by Sebastian himself, with real rock backing (guitar, bass, drums and piano) by his friends (or his real group?), that are outstanding! The first starts slow and melodic and then quickens in pace; the second is mid-tempo. The mood is psychedelic with piano breaks and excellent guitar leads. These two tracks really are worth a spin.(CA)

01 - Back In Love Again
02 - Love Time
03 - Elaine
04 - Passages
05 - Smile A Little
06 - Be What You Are
07 - Jubilation
08 - Through With Our Love
09 - Rays Of The Sun
10 - Now That It's Over

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Focus is a Dutch rock band. It was founded by classically trained organist/flautist Thijs van Leer in 1969, and is most famous for the songs "Hocus Pocus" and "Sylvia". The band have found renewed fame due to the use of "Hocus Pocus" by guitarist Gary Hoey on his 1993 album Animal Instinct, and as the theme for the Nike 2010 World Cup commercial, Write The Future, directed by the Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu. At the release of their first album Focus Plays Focus (aka In and Out of Focus) (1970), Focus comprised keyboardist and flutist Thijs van Leer, guitarist Jan Akkerman, bassist Martin Dresden, and drummer Hans Cleuver. The album was little noticed outside the Netherlands, where a small but avid fan base developed. Akkerman left the group to form another band with bassist Cyril Havermans and Pierre van der Linden, a drummer he had previously performed with in Johnny and the Cellar Rockers, The Hunters, and Brainbox. When Cleuver and Dresden left Focus shortly after, Van Leer joined Akkerman, Van der Linden, and Havermans as the new lineup of Focus.

01 - Focus...(Vocal)
02 - Black Beauty
03 - Sugar Island
04 - Anonymus
05 - House Of The King
06 - Happy Nightmare (Mescaline)
07 - Why Dream
08 - Focus (Instrumental)

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Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy is the seventh album, and eighth American album, by the British rock band The Who, released in 1971 as Track 2406 006 in the United Kingdom and as Decca DL 79184 in the United States. It is a compilation of singles, and entered the US chart on 20 November 1971, peaking at #11 on the Billboard 200. The LP entered the UK chart on 3 December 1971, peaking at #9. In 1987, Rolling Stone magazine ranked it #99 on their list of the 100 best albums of the period 1967–1987.

01 - I Can't Explain
02 - The Kids Are Alright
03 - Happy Jack
04 - I Can See For Miles
05 - Pictures Of Lily
06 - My Generation
07 - The Seeker
08 - Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
09 - Pinball Wizard
10 - A Legal Matter
11 - Boris The Spider
12 - Magic Bus
13 - Substitute
14 - I'm A Boy

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This pre-King Crimson aggregate involves the talents of Michael Giles (drums/vocals), Peter Giles (bass/vocals), and Robert Fripp (guitar/vocals) accompanied by a plethora of studio musicians -- most notably keyboardist Nicky Hopkins and backing vocalists the Breakaways. By any standards The Cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles & Fripp is one of the more eclectic albums to have been issued during the psychedelic rock movement of the late '60s. The album was initially issued in September of 1968 on the Decca Records subsidiary Deram -- whose releases were aimed specifically at the alternative or progressive rock market. That said, this disc is a far cry from the type of material that other artists on the label such as the Moody Blues, Caravan, or Pacific Drift were concurrently issuing. The original record album was divided into two sections: "The Saga of Rodney Toady" and "Just George," which were named after the respective spoken word pieces that link the musical works on the A- and B-sides. Musically, Giles, Giles & Fripp are wholly unlike anything before or since. Drawing upon folk, classical, pop, and even sacred music, each track brings a fresh listening experience. Among the highlights is the leadoff track, "North Meadow," which features some stunning fretwork from Fripp. Likewise, "Call Tomorrow" is a trippy noir tale involving an ambiguous practical joke. The classically influenced instrumental "Suite No. 1," as well as another one of Fripp's more esoteric compositions, "Erudite Eyes," likewise bear some semblance of sounds to come from the trio. While not everyone's cup of tea, there is a tremendous amount to enjoy on The Cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles & Fripp for those whose expectations are not of King Crimson, but rather of lighthearted and decidedly folksy English tales. Parties interested in this disc should likewise be advised of The Brondesbury Tapes, which is a collection of semiprofessional demos made by this trio and original Fairport Convention vocalist Judy Dyble (vocals) and soon-to-be King Crimson member Ian McDonald (flute/sax).

