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Carpenters were a vocal and instrumental duo, consisting of siblings  Karen and Richard Carpenter.  Carpenters were the #1 selling American music act of the 1970s. Though often referred to by the public as "The Carpenters", the duo's official name on authorized recordings and press materials is simply "Carpenters", without the definite article. During a period in the 1970s when louder and wilder rock  was in great demand, Richard and Karen produced a distinctively soft musical style that made them among the best-selling music artists  of all time. Ticket to Ride is the first album by Carpenters. At the time of its release in 1969 under the name Offering, it was a commercial failure and produced only one minor hit single - "Ticket to Ride", a ballad version of a song made famous by The Beatles. After the Carpenters' breakthrough however, the album was re-issued internationally under the name Ticket to Ride and sold moderately.

01 - Invocation
02 - Your Wonderful Parade
03 - Someday
04 - Get Together
05 - All Of My Life
06 - Turn Away
07 - Ticket To Ride
08 - Don't Be Afraid
09 - What's The Use
10 - All I Can Do
11 - Eve
12 - Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
13 - Benediction

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Wigwam is a Finnish progressive rock band formed in 1968 after the split of the seminal Blues Section, with whom drummer Ronnie Österberg had played before. He formed the band as a trio, but soon brought in British expatriate singer/songwriter Jim Pembroke (also in BS) and organist Jukka Gustavson. A year later, Pekka Pohjola joined on bass. Kim Fowley produced Wigwam's second album Tombstone Valentine (1970). This album also featured an excerpt of Erkki Kurenniemi's electronic composition 'Dance of the Anthropoids'. The 1974 album Being is often called Wigwam's masterpiece. After its release, though, Pohjola and Gustavson quit the band. Hard N' Horny is the debut album.

01 - 633 Jesu Fåglar
02 - Pidäan Sinusta
03 - En Aio Paeta
04 - Neron Muistolle; Hyvää Yötä
05 - Guardian Angel, The Future
06 - No Pens, Ei Karsinoita
07 - Henry's Mountain Range Or Thereabouts
08 - Henry's Geographical And Astronomical Mistakes
09 - Henry's Highway Code
10 - Henry's Ghastly And Diabolical Mistakes
11 - Henry's Cancelled Holiday Plans
12 - Henry's Concentration Camp Brochure
13 - Henry's Ears, Eyes, Girlfriend And Feet
14 - Henry's Hard And Horny All-Niter
15 - Henry's Milk Round In The Morning

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Haymarket Square was a Chicago-based psychedelic rock band in the late sixities. The band's name is a reference to the 1886 Haymarket Square Riot, in which eight policemen were killed and seven workers sentenced to death. The album, Magic Lantern (originally issued in 1968) was a major hit, and is well considered by fans of psychedelic rock music even today. The music of the album was used to accompany the original Baron and Bailey Light Circus in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. The album was reissued by Gear Fab Records in 2001. Gloria Lambert -Vocal, Marc Swenson -Guitar, Vocal, Robert (Bob) Homa -Bass, vocal, John Kowalski- Percussion.

01 - Elevator
02 - The Train Kept A-Rollin'
03 - Ahimsa
04 - Amapola
05 - Phantasmagoria
06 - Funeral

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Though this obscure 1970 LP falls into the general folk-psych-rock category, its focus is so all-over-the-place that it's hard to get a read on it. The group are British, but at times the record seems very influenced by the poppiest side of American folk-rock, particularly in the blends of male and female vocal harmonies, which are extremely reminiscent of the Mamas & the Papas' approach in places. Yet there are also songs that have a more specifically British, gentle reserved acoustic quality; a character portrait of "Mr. Jones" with a whimsical British feel; and occasional off-the-wall burning fuzzy psychedelic guitar. At its most mature, it's slightly similar to, if an obscure reference point is allowed, the folk-prog-rock recordings that Giles, Giles & Fripp made as they were morphing into King Crimson (though not nearly as inspired). At its sappiest and most cooing, it could almost pass for a Californian sunshine pop recording. What the songs lack, however, are memorable choruses, or much cohesion between the parts, although the individual parts (especially the female vocalists' contributions) are often pretty. File under the section with the many stylistically confused rock bands of the period who had some talent and tried hard to say something important, but didn't quite have the goods.(OoD)

