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Tommy Roe, born Thomas David Roe, 9 May 1942, Atlanta, Georgia,is an American pop music singer-songwriter.
Best-remembered for his hits "Sheila" (1962) and "Dizzy" (1969), critic Bill Dahl wrote that Roe was "widely perceived as one of the archetypal bubblegum artists of the late 1960s, but Roe cut some pretty decent rockers along the way, especially early in his career."

01 - Everybody
02 - Katy Did
03 - Sensations
04 - Standin' Watch
05 - You're My Happiness
06 - Janie
07 - Kiss And Run
08 - Gonna Take A Chance
09 - Little Tomboy
10 - Why Do You Make Me Cry
11 - Almost Grown
12 - I Got A Girl
13 - That'll Be The Day
14 - Switchie Witchie Titchie

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The Marshall Tucker Band is an American Southern rock band originally from Spartanburg, South Carolina. The band's blend of rock, rhythm and blues, jazz, country, and gospel helped establish the Southern rock genre in the early 1970s. While the band had reached the height of its commercial success by the end of the decade, the band has recorded and performed continuously under various lineups for nearly 40 years.

01 - Reachin' For A Little Bit More
02 - If You Think You're Hurtin' Me (Girl You're Crazy)
03 - Even A Fool Would Let Go
04 - Sea, Dreams & Fairytales
05 - Anyway The Wind Blows Rider
06 - Mr. President
07 - Heartbroke
08 - Unforgiven
09 - Sweet Elaine
10 - Ace High Love

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Clean Shirt is a split album by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, released on Epic Records in 1991. The two singers' last collaboration, after Waylon and Willie (1978), WWII (1982) and Take It to the Limit  (1983), it was released at a time which coincided with both artists' commercial decline. All but the final two songs were written partly by Troy Seals. Clean Shirt was the duo's least successful album, peaking at #28 on the country charts and barely making the Billboard 200 at #193; "If I Can Find a Clean Shirt" was the only charting single, reaching #51.

01 - If I Can Find A Clean Shirt
02 - I Could Write A Book About You
03 - Old Age And Treachery
04 - Two Old Sidewinders
05 - Tryin' To Outrun The Wind
06 - The Good Ol' Nights
07 - Guitars That Won't Stay In Tune
08 - The Makin's Of A Song
09 - Put Me On A Train Back To Texas
10 - Rocks From Rolling Stones

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The Noel Redding Band (also known as The Clonakilty Cowboys, after the title of their debut album) were an Irish folk rock supergroup that formed in Clonakilty, County Cork in 1972. Comprising bassist, rhythm guitarist and vocalist Noel Redding (formerly of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Fat Mattress and Road), lead vocalist and keyboardist Dave Clarke, lead guitarist Eric Bell (formerly of Thin Lizzy and Them) and drummer Les Sampson (formerly of Road), the band released two albums – Clonakilty Cowboys (1975) and Blowin' (1976) – before disbanding in 1976.

01 - There's a Light
02 - Throw Me a Buoy
03 - After All
04 - Roller Coaster Kids
05 - Eight Nights a Week
06 - Clonakilty Cowboys
07 - Snowstorm
08 - Born to His Name
09 - If I Had
10 - Gotta Move Away

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Point Blank is an American rock and roll band hailing from Texas.
The band formed in 1974  and recorded six albums between 1976 and 1982.

01 - Part Time Lover
02 - Back In The Alley
03 - Rock And Roll Hideaway
04 - Stars And Scars
05 - Beautiful Loser
06 - Uncle Ned
07 - Tattooed Lady
08 - Nasty Notions
09 - Waiting For A Change

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FireHouse is an American  hard rock band formed in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1989. At the 1992 American Music Awards, FireHouse won the award for Best New Hard Rock/Metal Band. They were chosen over Nirvana and Alice in Chains. Despite diminishing success in the United States as the decade progressed, the band remained very popular in Asia, mainly in countries like Japan, Thailand, and Singapore.