Saga of Rodney Toady

01 - North Meadow.mp3
02 - Newly-Weds.mp3
03 - One In A Million.mp3
04 - Call Tomorrow.mp3
05 - Digging My Lawn.mp3
06 - Little Children.mp3
07 - The Crukster.mp3
08 - Thursday Morning.mp3

Just George

09 - How Do They Know.mp3
10 - Elephant Song.mp3
11 - The Sun Is Shining.mp3
12 - Suite No. 1.mp3
13 - Erudite Eyes.mp3


14 - She Is Loaded (Previously Unreleased).mp3
15 - Under The Sky (Previously Unreleased).mp3
16 - One In A Million (Mono Single Version).mp3
17 - Newly-Weds (Mono Single Version).mp3
18 - Thursday Morning (Mono Single Version).mp3
19 - Thursday Morning (Stereo Single Version).mp3

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Wayne Fontana founded the band in 1963 with Bob Lang, Ric Rothwell, and Eric Stewart. The group was later joined by Grahame Foote. The name of the group was inspired by the title of a 1963 film, starring the British actor Sir Dirk Bogarde, called The Mind Benders. They released a few unsuccessful singles before recording "Um Um Um Um Um Um" in 1964, which was a major hit in Britain and led to a tour with Brenda Lee. They also had a #1 hit in the United States with "Game of Love". After a tour of America and some more unsuccessful singles, Fontana left the band in 1965. Eric, Rick, Wayne & Bob from 1965 is the third and las release of the band, renamed The Mindbenders the same year.

01 - Some Other Guy
02 - She's A Rebel
03 - Like I Did
04 - Memphis Tennessee
05 - It's Just A Little Bit Too Late
06 - The Shadow Knows
07 - I Remember Love
08 - Skinny Minnie
09 - Honey & Wine
10 - I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
11 - Please Stay
12 - Long Time Comin'
13 - The Game Of Love (Bonus)
14 - Since You've Been Gone (Bonus)
15 - She Needs Love (Bonus)
16 - Remind My Baby Of Me (Bonus)
17 - Walking On Air (Bonus)
18 - I'm Qualified (Bonus)

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George Bruno Money, known as Zoot Money is a British vocalist, keyboardist and bandleader best known for his playing of the Hammond organ and association with his Big Roll Band. Inspired by Jerry Lee Lewis and Ray Charles, he was drawn to rock and roll music and became a leading light in the vibrant music scene of Bournemouth and Soho during the 1960s. Money has been associated with Eric Burdon, Steve Marriott, Rocket 88, Snowy White, Mick Taylor, Spencer Davis, Geno Washington, Brian Joseph Friel, The Hard Travelers, Widowmaker and Alan Price. He is also known as a bit part and character actor. In 1961 Zoot Money formed the Big Roll Band, with himself as vocalist, Roger Collis on lead guitar, pianist Al Kirtley, bassist Mike "Monty" Montgomery and drummer Johnny Hammond. In 1962 drummer Pete Brookes replaced Hammond at the same time as bassist Johnny King and tenor sax player Kevin Drake joined the band. The Big Roll Band played soul, jazz and R&B, moving with musical trends as the now established R&B movement moved into the Swinging Sixties and became associated with the burgeoning "Soho scene". It Should've Been Me from 1965 is the debut album of the band.

01 - I'll Go Crazy
02 - Jump Back
03 - Alone Came John
04 - Back Door Blues
05 - It Should've Been Me
06 - Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
07 - My Wife Can't Cook
08 - Rags And Old Iron
09 - Cat
10 - Feelin' Sad
11 - Bright Lights Big City
12 - Fina
13 - Uncle Willie
14 - Good
15 - Bring It Home To Me
16 - Please Stay
17 - You Know You'll Cry
18 - Something Is Worrying Me
19 - Stubborn Kind Of Fellow
20 - Big Time Operator
21 - Zoot's Sermon
22 - It Should've Been Me (Alternate Take)