01 - Flying - Love you more than it's good for me to - Nostrils
02 - She brings the morning with her
03 - Back to Boulder
04 - Traveller
05 - See saw
06 - Mini splurge - Mr. Jones - Is that good that's nice
07 - Clocks - Hey I used to know you
08 - Unknown journey
09 - Leave me be
10 - Clown

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McGuinness Flint was a rock band formed in 1970 by Tom McGuinness, former bassist and guitarist  with Manfred Mann, and Hughie Flint, former drummer with John Mayall; plus vocalist and keyboard player Dennis Coulson, and multi-instrumentalists and songwriters  Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle. With a varying subsequent line-up, "they earned a loyal following in Britain, but in the United States they were scarcely more than a cult act, despite a top-flight lineup and a sound that should have been a natural for the era".  After a succession of excellent albums, the band eventually split in 1975. Between 1970 & 1971, McGuinness Flint recorded several sessions for BBC Radio 1. The best of these are Malt & Barley Blues, compiled by Tom McGuinness in 2002.

01 - Lazy Afternoon
02 - Bodang Buck
03 - Mister Mister
04 - Heritage
05 - Letting You Know
06 - Let It Ride
07 - Dream, Darling Dream
08 - When I'm Dead And Gone
09 - Brother Psycho
10 - Who You Got To Love
11 - International
12 - Malt And Barley Blues
13 - Rock On

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In 1968, Canterbury Glass recorded six tracks in London for an album that went unreleased at the time, the group disbanding after interest from a couple record labels fell through. Nearly 40 years later, many of the tapes were rediscovered and issued on this CD. Valerie Watson - Vocals, Flute, Harmonica, Malcolm Ironton - Guitar, Vocal, Mike Hall - Keyboards, Guitar, Tony Proto - Bass, Vocal, David Dowle - Drums, Steve Hackett - Guitar. This was Steve Hackett's (Genesis) first band.

01 - Kyrie
02 - Nunc Dimittis
03 - Gloria
04 - Prologue
05 - We`re Going To Beat It

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Joy of Cooking was an American folk-rock band, formed in 1967 in Berkeley, California. It was unusual in that it was led by two women - pianist Toni Brown and guitarist Terry Garthwaite (also known as Ruby Green). The rest of the band consisted of bass guitarist David Garthwaite (Terry's Brother), drummer Fritz Kasten and percussion player Ron Wilson. Keyboard player Stevie Roseman replaced Toni Brown for a time and bass players Happy Smith and eventually Jeff Neighbor replaced David Garthwaite on bass guitar. The music was a mix of "hippy" sensibility on blues and folk roots, and the lyrics often reflected feminist  or environmental themes. Joy of Cooking recorded three albums with Capitol Records, this is the 1971 debut album

01 - Hush
02 - Too Late, But Not Forgotten
03 - Down My Dream
04 - If Some God (Sometimes You Gotta Go Home)
05 - Did You Go Downtown
06 - Dancing Couple
07 - Brownsville Mockingbird
08 - Red Wine At Noon
09 - Only Time Will Tell Me
10 - Children's House

Category: Oldies | Views: 1171 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-07-16