01 - You are my religion
02 - Love don't care
03 - In your perfect world
04 - No one at all
05 - Love of a lifetime
06 - All she wrote
07 - When I look into your eyes
08 - Don't treat me bad
09 - Here for you
10 - I live my life for you
11 - Seven bridges road

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Doctors of Madness were a British protopunk art rock band formed in 1974 in a cellar in Brixton, south London by the composer and lead singer/guitarist Richard Strange, known as ‘Kid’ Strange. Active as a recording and touring band until late 1978, they found mainly cult level success and recognition that was not enough to sustain them, but they were later cited as a pivotal influence on the early British punk rock movement.

01 - Waiting
02 - Afterglow
03 - Mitzi's Cure
04 - I Think We're Alone
05 - Noises Of The Evening
06 - Billy Watch Out
07 - B-Movie Bedtime
08 - Mainlines

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Dark Tranquillity is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Gothenburg. They are the longest-standing band from the original Gothenburg metal scene, and are one of the most integral pioneers of the melodic death metal genre of music.

01 - Nothing To No One
02 - Lesser Faith
03 - Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)
04 - Blind At Heart
05 - Icipher
06 - Inside The Particle Storm
07 - Empty Me
08 - Misery's Crown
09 - Focus Shift
10 - Mundane And The Magic

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Celtic Frost was a heavy metal band from Zürich, Switzerland. They are known for their heavy influence on the extreme metal genres, particularly black metal. The group was first active from 1984 to 1993, and re-formed in 2001.

01 - Human (Intro)
02 - Seduce Me Tonight
03 - Petty Obsession
04 - (Once) They Were Eagles
05 - Cherry Orchards
06 - Juices Like Wine
07 - Little Velvet
08 - Blood On Kisses
09 - Downtown Hanoi
10 - Dance Sleazy
11 - Roses Without Thorns
12 - Tease Me [Bonus]
13 - Mexican Radio [Live]

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Beherit is a black metal band from Finland. The band was formed in 1989 by Nuclear Holocausto (Marko Laiho), Black Jesus (Arjo Wennström) and Sodomatic Slaughter (Jari Pirinen), with the purpose of performing "the most primitive, savage, hell-obsessed black metal imaginable. Beherit" is the Syriac word for Satan. Through the uncommercial nature of their music, visuals and live performances, the band quickly attracted a cult following. Besides the "raw" sound, the band's music is noted for its avant-garde  side and emphasis on atmosphere. Beherit are now regarded as a pioneer in their genre.

01 - Grave Desecration
02 - Six Days With Sadistic Slayer
03 - Fallen Souls
04 - Sadomatic Rites
05 - Nocturnal Evil
06 - The Oath Of Black Blood
07 - Satanas

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Paul Daniel "Ace" Frehley is an American guitarist best known as an original member and lead guitarist for the rock band Kiss. He took on the persona of "SpaceAce" when the band adopted costumes and theatrics. Frehley played with the group from its inception in 1973 until his departure in 1982 and from 1996 to 2002.

01 - Shot Full Of Rock
02 - Do Ya
03 - Five Card Stud
04 - Hide Your Heart
05 - Lost In Limbo
06 - Trouble Walkin'
07 - 2 Young 2 Die
08 - Back To School
09 - Remember Me
10 - Fractured III

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Warhorse were a band formed by former Deep Purple bassist Nick Simper. He had left Deep Purple in 1969 and joined Marsha Hunt's backup band. Not long after, Simper replaced her backing band with Ged Peck  on guitar and Mac Poole on drums. While this was going on, Simper would play in an extracurricular band along with Peck, Poole and singer Ashley Holt. When Hunt became pregnant, the band stopped touring and Simper and Peck re-organized the group as Warhorse. Holt became the band's singer, and they recruited keyboardist Rick Wakeman who proved unreliable. When their first demo was recorded in April 1970, Wakeman was replaced by Frank Wilson.