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Third Ear Band evolved within the London alternative and free-music scene of the mid 1960s. Members came from The Giant Sun Trolley and The People Band to create an improvised music drawing on Eastern raga forms, European folk, experimental and medieval influences. They recorded their first session in 1968 for Ron Geesin which was released under the pseudonym of The National-Balkan Ensemble on one side of a Standard Music Library disc. Their first actual album, Alchemy, was released on the EMI Harvest label in 1969, (featuring John Peel playing Jew's Harp on one track), followed by Air, Earth, Fire, Water (aka Elements) in 1970. They recorded two soundtracks, the first in 1970 for an animated film by Fuchs of Abelard and Heloise (which first saw release as part of Luca Ferrari's Necromancers of the Drifting West Sonic Book in 1997) and then in 1971 for Roman Polanski's film of Macbeth. After various later incarnations and albums they finally disbanded in 1993 owing to leader and percussionist Glen Sweeney's ongoing health problems. They also opened The Rolling Stones Free Concert at Hyde Park on 5 July 1969. Paul Minns – oboe, recorder, Mel Davis - cello, pipe, Glen Sweeney – chimes, drums, tabla, wind chimes, hand drums, Richard Coff – violin, viola, Dave Tomlin - violin and John Peel - harmonica, Jew's Harp.

01 - Mosaic
02 - Ghetto Raga
03 - Druid One
04 - Stone Circle
05 - Egyptian Book Of The Dead
06 - Area Three
07 - Dragon Lines
08 - Lark Rise

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Focus is a Dutch rock band. It was founded by classically trained organist/flautist Thijs van Leer in 1969, and is most famous for the songs "Hocus Pocus" and "Sylvia". The band have found renewed fame due to the use of "Hocus Pocus" by guitarist Gary Hoey on his 1993 album Animal Instinct, and as the theme for the Nike 2010 World Cup commercial, Write The Future, directed by the Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu. Focus 3 is a double-album by Focus, which was released in 1972, peaking #6 on the UK charts. It includes "Sylvia", a worldwide hit that reached #4 on the UK charts and #89 on the US charts. It also contains "House of the King", a single originally from 1970, which was later included on the CD version of Focus' first album, Focus Plays Focus (In and Out of Focus). "House of the King" was not, as is often believed, re-recorded for Focus III. This is the CD release from 1991. Thijs van Leer – keyboards, flute, piccolo, recorder, vocals, Jan Akkerman – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lute, Bert Ruiter – bass guitar and Pierre van der Linden – drums

01 - Round Goes The Gossip
02 - Love Remembered
03 - Sylvia
04 - Carnival Fugue
05 - Focus III
06 - Answers Questions! Questions Answers!
07 - Elspeth Of Nottingham
08 - Anonymus Two

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Chicago is the second album by the band. It was released in 1970 after the band had shortened its name from The Chicago Transit Authority after releasing their same-titled debut album the previous year. Although the official title of the album is Chicago, it came to be retroactively known as Chicago II, keeping it in line with the succession of roman numeral-titled albums that officially began with Chicago III in 1971. While The Chicago Transit Authority was a success, Chicago is considered by many to be Chicago's breakthrough album, yielding a number of Top 40 hits, including "Make Me Smile" (#9), "Colour My World" (#7), and "25 or 6 to 4" (#4). The centerpiece of the album was the thirteen-minute song cycle "Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon". In addition, guitarist Terry Kath also participated in an extended classically styled piece in four separate songs. The politically outspoken Robert Lamm also tackles his qualms with "It Better End Soon", another modular piece. Peter Cetera, later to play a crucial role in the band's music, contributed his first song to Chicago and this album, "Where Do We Go From Here". Released in January 1970 on Columbia Records, Chicago was an instant hit, reaching #4 in the US and #6 in the UK and has gone on to become - perhaps - the band's most revered album.