Dion & the Belmonts was a leading American  vocal group of the late 1950s. The group formed when Dion DiMucci, lead singer, joined The Belmonts: Carlo Mastrangelo, baritone, Freddie Milano, second tenor,  and Angelo D'Aleo, first tenor, in late 1957. After an unsuccessful first single, the group was signed to Laurie Records. Their breakthrough came when "I Wonder Why" reached No. 22 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and the group appeared for the first time on American Bandstand. They followed it with the ballads "No One Knows" (No. 19) and "Don’t Pity Me" (No. 40). This success won Dion and the Belmonts their first major tour in late 1958, with The Coasters, Buddy Holly and Bobby Darin, and this was followed up by the "Winter Dance Party" tour with Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper. On 2 February 1959, after playing at the Surf Ballroom, Dion decided that he could not afford the $36 cost of a flight to the next venue. The plane crashed; Holly, Valens, The Big Bopper, and the pilot were killed on 3 February 1959, shortly after midnight. However, the tour continued, with Jimmy Clanton and Bobby Vee being added to the bill as replacements. In October 1960, Dion decided to quit for a solo career. The Belmonts also continued to release records, but with less success.

01 - A Teenager In Love
02 - Runaround Sue
03 - I Wonder Why
04 - The Wanderer
05 - Where Or When
06 - A Lover's Prayer
07 - Lovers Who Wander
08 - No One Knows
09 - When You Wish Upon A Star
10 - Lonely Teenager
11 - Little Diana
12 - Love Came To Me
13 - Sandy
14 - The Majestic
15 - In The Still Of The Night
16 - Don't Pity Me
17 - (I Was) Born To Cry
18 - Every Little Thing I Do

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The Blues Project was a band from the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City that was formed in 1965 and originally split up in 1967. While their songs drew from a wide array of musical styles, they are most remembered as one of the earliest practitioners of psychedelic rock, as well as one of the world's first jam bands, along with the Grateful Dead. In 1966, the band included Al Kooper, Danny Kalb on guitar, Steve Katz (having recently departed the Even Dozen Jug Band) also on guitar, Andy Kulberg on bass and flute, Roy Blumenfeld on drums and Tommy Flanders on vocals. Possible dates of this record, August 30-September 6  or September 7-15, 1966

Disc 1

01 - Intros
02 - Louisiana Blues
03 - Steve's Song
04 - I Can't Keep From Crying
05 - Caress Me Baby
06 - Flute Thing 1
07 - Wake Me, Shake Me
08 - The Way My Baby Walks
09 - Love Will Endure
10 - Jelly Jelly

Disc 2

01 - Cheryl's Going Home
02 - You Can't Catch Me
03 - Talk
04 - Shake That Thing
05 - Talk
06 - Catch The Wind
07 - You Can't Judge A Book
08 - Talk
09 - Flute Thing 2
10 - Hoochie Coochie Man
11 - If You Don't Come Back

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The Chocolate Watch Band, was a psychedelic rock and garage rock band formed in San Jose, California in 1965. The band had finally broken up indefinitely by 1970  but then reunited in 1999 at a 66/99 show Mike Stax organized in San Diego. They continue to play today at garage rock shows in Europe as well as the States with Little Steven and the Electric Prunes. The band's music was largely described as a blend of 1960s-style garage rock  with a distinguishable rolling San Francisco sound. The group's early music appeared to contain blues influences, and later it developed psychedelic  elements through use of instrumental experimentation. The band also appeared in the 1967 film Riot on Sunset Strip and the 1968 film "The Love Ins".. No Way Out is the debut album of the band.

01 - Let's Talk About Girls
02 - In The Midnight Hour
03 - Come On
04 - Dark Side Of The Mushroom
05 - Hot Dusty Road
06 - Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In)
07 - Gone And Passes By
08 - No Way Out
09 - Expo 2000
10 - Gossamer Wings
11 - In The Midnight Hour (Previously Unissued Version)
12 - Milk Cow Blues
13 - Psychedelic Trip (Previously Unissued)

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Accolade were a British light acoustic band, formed in 1969 who completely eschewed electric instruments, as they developed a folk-jazz fusion. Notable, perhaps only for the inclusion of Don Partridge and fellow singer Gordon Giltrap, although the latter remained for only one album. The group recorded two albums and one single, before going their separate ways in 1971. Bassist Eden Abba, woodwind player Brian Cresswell, singer/guitarist Gordon Giltrap, drummer Ian Hoyle and guitarist Don Partridge.

