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Robert Gaston "Bobby" Fuller was an American rock singer, songwriter, and guitar player best known for his singles "I Fought the Law" and "Love's Made a Fool of You," recorded with his mid-1960s group, the Bobby Fuller Four. Born in Baytown, Texas, Fuller spent most of his youth in El Paso, Texas. He idolized fellow West Texan Buddy Holly, and pursued his own music career as a vocalist and guitarist. During the early 1960s, he played in clubs and bars, and recorded on independent record labels in Texas, with a constantly changing line-up. The only constant band members were Fuller and his younger brother, Randy Fuller on bass. Most of these independent releases (except two songs recorded at the studio of Norman Petty in Clovis), and an excursion to Yucca Records, also in New Mexico, were recorded in the Fullers' own home studio, with Fuller acting as the producer. He even built a primitive echo chamber in the back yard. The quality of the recordings, using a couple of microphones and a mixing board purchased from a local radio station, was so impressive that he offered the use of his 'studio' to local acts for free so he could hone his production skills. Fuller moved to Los Angeles in 1964 with his band, and was signed to Mustang Records by producer Bob Keane, who was noted for discovering Ritchie Valens and producing many surf music groups. By this time, the group consisted of Fuller and his brother Randy on vocals/guitar and bass respectively, Jim Reese on guitar and DeWayne Quirico (later replaced by Dalton Powell) on drums. KRLA King Of The Wheels from 1965 is the debut album for Mustang Records. In 1966, Fuller was found dead in an automobile parked outside his Hollywood apartment.

01 - Love's Made A Fool Of You
02 - Don't Ever Let Me Know
03 - My True Love
04 - The Magic Touch
05 - I'm A Lucky Guy
06 - She's My Girl
07 - King Of The Wheels
08 - The Lonely Dragster
09 - The Phantom Dragster
10 - Krla Top Eliminator
11 - Thunder Reef
12 - Wolfman

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The Electric Flag was a blues rock soul group, led by guitarist Mike Bloomfield, keyboardist Barry Goldberg and drummer Buddy Miles, and featuring other well-known musicians such as vocalist Nick Gravenites and bassist Harvey Brooks. Bloomfield formed the Electric Flag in 1967, following his stint with the Butterfield Blues Band. The band reached its peak with the 1968 release, A Long Time Comin', a fusion of rock, jazz, and R&B styles that charted well in the Billboard Pop Albums chart. Their initial recording was a soundtrack for The Trip, a movie about an LSD experience by Peter Fonda, written by Jack Nicholson, and directed by Roger Corman. An American Music Band from 1968 was the third release of The Electric Flag and was led by Buddy Miles, after Bloomfield and Goldberg left the band.

01 - Soul Searchin'
02 - Sunny
03 - With Time There Is Change
04 - Nothing To Do
05 - See To Your Neighbor
06 - Qualified
07 - Hey Little Girl
08 - Mystery
09 - My Woman That Hangs Around The House

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Psych-pop supergroup The Moon, was formed by a Beach Boy (David Marks), an Arrow (Larry Brown of Davie Allan & the Arrows) and the garage rock legend Matthew Moore. The band moved into Continental Recorders in Hollywood and recorded Moon Without Earth in 1968 and Moon in 1969 for Imperial. Marks has since admitted that they recorded both albums under the influence of LSD. Moon would disband sometime shortly after the release of these albums, neither of which had any successful singles. Although relatively unheard at the time of their release, they have since become favorites of psychedelic collectors. Matthew Moore, Larry Brown, David Marks,  Drew Bennett, and Dave Jackson

01 - Mothers And Fathers
02 - Pleasure
03 - I Should Be Dreaming
04 - Brother Lou's Love Colony
05 - Got To Be On My Way
06 - Someday Girl
07 - Papers
08 - Faces
09 - Never Mind
10 - Give Me More
11 - She's On My Mind
12 - Walking Around

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The Complete Recordings 1967, 1970 & 1998, is the sole album of the Rock band Extreem. There is little information about the band, and this is confused with the history of Budgie, because they had members in common and were contemporary. The band truly existed as Extreem, and its members were divided later between Judas Priest and Budgie. This album was recorded in 1967,1970 and 1998 at Zella Studios, Birmingham and released in Japan in 1999. The only release during the life of the band was the single On The Beach/Don't Ignore Me from 1967.

01 - From Out Of The Sky
02 - Desolation City
03 - Mal's Got The Blues
04 - Meet On The Ledge
05 - Some Lover
06 - Day Tripper
07 - Can't Stop Loving You
08 - Dreaming
09 - On The Beach (Bonus - 1967)
10 - Don't You Ignore Me (Bonus - 1967)
11 - Borderline (Bonus Track - 1998)
12 - Your Eyes (Bonus Track - 1998)

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Sebastian is an obscure singer/songwriter from Ontario, or maybe a group leader, who signed a solo recording contract to release the above album. His songs in general are overproduced by Roy Dykhof, with orchestral (horn and string) arrangements by Roger Grevel. Although there are some good guitar leads here and there, the result is an unimpressive pop/rock sound, comparable to the British artist Barry Ryan. There are two longer tracks: Passages and Rays Of The Sun, produced by Sebastian himself, with real rock backing (guitar, bass, drums and piano) by his friends (or his real group?), that are outstanding! The first starts slow and melodic and then quickens in pace; the second is mid-tempo. The mood is psychedelic with piano breaks and excellent guitar leads. These two tracks really are worth a spin.(CA)

01 - Back In Love Again
02 - Love Time
03 - Elaine
04 - Passages
05 - Smile A Little
06 - Be What You Are
07 - Jubilation
08 - Through With Our Love
09 - Rays Of The Sun
10 - Now That It's Over

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Focus is a Dutch rock band. It was founded by classically trained organist/flautist Thijs van Leer in 1969, and is most famous for the songs "Hocus Pocus" and "Sylvia". The band have found renewed fame due to the use of "Hocus Pocus" by guitarist Gary Hoey on his 1993 album Animal Instinct, and as the theme for the Nike 2010 World Cup commercial, Write The Future, directed by the Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu. At the release of their first album Focus Plays Focus (aka In and Out of Focus) (1970), Focus comprised keyboardist and flutist Thijs van Leer, guitarist Jan Akkerman, bassist Martin Dresden, and drummer Hans Cleuver. The album was little noticed outside the Netherlands, where a small but avid fan base developed. Akkerman left the group to form another band with bassist Cyril Havermans and Pierre van der Linden, a drummer he had previously performed with in Johnny and the Cellar Rockers, The Hunters, and Brainbox. When Cleuver and Dresden left Focus shortly after, Van Leer joined Akkerman, Van der Linden, and Havermans as the new lineup of Focus.

01 - Focus...(Vocal)
02 - Black Beauty
03 - Sugar Island
04 - Anonymus
05 - House Of The King
06 - Happy Nightmare (Mescaline)
07 - Why Dream
08 - Focus (Instrumental)

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Category: Oldies | Views: 1897 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2011-05-12

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