Disc 1

01 - Movin' In
02 - The Road
03 - Poem For The People
04 - In The Country
05 - Wake Up Sunshine
06 - Make Me Smile
07 - So Much To Say, So Much To Give
08 - Anxiety's Moment
09 - West Virginia Fantasies
10 - Colour My World
11 - To Be Free
12 - Now More Than Ever

Disc 2

01 - Fancy Colours
02 - 25 Or 6 To 4
03 - Prelude
04 - A.M. Mourning
05 - P.M. Mourning
06 - Memories Of Love
07 - It Better End Soon - 1st Movement
08 - It Better End Soon - 2nd Movement
09 - It Better End Soon - 3rd Movement
10 - It Better End Soon - 4th Movement
11 - Where Do We Go From Here

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Camel are an English progressive rock band formed in 1971. An important group in the Canterbury scene, they have been releasing studio and live recordings steadily, with considerable success, since their formation. Andrew Latimer (guitar), Andy Ward (drums) and Doug Ferguson (bass) had been playing as a trio called The Brew around the Guildford, Surrey area of England. On February 20th, 1971, they auditioned to be the back-up band to singer/songwriter Phillip Goodhand-Tait and released an album with him in August 1971 titled "I Think I'll Write a Song" on DJM Records. This would be their first and last album with Goodhand-Tait. They recruited Peter Bardens (keyboards) and after an initial gig to fulfill a Bardens commitment on 8 October 1971 in Belfast, Northern Ireland under the name of Peter Bardens' On, they changed their name to Camel. Their first gig was at Waltham Forest Technical College, London supporting Wishbone Ash on 4 December. Camel is the first studio album by the band. It was released in 1973. Although most fans agree the best was yet to come (e.g. Mirage, The Snow Goose and Moonmadness), Camel's debut album contains some of their most beloved songs, including "Never Let Go," "Slow Yourself Down," and the instrumental "Arubaluba" which, along with "Mystic Queen," perhaps most anticipates the sound the band would refine on their classic albums The Snow Goose and Moonmadness.

01 - Slow Yourself Down
02 - Mystic Queen
03 - Six Ate
04 - Separation
05 - Never Let Go
06 - Curiosity
07 - Arubaluba

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Curved Air are a pioneering British progressive rock group formed in 1970, by musicians who came from quite different artistic backgrounds, classic, folk, and electronic sound, which resulted in a mixture of progressive rock, folk rock, and fusion with classical elements. Along with High Tide, It's A Beautiful Day and East of Eden, Curved Air were one of the first bands after The Velvet Underground and It's a Beautiful Day to feature a violin. Considered "one of the most dramatically accomplished of all the bands lumped into Britain's late-'60s prog explosion" (AMG), Curved Air released eight studio albums (the first three became the UK Top 20 hits) and had a hit single with "Back Street Luv" (1971) which reached #4 in the UK Singles Chart. Airconditioning was the November 1970 debut album by Curved Air. It reached number 8 in the UK albums chart in December, 1970.

01 - It Happened Today
02 - Stretch
03 - Screw
04 - Blind Man
05 - Vivaldi
06 - Hide And Seek
07 - Propositions
08 - Rob One
09 - Situations
10 - Vivaldi With Cannons

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Fanny were a late 1960s, early 1970s American all-women band, led by June Millington. They were pioneers as one of the first rock bands to feature all women, and the second to sign to a major record label, behind Goldie & the Gingerbreads. They hit the Top 40 twice, with "Charity Ball" in 1971 and "Butter Boy" in 1975, peaking at #40 and #29 in the Billboard Hot 100, respectively. Fanny were the first all-female band to release an album on a major label. Fanny was formed by guitarist June Millington, her sister and bassist Jean Millington, drummer Alice de Buhr, and keyboardist Nickey Barclay. The group signed with Warner Bros imprint Reprise Records in 1969, and released five albums by 1973. Mother's Pride from 1973, was produced by Todd Rundgren,

01 - Last Night I Had A Dream
02 - Long Road Home
03 - Old Hat
04 - Solid Gold
05 - Is It Really You
06 - All Mine
07 - Summer Song
08 - Polecat Blues
09 - Beside Myself
10 - Regular Guy
11 - I Need You Need Me
12 - Feelings
13 - I'm Satisfied