01 - Maiden Flight Eliza
02 - Starting All Over
03 - Prelude To A Dawn
04 - Never Ending Solitude
05 - Natural Boy
06 - Gospel Song
07 - Calico
08 - Ulysses
09 - Go On Home

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49th Parallel was one of an unusual breed of garage punk bands to come out of Canada in the mid-'60s. Originally known as the Shades of Blond when they were formed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the band featured Dennis Abbott on vocals, Dan Lowe and Bob Carlson on guitars, Dave Petch at the organ, Mick Woodhouse on bass, and Terry Bare on drums. 49th Parallel was renamed Painter and later Hammersmith  in the 1970s. At their best, 49th Parallel had a hard, cutting sound that could have put them in the front ranks of garage punk bands, their slashing guitars and swirling organ around Abbott's lead vocals making a compelling and memorable sound, which was easily adaptable to psychedelic punk. Their slow ballads were suitably spacey in a pop/rock vein, but it was their harder numbers that hold up best. Like a lot of '60s bands, they outlived their era and metamorphosed into new shapes and directions.

01 - Labourer
02 - You Do Things
03 - She Says
04 - Blue Bonnie Blue
05 - Up To No Good
06 - Now That I'm A Man
07 - Get Away
08 - Eye To Eye
09 - Missouri
10 - (Come On Little Child) Talk To Me
11 - Magician
12 - Lazerander Filcny
13 - Close The Barn Door
14 - The People
15 - Good Time Baby
16 - I Need You
17 - Citizen Freak

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Yes are an English progressive rock band formed in London in 1968, generally regarded as one of the archetypal bands and pioneers of the genre. Despite many lineup changes, occasional splits within the group and the ever-changing trends in popular music, the band has continued for over forty years and still retains a large following. Fragile is the fourth album by Yes, released on Atlantic Records. It was the band's first album with keyboardist  Rick Wakeman after the departure of Tony Kaye, and the first to feature cover art by Roger Dean, his work emblematic of both the band and progressive rock as a whole. Fragile was issued in the UK in November 1971, but was held back in North America for two months because of the chart momentum of The Yes Album. It peaked at #4 on the Billboard 200 during a stay of 46 weeks, and as Atlantic 2401 019 reached #7 in the UK album chart.

01 - Roundabout
02 - Cans And Brahms
03 - We Have Heaven
04 - South Side Of The Sky
05 - Five Per Cent For Nothing
06 - Long Distance Runaround
07 - The Fish (Shindleria Praematurus)
08 - Mood For A Day
09 - Heart Of The Sunrise

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Overdub is the second album from San Francisco-based band Womb. Great late 60's acid sounds, plenty of fuzz guitar, trippy studio effects, and female vocals. The album is essentially crossover between the psychedelic and progressive era. Karyl Boddy piano, guitar, vocals, Ron Brunecker drums Rory Butcher vocals, perc., Cristopher Johnson bass, Roluf Stuart sax, flute, Greg Young lead guitar, Boots Hughston sax, flute

01 - Taking A Long Walk
02 - Flash
03 - Two Levels
04 - Love
05 - Flying High
06 - Evil People

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Uriel were an English psychedelic/blues band formed in 1968, consisting of Steve Hillage (guitar/vocals), Dave Stewart (organ), Clive Brooks (drums) and Mont Campbell (bass/vocals). The band produced their sole album under the name Arzachel in June 1969. This is one of the real delights of late '60s heavy psych. The album Arzachel was recorded and mixed in a single session in London. The level of musicianship and high-octane energy level lift Arzachel above most records of the genre.