01 - Red Sea
02 - Back In Time
03 - Confident But Wrong
04 - Feeling Better
05 - Sybilla
06 - Mouthpiece
07 - I (Who Have Nothing)
08 - Ritual (Live)
09 - Bad Time (Demo)
10 - She Was My Friend (Demo)
11 - Gypsy Dancer (Demo)
12 - House Of The Dolls (Demo)
13 - Standing Right Behind You (Demo)

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Van der Graaf Generator, sometimes known by the shorter Van der Graaf, are an English progressive rock band. They were the first act signed to Charisma Records. The band achieved considerable success in Italy during the 1970s. In 2005 they embarked on a reunion, which continues to the present day.

01 - Afterwards
02 - Orthentian St. - Part1 & 2
03 - Running Back
04 - Into A Game
05 - Aerosol Grey Machine
06 - Black Smoke Yen
07 - Aguarian
08 - Necromancer
09 - Giant Squid
09 - Octopus

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Trees was an English folk rock band that existed between 1969 and 1972. Although the group met with little commercial success in their time, the reputation of the band has grown over the years. Like other folk contemporaries, Trees music was influenced by Fairport Convention, but with a heavier and more psychedelic edge. The group's material was divided between adaptations of traditional songs and original compositions.

01 - Soldiers Three
02 - Murdoch
03 - Streets Of Derry
04 - Sally Free And Easy
05 - Fool
06 - Adam's Toon
07 - Geordie
08 - While The Iron Is Hot
09 - Little Sadie
10 - Polly On The Shore

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A local St. Louis, Missouri band. Coming directly from playing live with some of the finest hard rock bands of the era, Touch entered the studio to record their only album in 1968, released the following year in a limited pressing of 100 LPs. This Gear Fab reissue collects that entire album with the original lineup's two non-LP 45s, three songs recorded by the altered post-LP lineup, and a couple cuts by the Essence, the latter day band of Touch leader Ray Schulte. As such, it is the complete collection of the band's intense, sometimes left-leaning psychedelia grounded in blues. Contains the complete original album STREET SUITE plus singles and previously unreleased recordings.

01 - Stormy Monday Blues
02 - Round Trip
03 - Day To Day Man
04 - Light My Fire
05 - Lady Of The Universe (Unreleased)
06 - The Magic Inside You (Unreleased)
07 - Rainbow (Unreleased)
08 - Happy Face
09 - Beginnings
10 - Get A Gun
11 - Catfish
12 - Got To Keep Travelin' On
13 - Let's Keep The Children On The Streets
14 - Motor City's Burning
15 - Gettin' Off

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Richard Barcelona (guitar, vocals), Daniel Derda (drums), Eddie Haddad (organ, piano, vocals), Keith John (bass, guitar), Dave Novogroski (drums). A late sixties Hollywood hippie type rock band. Barcelona and Keith later played in Edge, who issued an album in 1970. The American Revolution album, produced by Harley Hatcher, is quite heavily orchestrated with pleasant vocal harmonies, particularly on In The Late Afternoon, Rainbow In The Rain and Love Has Got Me Down. Some of the songs have a psychedelic taint, but it's predominantly rather good psych-pop.

01 - Cold Wisconsin Nights
02 - Rainbow In The Rain
03 - Prelude To Love
04 - Show Me How To Cry
05 - Crying Eyes And An Empty Heart
06 - Come On And Get It
07 - In The Late Afternoon
08 - Keeping Your Love
09 - Opus # 1
10 - Love Has Got Me Down

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Mind Garage is a five-man psychedelic rock and roll band from Morgantown, West Virginia, and progenitor of Christian rock music.
Christian rock music did not exist in 1967 for mainstream American media. As alternative styles of music developed "...Christian Rock Music began when Mind Garage recorded "Electric Liturgy".
By the end of 1968, the Mind Garage had performed the "Electric Liturgy" live more than a dozen times, in Episcopal, Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist and Methodist churches, each time with people dancing in the aisles. Each time, the services were attended by Christians and non Christians alike in a communal celebration of life.