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Baker Gurvitz Army was an English hard rock band. Former The Gun and Three Man Army members, Paul Gurvitz and Adrian Gurvitz joined forces with ex-Cream drummer Ginger Baker in 1974. Things had not been going too well for Ginger Baker since the demise of his own band Ginger Baker's Air Force. The Gurvitz Brothers, too, were looking for a new way ahead after the early success of their band The Gun. When Cream split up in 1968, Ginger Baker was invited to join Blind Faith, which formed the following year. This was not such a successful venture and following its demise, Ginger decided to put together his own outfit, Ginger Baker's Airforce, in 1970. This huge band included many of his friends and favourite musicians like Graham Bond, Phil Seamen, Denny Laine and Steve Winwood. The band recorded two 'live' albums, but eventually the whole project became too costly. In 1974, though, it seemed he could use his greatest talent in the Baker Gurvitz Army. Their first album was released the same year and featured a dynamic mixture of heavy rock, guitar themes propelled by Baker's irrepressible drumming. Ginger Baker - Drums, Percussion and Vocals, Adrian Gurvitz - Guitar and vocals, Paul Gurvitz - Bass guitar and vocals, Mr Snips (Steve Parsons) - Vocals and Peter Lemer - keyboards.

01 - Inside Of Me
02 - Love Is
03 - The Hustler
04 - Time
05 - Space Machine
06 - The Artist
07 - Freedom
08 - Remember
09 - People

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East of Eden was a British progressive rock band, who had a Top 10 hit in the UK with the single, "Jig-a-Jig", in 1971. The track became something of a stylistic albatross around the band's neck, since it did not resemble their usual sound or anything else they normally played. Although some might consider this group as being a symphonic progressive band, others state that their style is mostly jazz oriented. Combining flutes, violins and tape loops to folk, gypsy and psychedelic music, the East of Eden style was always heavily supported on a pure rock base; strong and experimental. East Of Eden were formed in Bristol by Dave Arbus, Ron Caines, Geoff Nicholson and Geoff Britton. They relocated to London in 1968 and were signed to Decca's progressive rock label Deram, releasing their first album "Mercator Projected" in 1969. New Leaf is the third release of the band.

01 - Bradshaw The Bison Hanter
02 - Ain't Gonna Do You No Harm
03 - Get Happy
04 - Don't Be Afraid
05 - Man Said
06 - Song For No One
07 - Joe
08 - Nothin' To Do
09 - Road Song
10 - Home Blues
11 - Jig A Jig [Bonus Track]
12 - Boogie Woogie Flu [Bonus Track]
13 - Last Dance Of The Clown [Bonus Track]
14 - Sin City Girls [Bonus Track]
15 - All Our Yesterdays [Bonus Track]

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Cactus is an American hard rock supergroup, formed in 1970. Cactus was initially conceived as early as late 1969 by the Vanilla Fudge rhythm section of bassist Tim Bogert and drummer Carmine Appice with guitarist Jeff Beck and singer Rod Stewart (also from the already dissolved Jeff Beck Group). However, Beck had an automobile accident and was out of the music scene for over a year and Stewart joined Ronnie Wood in Faces. Early 1970 Appice and Bogert brought in blues guitarist Jim McCarty from Mitch Ryder's Detroit Wheels and The Buddy Miles Express, and singer Rusty Day from Amboy Dukes. Cactus is the first album by the band, released in 1970 under the Atco label. It includes original songs as well as cover of Mose Allison's version of a blues standard, "Parchman Farm" and another one, Willie Dixon's "You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover".

01 - Parchman Farm
02 - My Lady From South Of Detroit
03 - Bro. Bill
04 - You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover
05 - Let Me Swin
06 - No Need To Worry
07 - Oleo
08 - Feel So Good

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If was a progressive rock band formed in Britain in 1969. Referred to by Billboard as "unquestionably the best of the so-called jazz-rock bands", in the period spanning 1970-1975, they produced 8 studio-recorded albums and did some 17 tours of Europe, the US and Canada. Waterfall is another fine release from this unjustly ignored jazz-rock aggregation from the U.K. This transitional release, with half the tracks featuring the original lineup and the other half with a new rhythm section, is structured much the same as their earlier albums, with extended instrumental solos tucked inside of pop-rock structured songs. Although a couple of generic-sounding rock albums followed under the If name, Waterfall was, for all intents and purposes, the end of the band. Cliff Davies - Drums, John Mealing - Organ, Piano, Dick Morrissey - Flute, Soprano, Sax (Tenor), Vocals, Dave Quincy - Alto, Piano (Electric), Sax (Tenor), Dave Wintour - Bass, Vocals and Jim Richardson - Bass.