01 - Garden Of Earthly Delights
02 - Azathoth
03 - Queen St. Gang
04 - Leg
05 - Clean Innocent Fun
06 - Metempsychosis

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Great and fantastic psychedelic LP from this Texas group, recorded in 1969 but released just in 1989. Dark psych explorations sometimes reminding 13 Floor elevators, sometimes the darkest Doors sounds ,HP Lovecraft,etc. There is a controversy on this album: which is the name of the band? Cold Sun or Dark Shadows?
"As with many things in their history, the name "Cold Sun” is enigmatic. The 1989 retrospective album on the Rockadelic label that first brought the Sonobeat recordings to light didn’t even appear under that name, but as "Dark Shadows” which is the title of a popular 1960s mystery TV series. In the liner notes Miller denied ever having been in a band called Cold Sun, and suggested that they had always been called Dark Shadows. However he had referred to the band’s real name in a 1976 interview, where he mentioned that before playing with Roky Erickson in the Aliens he "spent seven years developing the electric auto-harp with a band called Cold Sun”.(from Fantasy)

01 - South Texas
02 - Twisted Flower
03 - Here In The Year
04 - Forever
05 - See What You Cause
06 - Fall
07 - Rama

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Gravy Train were a progressive rock group from Lancashire, England, formed by vocalist and guitarist  Norman Barratt in 1970. Together with J.D. Hughes (keyboards, vocals, wind), Lester Williams (bass, vocals) and Barry Davenport (drums) they recorded four studio albums. The first two were released on the Vertigo label and the latter two by Dawn Records. The band was dissolved in 1974. Little is known what happened with its members except for Norman Barratt, who appeared in Mandalaband for their second and final album in 1978. He went on to found the Barratt Band, which recorded albums in the early 1980s.

01 - Starbright Starlight
02 - Bring My Life On Back To Me
03 - Never Wanted You
04 - Staircase To The Day
05 - Going For A Quick One
06 - The Last Day
07 - Evening Of My Life
08 - Busted In Schenectady

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Lulu Kennedy-Cairns OBE, best known by her stage name Lulu, is a Scottish  singer-songwriter, actress, and television personality who has been successful in the entertainment business from the 1960s through to the present day. She is most famous worldwide for her hit "To Sir, with Love" and in the UK for "Shout".

01 - To Sir With Love
02 - The Boat That I Row
03 - Rattler
04 - Morning Dew
05 - Love Loves to Love Love
06 - Best of Both Worlds
07 - Day Tripper
08 - Let's Pretend
09 - Take Me in Your Arms (And Love Me)
10 - To Love Somebody
11 - You and I
12 - Dreary Days and Nights
13 - Me, the Peaceful Heart
14 - Lookout
15 - Boy
16 - Sad Memories
17 - I'm a Tiger
18 - Without Him
19 - This Time (Bistro) (From  'Hot Millions')

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Live at The Piper Club, Rome, Italy

01 - Intro , You Don't Miss Your Water
02 - Hickory Wind
03 - Feel A Whole Lot Better
04 - Chimes Of Freedom
05 - The Christian Life
06 - Turn, Turn Turn
07 - Medley; My Back Pages , B.J. Blues , Baby What You Want Me To Do
08 - Mr. Spaceman

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The Dimensions were a garage band from Park Ridge, near Chicago, Illinois. Barre 'Emil' Probst (guitar, vocals), Steve 'Chrlie Tuna' Purnell (guitar, keyboards), Jim 'Sieb' Sebastian (vocals), Tom 'Happy Tooth' Parnell (bass guitar) and Jack 'Cheta' Brunsfield (drums).

01 - Carol
02 - Gloria
03 - Little Latin Lupe
04 - Hi Heel Sneakers
05 - Route 66
06 - Around And Around
07 - Do You Love Me
08 - I Need You
09 - Just Like Me
10 - Empty Heart
11 - Mean Woman Blues
12 - Mary Lou

Category: Oldies | Views: 936 | Added by: Fremy0766 | Date: 2010-07-11

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