01 - Ruby Rose
02 - Life
03 - Back Down Home
04 - Futher Back Down Home
05 - There Was A Time
06 - Sweet Potato
07 - Doctor John
08 - Never Leave Me
09 - Angel Asks
10 - What's Behind Those Eyes

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1889 - Brass Band (Oldest known band recording) - 5th Regt March
1890 - U.S. Marine Band - Semper Fidelis
1890 - U.S. Marine Band - The Thunderer
1890 - U.S. Marine Band - Washington Post
1891 - Billy Golden - Turkey In The Straw
1891 - Billy Golden - Uncle Jefferson
1891 - George Washington Johnson - The Laughing Song
1891 - John Yorke Atlee - The Mocking Bird
1891 - Russell Hunting - Michael Casey as A Physician
1892 - Russell Hunting - Michael Casey at The Telephone
1892 - Russell Hunting - Michael Casey Taking The Census
1894 - J.W. Myers - The Heart Bowed Down
1894 - U.S. Marine Band - Manhattan Beach
1894 - Vess Ossman - Yankee Doodle
1895 - Sousa's Band - El Capitan March
1895 - Sousa's Band - Washington Post March
1895 - Vess Ossman - Cocoanut Dance
1896 - George J. Gaskin - She May have Seen Better Days


American Quartet (Earliest) - A Night Trip To Buffalo
Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan - Mandy Lee
Dan Quinn - Nothing's Too Good For The Irish
Harry MacDonough & Grace Spencer - When We are Married
Harry MacDonough - I Can't Tell Why I Love You, But I Do
Harry MacDonough - Mandy Lee
Harry MacDonough - My Wild Irish Rose
Harry MacDonough - The Holy Cith
Vess Ossman - A Coon Band Contest


Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan - The Wedding Of Reuben And The Maid
Arthur Collins - Cindy, I Dreams About You
Billy Golden - Roll on The Ground
Byron G. Harlan & Joe Belmont & Florodora Girls - Tell Me, Pretty Maiden
Byron G. Harlan - Hello Central, Give Me Heaven
Cal Stewart - Jim Lawson's Horse Trade with Deacon Witherspoon
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh Weathersby on A Trip To Boston
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh's Huskin' Bee Dance
Dan Quinn - Ain't Dat A Shame
Dan Quinn - You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
George Washington Johnson - The Laughing Song
Georgia Minstrel Co. - Minstrels- First Part, No. 5
Georgia Minstrel Co. - Minstrels- First Part, No. 6
Harry MacDonough & Grace Spencer - Tell Me, Pretty Maiden
Harry MacDonough & S. H. Dudley - Sweet Annie Moore
Harry MacDonough - Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
Harry MacDonough - Good-Bye, Dolly Gray
Harry MacDonough - I'll Be with You When The Roses Bloom Again
Harry MacDonough - I've A Longing In My Heart For You, Louise
Harry MacDonough - In The Shade Of The Palm
Harry MacDonough - When The Harvest Days are Over
Harry MacDonough - When You Were Sweet Sixteen
Joe Belmont - Whip-Poor-Will Song
Len Spencer - Scene at A Dog Fight
Sousa's Band - American Patrol
Will Denny - Any Old Place I Hang My Hat is ''Home, Sweet Home'' To Me


Arthur Collins - Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home
Arthur Collins - Under The Bamboo Tree
Bert Williams - When It's All Going Out And Nothing Coming In
Byron G. Harlan & Joe Belmont - The Birds
Cal Stewart - Last Day Of School at Pumpkin Center
Frank Stanley & Byron G. Harlan - First Rehearsal For The Huskin' Bee
Harry MacDonough & S. H. Dudley - Bye And Bye You Will Forget Me
Harry MacDonough - Home, Sweet Home
Harry MacDonough - Jennie Lee
Harry MacDonough - My Carolina Lady
Harry MacDonough - On A Sunday Afternoon
Harry MacDonough - The Mansion Of Aching Hearts
Haydn Quartet - In The Sweet Bye And Bye
J.W. Myers - On A Sunday Afternoon
Len Spencer - Arkansaw Traveler (new version) 2
Len Spencer - Arkansaw Traveler (new version)
Mina Hickman - Pretty Molly Shannon
S. H. Dudley feat. v-Harry MacDonough - While The Leaves Came Drifting Down
William Redman - In The Good Old Summer Time


Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan - Down Where The Wurzburger Flows
Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan - Hurrah For Baffin's Bay
Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan - Parody on Hiawatha
Arthur Collins - Any Rags
Billy Murray - Tessie (You are The Only, Only)
Billy Murray - Up In A Cocoanut Tree
Bob Roberts - By The Sycamore Tree
Cal Stewart - Uncle Josh On an Automobile
Dan Quinn - Hiawatha
Harry MacDonough & Joe Belmont - Beautiful Bird, Sing On
Harry MacDonough & John Bieling - Tessie
Harry MacDonough - Heidelberg
Harry MacDonough - Hiawatha
Harry MacDonough - In The Good Old Summer Time
Harry MacDonough - In The Sweet Bye And Bye
Haydn Quartet - My Old Kentucky Home
J.W. Myers - In The City Of Sighs And Tears
Len Spencer - Reuben Haskins' Ride on A Cyclone Auto
Sousa's Band - In The Good Old Summer Time
Sousa's Band - Jack Tar March


Albert Campbell - In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan - Coax Me
Arthur Collins - Nobody
Arthur Collins - The Preacher And The Bear
Arthur Collins - What You Goin' To Do When De Rent Comes 'Round
Billy Murray - Come Take A Trip In My Air-Ship
Billy Murray - Give My Regards To Broadway
Billy Murray - In My Merry Oldsmobile
Billy Murray - Yankee Doodle Boy
Byron G. Harlan - Where The Morning Glories Twine Around The Door
Corrine Morgan & Haydn Quartet - Dearie
Haydn Quartet - My Little Canoe
Haydn Quartet - Silent Night, Hallowed Night
Henry Burr - In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree

1906 - 1914

Ada Jones & Billy Murray - I'm Crying Just for You
Ada Jones & Billy Watkins - By the Beautiful Sea
Ada Jones & Henry Burr - On the Old Front Porch
Ada Jones & the Peerless Quartet - All Aboard For Dixie Land
Ada Jones - Billy Watkins - By The Beautiful Sea
Alma Gluck, Louise Homer - Rock of Ages
American Quartet - Billy Murray - When You Wore A Tulip
American Quartet - Do You Take This Woman for You Lawful Wife
American Quartet - When You Wore A Tulip
American Quartet with Billy Murray - Rebecca Of Sunny Brook Farm
Arthur Colins - Byron G Harlan - I Love The Ladies
Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan - Camp Meeting Band
Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan - Down In Chattanooga
Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan - On the Old Fall River Line
Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan - Celebration Day In Tennessee
Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan - Eagle Rock
Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan - The Aba Daba Honeymoon
Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan - Underneath The Tango Moon
Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan - I Love The Ladies
Arthur Fields - Along Came Ruth (words & music by Irving Berlin)
Bert Williams - The Darktown Poker Club
Billly Murray - I'll Do It All Over Again
Billly Murray - Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat
Billy Murray & Will Oakland - Just for Tonight
Billy Murray - He'd Have To Get Under
Billy Murray - He's A Devil In His Own Home Town
Billy Murray - I'll Do It All Over Again
Billy Murray - Just For Tonight
Billy Murray - On the Old Fall River Line
Billy Murray - Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat
Billy Murray - They Start The Victrola
Billy Murray - This is the Life
Billy Murray - When You're All Dressed Up and No Place to Go
Cal Stewart - Fourth Of July At Punkin Center
Charles Harrison - Mary You're A Little Bit Old-Fashioned
Eddie Morton - He's a Devil in His Own Home Town
Elida Morris - I Want To Go Back To Michigan
Elida Morris - If I Had Someone At Home Like You
Fred Duprez - Happy Tho' Married
Fred Van Eps - Old Folks Rag
George MacFarlane - Can't You Hear Me Calling, Caroline
Harry MacDonough & Marguerite Dunlap - When It's Apple Blossom Time In Normandy
Harry MacDonough & Olive Kline - You're Here and I'm Here
Heidelberg Quintet with Billy Murray - By the Beautiful Sea
Henry Burr & Albert Campbell & Oakland - I'm On My Way to Mandalay
Henry Burr & Albert Campbell, Will Oakland - I'm On My Way To Mandalay
Henry Burr & Helen Clark - In The Valley Of The Moon
Henry Burr - Ada Jones - In The Heart Of The City That Has No Heart
Henry Burr - In the Heart of the City That has No Heart
Henry Burr - You Planted A Rose In The Garden Of Love
Joe Hayman - Cohen On The Telephone
John McCormack - Ave Maria from Cavalleria Rusticana
John McCormack - Ave Maria
John McCormack - Good-Bye
Lyric Quartet - When The Angelus Is Ringing
Peerless Quartet - If I had my way
Peerless Quartet - When The Angelus Is Ringing
Peerless Quartet - While They Were Dancing Around
Peerless Quartet with Ada Jones - All Aboard For Dixie
Prince's Band - Ballin' The Jack
Prince's Band - The Old Homestead
Prince's Orchestra - Memphis Blues
Van Eps Trio - Old Folks Rag
Victor Herbert - March of the Toys
Victor Military Band
William J. Halley - Do You Take This Woman For Your Lawful Wife