01 - Waterfall
02 - The Light Still Shines
03 - Sector 17
04 - Paint Your Pictures
05 - Cast No Shadows
06 - Throw Myself To The Wind
07 - You In Your Small Corner
08 - Waterfall (Single Version)
09 - Waterfall (Radio Version)

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Fair Weather was a British rock band formed in 1970 by former Amen Corner guitarist and vocalist, Andy Fairweather Low. They are best known for their track, "Natural Sinner". The band evolved from a split within Amen Corner. While saxophone players Alan Jones and Mike Smith went on to form Judas Jump, Fairweather Low led Dennis Byron (drums), Blue Weaver (organ), Clive Taylor (bass) and Neil Jones (guitar) into the new band, Fair Weather. The band scored a UK Singles Chart Number 6 hit with "Natural Sinner"/"Haven't I Tried (To Be A Good Man)" in 1970 and recorded one album, Beginning From An End. From the latter were drawn three more singles, "Lay It On Me"/"Looking for the Red Label Pt. 2", "Tutti Frutti"/"Road To Freedom" and "Poor Man's Bum A Run"/"Don't Mess With Cupid". None charted and Fair Weather disbanded in 1971.

01 - God Cried Mother
02 - Don't Mess With Cupid
03 - Dead And Past
04 - I Hear You Knockin'
05 - You Ain't No Friend
06 - Sit And Think
07 - Looking For The Red Label
08 - Poor Man's Bum A Run
09 - Natural Sinner
10 - Haven't I Tried
11 - Tutti Frutti
12 - Road To Freedom
13 - Lay It On Me
14 - Looking For The Red Label Part 2

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Heavy Psychedelic Rock/Jazz Rock band from Birmingham, Warwickshire, UK. Some sources say that Hannibal is the continuation of Bakerloo Blues Line (later Bakerloo) but these two bands were trios, and the line-up is totally different, with no common members with Hannibal. Alex Boyce (vocals), Jack Griffiths (bass), Bill Hunt (Hammond and french horn), Adrian Ingram (guitar), John Parkes (drums) and Cliff Williams (saxo and clarinet). "Their sole album, has become a minor collectable and is a Van der Graaf Generator-style progressive, housed in an odd gatefold sleeve. The vocalist is strongly influenced by Family's Roger Chapman whilst their music is strong, pleasant, jazz rock."(OPP)

01 - Look Upon Me
02 - Winds Of Change
03 - Bend For A Friend
04 - 1066
05 - Wet Legs
06 - Winter

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"Baby Grandmothers were a short-lived Swedish band, but one of the most prolific and unique psychedelic, modal, experimental power-trios to emerge out of the Scandinavian psychedelic underground-scene in 1967. Recommended highly for all fans of raw psychedelic, reactive improvisational imaginative rock music, and also those interested of original 1960's Swedish "Prog" scene. This CD is only available together with the book "The Encyclopedia of Swedish Progressive Music 1967-1979". All track was previously unreleased and was recorded by Anders Lind at the Filips café, Stockholm, sep. 30th, 1967. Kenny Håkansson / guitars, Pelle Ekman / drums and Bella Linnarsson / bass.

01 - Opus 1 Ascending
02 - Opus 2 Floating
03 - Opus 3 Descending

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Alexander's Timeless Bloozband was a Psych Rock/Blues Rock band from San Diego, formed by Charles Lamont, Carl Lockhart and Larry Marks. "Most of the band was from the South Bay - Surfers from Manhattan, Hermosa & Redondo Beaches". "They played in the Ventura/Santa Barbara area a lot circa 1967" This album is pretty crude. It’s recorded live (though there’s no audience sounds) and has a sleazy blues vibe that’s kind of appealing even though the music is only OK. There are a few standards, including "Killing Floor” and a jazzy instrumental take on "My Favorite Things.” There’s one great rock song, "Sloppy Drunk,” that has a Pretty Things-like vocal and some terrific, wild, loud lead guitar.[AM]

01  - Love So Strong
02  - Horn Song
03  - Plastic Is Organic
04  - Swannanoa Tunnel
05  - Rosie
06  - Front Man
07  - Tight Rope Walker
08  - Life
09  - Darlin'
10  - Help Me
11  - Firefly

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