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Tramp were a British blues band active during the late 1960s and early 1970s on an intermittent basis. This on/off activity and the loose, transient nature of the band's line-up were reflected in the group's name. The line-up centred around the brother-sister pairing of Dave Kelly and Jo Ann Kelly, and included various members of Fleetwood Mac, plus various session musicians. The band released two albums; Tramp in 1969, and Put A Record On in 1974. All members participated in many other projects before, after and even during their time with Tramp. Dave Kelly - vocals, guitar, Jo Ann Kelly - vocals, Bob Brunning - bass guitar, Mick Fleetwood - drums, Danny Kirwan - guitar, Bob Hall - piano, Dave Brooks - saxophone and Ian Morton - percussion.

01 - Too Late For That Now
02 - Now I Aint A Junkie Anymore
03 - What You Gonna Do
04 - Like You Used To Do
05 - You Gotta Move
06 - Put A Record On
07 - Funky Money
08 - Beggar By Your Side
09 - Maternity Orders
10 - It's Over

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Great Progressive Rock band from the UK. Taking their name from Mervyn Peake's gothic fantasy novel, Titus Groan was a quartet lead by guitar/keyboardist and singer Stewart Cowell and wind player Tony Priestland. Their sound approaches the early UK prog (sometimes called proto-prog), all tracks being over 5 minutes long and often fronted by wind instruments is promising, but ultimately deceiving as the songs lack depth. Centred around the great 12-mins Hall Of Bright Carvings track (also a Peake theme), the album was released in early 1970 on the collectible Dawn label Titus Groan also release a three track single the same year, all three tracks appearing as bonus on the See For Miles label CD reissue, being named Titus Groan Plus. Stuart Cowell - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals, John Lee - Bass, Tony Priestland - Saxophone, Flute, Oboe and Jim Toomey - Drums

01 - It Wasn't For You
02 - Hall Of Bright Carvings
03 - I Can't Change
04 - It's All Up With Us
05 - Fuschia

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Gordion Knot was a short-lived band from southern California, by way of Mississippi. They released only one album,"Tones" a terrific soft rock/harmony pop effort produced by Clark Burroughs of the Hi-Los. The group formed at the University of Mississippi and was led by ex-Mississippi all-American quarterback/guitarist/lead vocalist Jim Weatherly, a native of Pontotoc, MI. The group caught their biggest break after they appeared at a party thrown by Nancy Sinatra, who apparently liked them so much that she asked them to accompany her on a USO trip to Vietnam. According to their liner notes, they were "one of the few groups since the Beatles to possess genuine charm...not a phony showbiz glucose charm, but the real thing." The bulk of the songs for their album were written by Weatherly, and have a edgier, husky country-rock vibe compared with those written by Leland Russell, whose beautiful tunes are comparatively similar to the Association (Burroughs, it should be pointed out, was also a vocal arranger on the Association’s "Insight Out” and "Waterbeds In Trinadad” albums). "One Way Street” is the band's lone obligatory jug band entry. The band also appeared as themselves in a 1968 MGM teensploitation flick called ”Young Runaways”, performing an original entitled "Ophelia’s Dream”. (STP)

01 - It's Gonna Take A Lot
02 - We Must Be Doing Somethin' Right
03 - Strong Wind Blowin'
04 - One Way Street
05 - Carnival Lights, Again
06 - Carraway Stream
07 - The World Keeps Spinnin'
08 - The Year Of The Sun
09 - I Can't Be Hurt Anymore
10 - If Only I Could Fly
11 - Broken Down Ole Merry-Go-Round

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In 1972, five young men ranging in ages between 14-17 traveled to Atlanta from very rural Tennessee to record a very outstanding Psychedelic album. Only 500 copies were ever pressed, and most of them were destroyed in a fire. Lost in time garage band with a primitive sound and very basic songs; should appeal to fans of Cykle and New Dawn. Prominent use of fuzz bass gives an original edge, while the lead guitarist and drummer work frantically within their limited capabilities. Charming teen vocals and some atypical lyrics about Vietnam and dope legislation. Pretty cool, though mainly for fans of local early 70s amateur sounds. Very short playtime. According to the band, 350 copies were destroyed in a house fire in 1981. (AA)

01 - Flying
02 - Power City
03 - Look What You Done To Me
04 - Speak Freely
05 - Scenic Void
06 - Holding On
07 - Can't Leave It This Way
08 - I'm Calling Chicago

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Very pro-sounding 1970s Christian hippie folkrock LP with a slicker sound than universally loved Jesus rock monsters like Kristyl et al. Impressive vocal harmonies manage to convey a wide range of emotions within the realm of an elaborate production. Other notable features include typical 70s keyboard wizardry, some good guitar, and intricate Third Estate-style arrangements that occasionally stray into the overambitious. Includes a cover of "One in spirit", rest is group originals.

01 - Prologue
02 - Kingdom
03 - Change
04 - One In The Spirit
05 - Share
06 - Country Tune
07 - Joy Of Salvation
08 - Truth
09 - Free
10 - Epilogue


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Fred Neil was an American folk singer-songwriter in the 1960s and early 1970s. He did not achieve commercial success as a performer, and is mainly known through other people's recordings of his material. Though highly regarded by contemporary folk singers, he was reluctant to tour, and mainly spent the last 30 years of his life assisting with the preservation of dolphins. Fred Neil is the 1966 2nd album from Fred Neil. The album has a more laid-back sound than his debut, and contains his legendary songs "Everybody's Talkin' " and "The Dolphins". It was re-released in 1969 under the title Everybody's Talkin' in response to the international success of the soundtrack of the movie Midnight Cowboy, which made a hit of the new title track for Harry Nilsson. Music journalist Richie Unterberger characterizes the album as Neil's "best", and it was listed in the first (2005) edition of the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, edited by Robert Dimery.

01 - The Dolphins
02 - I've Got A Secret (Didn't We Shake Sugaree)
03 - That's The Bag I'm In
04 - Badi-Da
05 - Faretheewell (Fred's Tune)
06 - Everybody's Talkin'
07 - Everything Happens
08 - Sweet Cocaine
09 - Green Rocky Road
10 - Cynicrustpetefredjohn Raga

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Category: Oldies | Views: 1681 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2011-06-18

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