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Peter Criss, is an American musician best known as the original drummer  for the rock band Kiss. Criss was the "Catman" of Kiss. Criss was involved with a number of bands throughout the mid-to-late 1960s. It was during this time that Criss joined Chelsea, who had a two-album deal with Decca Records; the group released a self-titled album in 1970. They never recorded a second album, and in August 1971 became Lips (a trio consisting of Criss and his Chelsea bandmates Michael Benvenga and Stan Penridge). By the spring of 1973, Lips was just the duo of Criss and Penridge.

01 Affection (Barracudas, 1966)
02 It's Been So Long (Barracudas, 1966)
03 Chicken (Barracudas, 1967)
04 No Use (Barracudas, 1967)
05 Respect (Sounds Of Soul, 1967)
06 Since I Fell For You (Sounds Of Soul, 1967)
07 My Girl (Sounds Of Soul, 1967)
08 What Is A Man (The Vintage, 1969)
09 Heaven In The Stars Above (Chelsea Demo, 1971)
10 Run Mr. Greene (Chelsea Demo, 1971)
11 You Make Me Feel (Chelsea Demo, 1971)
12 Beck (Lips Demo, 1972)
13 Baby, Don't You Let Me Down (Lips Demo, 1972)
15 Hooked On Rock And Roll (Lips Demo, 1972)
16 Don't Let The Blues Surround You (Lips Demo, 1972)
17 That's The Kind Of Sugar Papa Likes (Lips Demo, 1972)

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The Holy Modal Rounders were an American folk music duo from the Lower East Side of New York City which started in the early 1960s, consisting of Peter Stampfel  and Steve Weber. Their unique blend of folk music revival and psychedelia gave them a cult-like following from the late 1960s into the 1970s. For a time the band also featured prolific and famous playwright and actor, Sam Shepard.

01 - Flop Eared Mule
02 - Black Eyed Susie
03 - Sail Away Ladies
04 - Clinch Mountain Backstep
05 - Fishing Blues
06 - Statesboro Blues
07 - Junko Partner
08 - Mole In The Ground
09 - Hot Corn Cold Corn
10 - Down The Old Plank Road
11 - Chevrolet Six
12 - The Crowley Waltz
13 - Bully Of The Union
14 - Sugar In The Ground

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